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Web Development in Visual Studio 2017

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This video demonstrates how Visual Studio 2017 makes it easier to be more productive than ever as you create modern web applications. Download Visual Studio 2017 and select "Web Development" from http://www.visualstudio.com
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Text Comments (32)
Timothy Jordan (5 months ago)
Wait, what... Chrome!
K.Ganesh Kumar (19 days ago)
Yup!, No IE or Microsoft Edge
Carlos Andiazabal (7 months ago)
Sorry but I can't visualizing the window WebApplication you use in your explanation.
CyberGolem (8 months ago)
Is there a video that shows how to use this IDE for web dev from the ground up?
NOM SG (3 months ago)
same here ..did not know how to use it for web dev
iTechGaming (9 months ago)
I don't know which app. it is ? There are so many things that resemble ! Is it a ''blank solution'' that I need to start on?
DarkEther DE (8 months ago)
iTechGaming I believe you choose new project. And then go to web and html file. If that’s wrong. You can always simply select new file and then html file.
Happy Testing (11 months ago)
good one
MD. Shams Wadud Abbir (11 months ago)
Thank you very much. For many days I was not able to distinguish between the role of javascript coding and jquery coding. Your coding architecture open my mind. Now I know where to use javascript and where to use jquery properly.
Happy Testing (11 months ago)
Angie Dowdell (1 year ago)
I am not getting the output to display in the <output> Output: </output> line. I think that this must be related to using an empty js.min file. What role does this file play in displaying the output?
codecaine (8 months ago)
Yeah, he is using jquery to update the data in the output element
Ismael Mendoza (1 year ago)
Why google chrome? you don't trust in edge or internet explorer?
codecaine (8 months ago)
Adonis Alagi (1 year ago)
how to make a c# website
S. Tarık Çetin (1 year ago)
Look for Bridge.NET library
Winch (1 year ago)
JS debugging from Chrome is a great feature we wanted!
Rajnish Sharma (1 year ago)
Where is website administrator tools/ administer website?
Rodrigo Reis (1 year ago)
What is this screen recorder software name?
Dingly Do (1 year ago)
HyperCam 2.
ross elpharin (1 year ago)
what about python tools and flask
Dingly Do (1 year ago)
I think python is in the beta version of VS 2017. Pretty sure they are gonna be officially releasing it once its fully stable and working.
Alexandrezification (1 year ago)
Wow! Tks!!!
Manish Sharma (1 year ago)
Awesome! Looking forward to the launch of VS17 in couple of days
sdb (1 year ago)
how about nodejs module?can the intellisense detect on the fly installed node js module on solution folder?
Mr Alta (1 year ago)
That Debug and intellisense looks amazing! Keep up the great work!
Piotr Kula (2 years ago)
Really great stuff! Visual Studio is smashing the developer community no doubt about it. Well done. And I LOVE THE FASTER! I HEART VS!
maxi linkov (2 years ago)
amazing. waiting for the final version. Please also make WebPages available, since not all of us coders need or use MVC.
Leonardo Rignanese (2 years ago)
The js debug is amazing!
carmen laiza Thompson (8 months ago)
Leonardo Rignanese 121
Manee Majumdar (1 year ago)
lots off love
Ray Fan (2 years ago)
good job, can't wait for it to rtm!

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