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What Men Are Physically Attracted to (Women Guess)

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Skinny or curvy? Blonde or olive skinned? Hipster or preppy? In this video, men from Trinidad to the UK comment on a set of female photos, picking their favorite and least favorite of the bunch. The trick - women are asked to do the same thing and try to guess what the men picked as their top and bottom. Find out how the concept of physical beauty changes person to person, culture to culture and how the women's perception differs from the men's. ENJOY/SHARE/SUBSCRIBE! Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarinaDating FB updates: http://www.facebook/datingwithoutboders http://www.datingbeyondborders.com http://www.instagram.com/datingbeyondborders Business/personal emails: [email protected] #DBB Music by: Carefree Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (2229)
Christopher Selleck (4 hours ago)
tattoos scary (dose she have a leather whip and leathers boots hidden away somewhere ???)
Sio Sketch (4 days ago)
use real photos, not photoshopped ones 👎
Briana Renee (5 days ago)
In the end no matter what any of the guys say they would stick thier dick in any of them if they said they wanted to fuck. There are your results..
miguel111093 (6 days ago)
Big tits, ass, Pretty face. Done.
Christopher Davis (9 days ago)
2:50 the double American confederate swastikas suck. fuck that. a sloppy hot mess. thumbs down.
Christopher Davis (9 days ago)
2:29 FUCK YES!!!!
ankur singh (9 days ago)
the iraqi girl looks like an indian girl ,very similar to punjabi girls
ahmad dictator (18 days ago)
that man skinny shamed the woman and say she look like a child because he prefer big bear men, but no one cares because people only talk against fat shaming
sidecarnutz (1 month ago)
Hani was the cutest. Hands down!
Charles S. (1 month ago)
All but one of the pictured women seem superficial and vain. What a limited selection. God help men if these types of women are their only options.
Abby Gillman (1 month ago)
At 0:58 when he held his hands out I thought he was going to talk about her boobs. And he just talks about how she’ll come into a room etc I mean come on, man.
Danzo_Shimahal _Rooted (1 month ago)
Too plastic
green Shasta bean (2 months ago)
2:00 is it weird that I guessed that she was a Stephanie too... I was thinking she looked like a Stephanie then the dude goes "uh, uh, Stephanie" and the other guy went "I was going to say that too" 😂 weird man 😂
Izzy Boi (2 months ago)
Wow these people are so judgemental
jaswanth bsp (2 months ago)
iraqi and japanese girls are so beautiful
Caroline Lynch (2 months ago)
Fuck sake. It's always the fucking chest. Typical. Hmmpphhh. Pervert. Not all women have big chests Should not be looking at chest anyway
Chris Peters (2 months ago)
The librarian was my favorite lol
beriigirl (2 months ago)
Can’t read the subtitles because of the dark laptop
Junaid Rauvzani (3 months ago)
The end of this video was incredibly confusing. The simplest way would be to show what the girls said yes to Vs what the guys said yes to.
wwefb4 (3 months ago)
I don’t like unhealthily big boobs and ass. It’s enough being not too fat and not too thin
Matt Nobrega (3 months ago)
I also like the black chick in the red dress with the nice curves. Thicker than a bowl of oatmeal. Damn!
Matt Nobrega (3 months ago)
The Russian chick and the Japanese chick along with the picture of the chick with the tattoos is all hot to me.
M7amad Sala7 (3 months ago)
The Iraqi girl looks so cute
Kostas Spirou (3 months ago)
*not my proudest fap*
Ahairon Yorskhreen (3 months ago)
0:57 *while pretending to cup boobs* "She looks... smart"
NoorAlhuda Alnuaimi (3 months ago)
Iraqi girl wins 🇮🇶
Pm K (3 months ago)
ugh! the russian guy is annoying
Asoge Atelier (4 months ago)
That black Trinidad dude though.
Jamie Diorio (4 months ago)
‘She’s a Stephanie’ I thought the exact same thing
korvhenteen (4 months ago)
Hani is the most beautiful woman of this video !
Ra-V (4 months ago)
I don't like any of those girls, only geeky one looks cool.
Jason C (4 months ago)
The girl from Iraq is unbelievably sexy.
Batool (4 months ago)
this video is pointless, the only thing worth watching is to look at the iraqi woman! damn she's so beautiful
saammmy7 (4 months ago)
Sorry, but most of those women are pretty unattractive. The first one is very skinny and tries to look even skinnier, the hipster girl looks pretentious af, "Stephanie" looks basic and like she has no personality, boob girl looks superficial, tattoo girl's tats are kinda meh, porn star girl looks like a porn star. All the photos look like they're from professional modelling shoots. The girls probably look much better in their regular clothes that actually showcase their personality.
Pharaoh (4 months ago)
We're nothing like women will just take whatever comes across as interested.
Vishal Sancheti (4 months ago)
I'll take the Russian and the Iraqi for 200, Pat.
DMAN D (5 months ago)
Elina is the most attractive girl in this video.
blondegamerguy (5 months ago)
"Americanized Asians are like the best of worlds". 100% agree with the blonde dude (we blondes love our Asians, lol). My girlfriend is Asian-American and superb in every way.
SoCali (5 months ago)
I just don't like really fat women or black women.
James Wayne (5 months ago)
2:02 Holy shit I thought Stephanie too!
Hairlokk (5 months ago)
Hard to say when wear so different outfits. Personally I always liked that petite small boobs kind of look, got friends that is the complete opposit. But the older u get the more I am more intrested in how crazy someone is. Ye, I thought I would want someone that was calmer the older I got, but I've come to realize that I get so bored after just a week or 2 if there isnt some crazyness. I can stand most stuff but being bored is just cant live with. Say first one, but shorter and with a more slavic face(you know that a little rounder that is pretty common at girls from chech, poland bulgaria) if I have to be petty. But mainly its all about having fun, I'm 37 now and I probably never want to grow up. There is no reason for it.
