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4 Types Of Men

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Derek Hart 4 Types Of Men http://www.UnderstandEachOther.com Hi, I'm Derek Hart and I am located in San Anselmo, Marin County... near San Francisco, California if you would like private couple's counseling. My phone number is 415-444-6743 I am the creator of Understand Each Other, a system used to rebuild and transform couples into having more fulfilling, deeper intimacy. Make sure not to miss a single video from Derek! Click here to Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/derekmhart?sub_confirmation=1 Derek Hart Couples Rebuilder Relationship Coach, Speaker, Writer Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/derek.michael.hart Derek Hart 4 Types Of Men https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZ6RdEr31yQ
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Text Comments (7216)
Wik Ouh (1 hour ago)
it said good man is someone who done playing games
Dil howtler (1 hour ago)
My boyfriend is a boy and confused
How do I find which type of a man am I??
Human Beat Clocks (3 hours ago)
The "good" guy sounds like a NICE GUY, everyone know that boyfriend who always is there for a women but she in the same moment search for a the better man.... I know i'm a faithful player..
katia sama (4 hours ago)
seems a bit biased in my opinion
Topdime Mc (6 hours ago)
I married an amazing man! 14 years strong.
kaitlynne spivey (9 hours ago)
and confused
kaitlynne spivey (9 hours ago)
wow i just ended realtionship w a player oh
jim hdz. (10 hours ago)
How about "realistic man" ?
Oliver Wood (10 hours ago)
MGTOW boy men are the best, usually happy and often successful. A lot of clever nerds in that category.
free man (11 hours ago)
A good man is always there in your friendzone !
Oma Rumunna (11 hours ago)
rolling my eyes so hard.
nick doe (12 hours ago)
So ... I'm just saying here, whatever happened to the Idea of growing young together? I'm not saying every man want to be Peter Pan (and to have there mermaid, or Tiger Lilly or Wendy) but is that such a bad idea? If I want to stay as young as he can, for as long as I can? You know, the whole "Youthful Heart" type of attitude? And everyone gets confused at times, just because a man can not make heads or tails about life (which its kind of hard to figure out, cause no one ever gets a detailed map of the street, which showcase the traffic patterns of your heart, mind and soul). As well just cause a man has boyish tendencies dosent mean, he is a bad man, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Im not saying, I'm the greatest confused boy/man who has ever lived, but I know Im not a bad man, or a fucking player. Thanks for selling out all the boys who are simply, trying to find there Neverland. Thanks for selling all the Lost boys, up the river, like they never cared about anything, besides themselves. (Cause in the end they were trying to mend the hearts, of every kid who felt alone) As well, Thanks for making the confused guys more confused. I know this video wasnt directed towards men, but I guess it was the good guy in my soul that decided to watch.
Chris Moore (13 hours ago)
i hate boys so much
Eddie Rice (14 hours ago)
This narrator spends his time in the “friend zone”
itsferinheit (15 hours ago)
I think you're commentary about boys is a little too exaggerated. I'm a boy too in the sense that I don't want to grow up and become a cranky old man. I want to always have my child like curiosity. I don't want responsibilities to turn me into someone who is stressed all the time. That's what it means to be a boy.
Lawskull Fate (15 hours ago)
6:02 When the teacher is teaching and I am like:
mrsuperpatg (16 hours ago)
Total crap.
Tony Becker (18 hours ago)
Women don't believe there is a good man so your model fails miserably.
So the conclusion is that a good man has a blank personality with no goals.
Gus Fares (21 hours ago)
You are a super confused man, these type of men do exist, but generally 99.99% of women pick the bad man not the good man, because good men are generally fake and not real and acting good to make the woman happy, in which case women will hate them in return because they are boring and have no personality.
rolf johansen (1 day ago)
where are these good men? they ran away from the dirty game
Roderick shell (1 day ago)
Im all 4 in one but faithful
Duma Flavius (1 day ago)
Wtf is this bullshit man ?
Eazy E (1 day ago)
A man of word makes a man!
DEZ (1 day ago)
Yeah women always fall for players. Then they say all men are the same. How much of you women have tried dating a guy you consider ugly. You keep dating the one that looks good but complain about men being unfaithful. I am not saying that all ugly guys are faithful but most are.
necromancer (1 day ago)
I'm a confused good boy !!!
lady bug (1 day ago)
I concur
ploppers poopy (1 day ago)
seems like a simplification, but there is some truth here
Ammar Baig (1 day ago)
what a sexist video,its men who suffer most
xLilBam17x (1 day ago)
I have a confused man I want a good man 😭🤧
C. M. (1 day ago)
This is the worst advice. Categorizing men into types.
