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Slap Bind Tutorial

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A tutorial for the trick "slap bind" I find that this is a good way to learn it, being that this is the way I did. Song: Known Ocean - Four Legs http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Known_Ocean/Four_Legs/04_Four_Legs_1707 Yoyo: Duncan Raptor
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Joe Bumpus (5 years ago)
I know. I made it because there was an old thread on YYE where a bunch of people were trying to explain it to another bunch of people that couldn't understand how to do it. So, just to help, I decided to put this together really fast.
s d (5 months ago)
This is honestly the best tutorial on slack bind, I like how you are able break it down completely in such a short video when others made a 5min video and doesn't really explain anything.
Alek Korman (5 years ago)
not really all that hard, I learned it pretty quick

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