Precious Peterkin (5 months ago)
Should be their attitude don't only watch appearance
Amanda Rochelle Cohen (5 months ago)
Im canadian and i have never seen such a DOUCHE of a guy thats from canada. You guys pick the WORST representation of canadians.
Leonardo DaVinci (6 months ago)
Did you guys look for real men? not these manchilds.
mariajesus m (6 months ago)
Terrance has the mentality for the most part like a latino man👍👍
Shawn Knox (6 months ago)
I agree with the Trinidadian guy.
Juju (6 months ago)
The first one looks anorectic tho..
ShadowMan (6 months ago)
Misleading title
Louca Doida (6 months ago)
There is a lot to love here 😀
kim d (6 months ago)
Russian gay man
Yanis Khamsi (6 months ago)
Adventure Angela (6 months ago)
International let's judge and sham women video? Pretty disappointed in this one. Normally a good channel.
LaydeeTré (6 months ago)
I love the black guy he came 9ff more honest
SteveMHN (6 months ago)
It would be better if they used more natural photo's, they all look like catalog models.
n/ a (6 months ago)
Bkgrd tune is highly annoying
Kylie Taite (6 months ago)
Gabe and David, hit me up
Kylie Taite (6 months ago)
I NAMED HER STEPHANIE TOO this is weird...
Hassan Naji (6 months ago)
You’ve got the wrong flag on Iraq
Delilah Hernandez (7 months ago)
I instantly thought Stephanie too 😂😂
Nefertari (7 months ago)
The so called girl next door with the grey jacket is not average in face by no means. She is far more attractive than the first twig like blonde whose face was the real average here. But you know, since she is blonde, who even looks at her face ...
Amina Hemmings (7 months ago)
I was literally just thinking Stephanie and he said it hahaha that gave me a shock
Ring Adding (7 months ago)
all these ugly guys would d be lucky to be looked twice at. useless rubbish video.
1234 (7 months ago)
Who thought black subtitles on this vid were a good idea?
Kristi Luiz (7 months ago)
very interesting......cant see the black captions though.... the lap top is preventing to read all of it.
mor (7 months ago)
If only we could see the pics a bit bigger
Sara M (8 months ago)
I want my 5 mins back. Didn't learn a thing wtf
Incognito Laco (8 months ago)
So basically waist of time fuck !
Rasta Fonz (8 months ago)
THICC im into!!!!!! Badonkadonk!!! T&A!!!!!! ASS ASS ASS!!!!! hips and thighs!!!!!!!!! pretty face!!!!!
FoodShowFan (8 months ago)
Super boring results
Bernie Tong (8 months ago)
1:19 best
Viking Viking (8 months ago)
Laugh out loud lol uu
Rafid hassan oney (8 months ago)
hehe ! Terrence is a xerox copy of me! hahaha! I said everything he said while watching this video!
Dilly Blum (8 months ago)
Canadian is cute 😁
Naso Bouko (8 months ago)
So the experiment searches for perceptions from jerk offs from different countries to get get what out of it?!
camille caumont (8 months ago)
3:28 nice blond TRANNY...adonis belt and male torso with no female hips
Diana Richards (8 months ago)
The real question is what are women attracted to in women?
Me Lol (8 months ago)
what kind of dumbass puts black subtitles on a black laptop?
Me Lol (8 months ago)
what kind of dumbass puts black subtitles on a black laptop?
Me Lol (8 months ago)
what kind of dumbass puts black subtitles on a black laptop?
Robert Cohen (8 months ago)
The hottest girl was that Russian blonde, Lucy😍
when it comes to sex, we take (almost) everything
nachtstucke777 (9 months ago)
The deepest and most immediate attraction was Gabe for the preppy chick... which is consistent with the world being full of boring fuck-tards.
Matt Nobrega (9 months ago)
I like the one with the tattoos
Swag Queen (9 months ago)
2:02 omfg I literally guessed Stephanie before tf
Charlie M.P. (9 months ago)
Gabe is a babe
unknown (9 months ago)
'Americanised asians are like the best of both worlds' *sighhh*
Jake Metzgar (9 months ago)
The Iraqi girl and Japanese girl are a lot more attractive than most of the women they showed!
Kisa #7 (9 months ago)
2:03 when they said "what name do ypu think she has" before he answered I said "Stephanie." Then, he said it, I was like "Well sh!t" then the other guy said "I was gonna say that as well." I think we would get a long very well lol!
Jak Johnson (9 months ago)
Men are attacted to healthy women with round hips and decent size breast.Because she makes good breeding stock to bear children and keep the species alive.And thats the truth tho few will admit it.
musings from the corner (10 months ago)
Gabe is pretty much the biggest douchebag in this video
SiGHT SMaSH (10 months ago)
The girl from Russia lucky was good looking
Art V. (10 months ago)
Why are there so many dislikes?
LuPes (11 months ago)
No gingers! Not fair
Skilled 101 (11 months ago)
The iraqi girl is beautiful
Dosh (11 months ago)
I pick Hani
wolf girl (11 months ago)
this showed up for why skinny girls and better
matt jakob (11 months ago)
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Karsonator123 219 (11 months ago)
I’m attracted to their feelings... Headass
Sydney S. (11 months ago)
Okiii Dokii (1 year ago)
1:20 when u dress like her lol...

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