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Labour market

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The concept of labor covers many aspects. Discover the labor market in a fictional country where an industry is faced with a shock of innovation. What then makes the adjustment of supply and demand work? What are the different types of public policies most often considered? What are the consequences of this adjustment and policies for workers, for businesses and for the States? After seeing this video accessible to everyone, you will learn more about the labor that is "a market but also many other things." Source: Banque de France - Cité de l'Économie et de la Monnaie, in partnership with Universcience (This film was presented in 2013 at the exhibition "All you need to know about eco­nomics" At the Cité des sciences).
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Christopher Firstt (13 days ago)
Look this is why we need universal basic income. Listen to what Andrew Yang is saying, the technological revolution is here and we must save ourselves
HCS Consulting (27 days ago)
good explained
Chinese Birdmann (1 month ago)
Im pretty sure we don't put BLACK PEOPLE in carts :/
Theo Gutfeld (3 months ago)
You missed a "t" in the sentense "which is the best one". What you mean is "Untied states, France and Denmark whiTch is the best one" 4:46 :D
Viraj Sajjanhar (6 months ago)
ana la uhib
Hassan El-Meligy (7 months ago)
Perfect, is there is a license to reuse the video or if I would like to subtitle it in a different language. Could we have the english script in text format. Could we in addition upload a subtitled version to the Youtube preserving the same licesne
Manpreet Singh Mann (8 months ago)
thx sir nycc video
C W (9 months ago)
This is assuming capitalism. Gross.
Steve P (1 year ago)
Now add low skill illegal aliens entering the labor market and it is quite evident in the US model, you drive down wages, have more US citizens collecting unemployment costing the government, have fewer contributions to SS costing the government and lowering people's future SS checks, more control of the workers by corporations through a tight job market.
ramakant jaiswal (1 year ago)
superb video
Masud Rana (1 year ago)
Great work.
BigDee (1 year ago)
thx!!!! best video
rhythmandacoustics (2 years ago)
Germany is similar to USA, perhaps even more capitalistic, because USA has minimum wage but Germany doesn't. I think Canada has both number 2 and 3. But it is kinda amazing that the more unequal or wider the gap of wealth the more wealth there is as a whole. Not saying it's a good thing but it's the reality.
Alex Herrmann (3 years ago)
There is however minimum wage in the U.S. and Danish citizens experience some of the highest taxes in the world to fund unemployment benefits and health care, which would be closer to country number two.
yanyuet (3 years ago)
lovely video, brought together many concepts in a easily understood manner
gjhs _ (3 years ago)
How do you make videos like this? Do you need to buy a software? I am interested in doing this profession. To communicate concepts using visual techniques. Is it even a profession? Is there a way to be a videoist? A Film director?
Glória Manuel (2 years ago)
+Jinny Cho Have you discovered the answer of your question? If yes. Please tell me. I am also interested
A Ammadus (4 years ago)
Really good concepts, and easily understood great work!
Ayanda Seboni (4 years ago)
This is one of the best videos i have seen on this topic well executed concepts simplified. Thank you so much for doing this :-)
Max Hodges (4 years ago)
Thank you, this is quite well done! 

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