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2 Tips for Determining Product Market Fit | Forbes Finance Council - Jason Lee

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Product market fit may be the single-most important factor in determining whether a business is successful or not. Jason Lee is CEO and founder of DailyPay, a venture-backed financial technology company that enables employees to access their wages before pay day. DailyPay partners with large enterprises to offer its technology solution to their workforces, which results in a meaningful reduction in turnover and related cost savings. Learn more about DailyPay: https://www.dailypay.com/ ---- Forbes Finance Council is an invitation-only organization for executives in successful accounting, financial planning, and wealth management firms. Not a member? Visit https://forbesfinancecouncil.com/ to see if you qualify Follow Forbes Finance Council on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ForbesFinanceCl Follow Forbes Finance Council on Facebook: https://twitter.com/ForbesFinanceCl
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