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Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Push-Up TV Commercial (Extended Cut) (October 2015)

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The new Very Sexy Push-Up is up for anything. Are you? Check out the 30-second extended commercial, featuring Victoria’s Secret Angels Lily Aldridge, Jac Jagaciak and Behati Prinsloo. Music: "Tunnel Vision” feat. SomeKindaWonderful by Dirty South. Look for the new Very Sexy collection for Holiday 2015 in stores, catalogue and online now. http://i.victoria.com/v1C
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Text Comments (82)
Defa Moses (5 months ago)
Song please ....
RoseGold (6 months ago)
naidelyn._. 123 (6 months ago)
I hope Behati gets the 2018 fantasy bra ❤️
gina xoxo (9 months ago)
ahhh all those damn sexy boobs😍😍😫😫any lesbians here??
Luz Delia Ramirez (1 year ago)
omg lily Aldridge😍😍😍😍
Chester Tinio (2 years ago)
Gosh! I hate the fact that they let go of Jac -_-
JSR (2 years ago)
is jac still an angel?
Jayme Esteves Junior (2 years ago)
Ary Sutantri (2 years ago)
i miss jac :(((
Hehdd Jejeid (2 years ago)
slaaay Lily she is very hot OMG
amiya2 (2 years ago)
love u lily
Hautefaeries (2 years ago)
why the fuck did they get rid of Jac but keep Martha and Stella?
Yur Hovakimyan (2 years ago)
Lily unbelievable ❤️😍 beautiful
bazu es (3 years ago)
Jac U.U <3
Jake Aaron (3 years ago)
Vanessa Khoon (3 years ago)
I love their make-up in this!
brain sample (3 years ago)
Weronika Krzewska (3 years ago)
My favourite angels!!! YES YES YES
Weronika Krzewska (3 years ago)
Go JAC! :3
craft baby (3 years ago)
I hate Victoria secret and who ever is Victoria secret
brayan alexis Mesa (3 years ago)
lily es muy sexy wuau
TheJoker (3 years ago)
i dont find lilly attractive at all. shes just plain looking.
lily and bee the best vs
dame delim (3 years ago)
nothing can beat Lima Bean with the Bombshell push up though
Rainy Liu (3 years ago)
Omg lily look so amazing 😍😍
ObscurexSoul (3 years ago)
of course people complaining...
Marie Alice Pancher (3 years ago)
Behati is perfect like always ;)
Moonview90 (3 years ago)
Jac <3
Dennis Velasquez (3 years ago)
fifa 15!
Liz Earhart (3 years ago)
the bras are like 50$ but they are so beautiful. so want
Alexandra Ioana (3 years ago)
if lili or behati will wear the fb is only for their husbands!!!!!!
Ann Lee (3 years ago)
黒木啓司 (3 years ago)
Adriana please!
William Yap (3 years ago)
Lily is so hotttttttttt, and Jac is WOW!
Jocelyn Jr. (3 years ago)
Where's Candice??? Like I don't understand.
Got Portugal (3 years ago)
+kayla marshall Candice is still an angel and is still featured heavily by VS, just not in the UpForAnything campaign
Ren (3 years ago)
Where's Lais?
Alenka Arya (3 years ago)
Bee <3
Alterek Zuse (3 years ago)
lais too much love jastookes
Alterek Zuse (3 years ago)
i like lily Aldridge
HIghballJordan11 (3 years ago)
And this, my friends, is why god invented YouTube in the first place. :)
akidin06 (3 years ago)
wow LILY~~~ I never thought I would like you like I like you now
zachsters23 (3 years ago)
Why are you doing this to the world Lily!!!? Damn you're so damn Hot! sexy AF!
Push-Up is the best :) really sexy!!!
松浦淳二 (3 years ago)
Sexy Bra girl
K J (3 years ago)
woah is that lily ?! 😍
mikemarin106 (3 years ago)
Monika <3 <3 <3
LisaH (3 years ago)
All my least favourite angels in one commercial!
Takashi San (3 years ago)
+LisaH I couldn't agree more with you!! Well said!!!
LisaH (3 years ago)
+HIghballJordan11 She is. Was a nobody model than became a VS angel cause she was dating Kings of Leon frontman and has connections :/ the fact that she gets more coverage than Alessandra Ambrisso or even Isabeli Fontana got when they are WAY WAY better looking/more unique then her is crazy to me! 
HIghballJordan11 (3 years ago)
+LisaH How can Lily be one of ANYONE'S least favorites?! *confused*
Daniel (3 years ago)
Please this song for the opening of VSFS 2015
Johnothan Pedak (3 years ago)
Lily is just unbelievably beautiful. Behati is adorable as always. Jac is growing on me.
Miguel Salas (3 years ago)
Beautiful girl
bazu es (3 years ago)
Lily <3
Hector Odagled (3 years ago)
Jac...Gorgeous....Lily too
Pp P (3 years ago)
Adrienne (3 years ago)
omg Jac! 💖 💗 💘 💙 💚
kevin tran (3 years ago)
Lily has been looking fantastic lately. They are going to give the fantasy bra to one of these two.
Ann Lee (3 years ago)
Lily will be wearing the fantasy bra this year is confirmed!
VSfan88 (3 years ago)
+kevin tran that's because she figured out that the smiley girl-next-door-thing doesn't suit her.
PrettyPurpleful (3 years ago)
Thats because the other girls arent on her level.
Ankita Verma (3 years ago)
VS is Dope!
Figjam (3 years ago)
Seriously, the latest adverts VS are pumping out are atrocious. They're just so damn tacky and cringe-worthy. The big bold statements in capitals are just... Dear god. SUCH SEXY. MUCH WOW. What ever happened to one's like their holiday commercial in 08? That was one was just beautiful.
velvet123 (3 years ago)
They are going down hill every year.
Revathi Valluvar (3 years ago)
+Shmoo Figjam Agreed. They are trying too hard.
ALPHA9SFODD (3 years ago)
+Shmoo Figjam Agree. The video is pretty good, except the text sort of ruined it.
Amber Martinez (3 years ago)
I know thats what I was thinking
Kamilla A (3 years ago)
Cause Victoria's Secret just went down
adele lim (3 years ago)
when you love VS but then you realize you're a tomboy who knew that this song was also featured in fifa 14 😂😂 #identityconfusion
Victor Solans (3 years ago)
What's the song?
CeciBai (3 years ago)
+Victor Olan S Tunnel Vision by Dirty south/somekindawonderful
Shannen Dawes (3 years ago)
♥ dreamy sigh ♥
laysa Souza (3 years ago)
one day want to be angel secret victory
Clueless Stacey (3 years ago)
Lily and Behati <3
Bruna Santos (3 years ago)
Hyper Flash (3 years ago)
love behati❤
+Marianna Foka χαχα αφου ειναι θεα
Marianna Foka (3 years ago)
κ εγωω😂😍❤
Agatha Veloso (3 years ago)
Sule Yilmaz (3 years ago)

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