I'm Working (1 day ago)
This made me realize how horrible I am. :-(
adrift (1 day ago)
Why y’all have a beta male with a high ass voice explaining this lmao? Kinda counter intuitive no?
Elizabeth Çakirerk (1 day ago)
Very good.
Dhan The cuber (1 day ago)
you mean clothing determines the type of men right but then where is the other type that wears leather jackets i mean i like wearing jackets but i also like to wear t shirts and shirts that a boy and a good man wears why everything is so messed up? which type of men am i ?
gigi 1985 (1 day ago)
youre obviously a confused man .. lol jk. your clothes have nothing to do with it. its your actions and how you handle relationships
senior barista 87 (2 days ago)
i dont hve this 4 typed because im a man....honest
Zelda Honda (2 days ago)
4 types of men 1-the idiot 2-the flirty 3-the idiot (refer to number 1) 4-the freak
Prativa Khadka (2 days ago)
I dated a boy that broke my heart twice...
Shikhar Choudhary (2 days ago)
I m a confused good playboy😂
Daytona Says What?! (2 days ago)
Ridiculous and unfounded oversimplification.
Zsuzsa Farkas (2 days ago)
I'm sorry but don't believe good man exists
Mr begone thot (2 days ago)
You forget a type of a man: the gamer
Tudor Cimpu (2 days ago)
I am a player!
Adriana Vega (2 days ago)
"Where are good man?" IN THE FRIENDZONE YOU IDIOTS
Daro K (2 days ago)
actually i have been playing 100 girls but i call them hoes but when i really find the perfect girl (not a hoe) then im loyal
David Isaak (2 days ago)
People aren't stereotypes. I hope kids don't watch that stuff.
kamran bartley (3 days ago)
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Kenyum Bagra (3 days ago)
The music lol epic suspense hehe
simon bilous (3 days ago)
Why thy all white tho
Zaden Grobeck (3 days ago)
This video is pretty accurate.
ANkUsH KaNWaR (3 days ago)
I am all lol
SOTTO SOTTO (3 days ago)
You can tell by the comments that this video really got into the heads of lots of men!
Abbad (3 days ago)
The amount of stereotyping, simple-mindedness and meaningless assumptions to be embedded in a single video is astounding.
Roxanne Moser (3 days ago)
I'm dumping a combination boy/confused man who thinks he's a good man. Sheesh
Happy Person (3 days ago)
Marshal - kid Barney - player Ted - good man
Taty R (3 days ago)
Ok the good man is getting taken advantage
KLJF (3 days ago)
capitalist propaganda , pay the bills work hard have kids dont complain .
Sinorita Sinorine (3 days ago)
OMG this video is muah 💋 💋
Vegan Hea (3 days ago)
This video is true ladies don’t read the comments of the boys in disagreement
lozzymagoo (3 days ago)
I agree, a lot of men are part every one of these types. Not just one type. I guess that's the sad thing. Can we find a man who isn't a confused boyish player?!
SynPacks (3 days ago)
im a skater
ZPar PARZ (4 days ago)
4 types of men as told by some weird fuckin gay 5th version of a "man"
Lai Wei (4 days ago)
This is western culture relationship.You married a good man after divorced u took his money
Evangélico Gamer (4 days ago)
I'm a player
Aaron Wolfenbarger (4 days ago)
Geeze Im still getting comments from this stupid video? Derek Hart I will quote someone for you that I THINK is relevant. "grow a nut sack. fill it with balls and magically sprout a dick" then you can discuss what it is to be a man and relationships.
Krypteian (4 days ago)
Now the question is: Do most women actually want the "good man"?
Seron Moreno (4 days ago)
This dude sounds like hes been friendzoned his entire life. So good luck to all you sorry ass ladies taking this douche nozzles advice.
Red_John (4 days ago)
This is utter blue pill cuckery.
rEd Diamond (4 days ago)
Geez i think all i got is a players😂😂😂😭😭😭
Bella Noir (4 days ago)
My ex boyfriend is a player. He uses his status and money to get women, then complains about how women only want him for his money. I realized he was a player when I told him I should just use guys for their money because it seemed like thats what they wanted. He encouraged me and told me I should. This last guy is a cross between a boy and a confused man. He's 41 and told me he doesnt want to be a man that take responsibility for his actions or himself. Broke my heart but I do see parts of a good man in him. I see a good man in him so I am hoping he decides to mature.
Aida F. (4 days ago)
I know I married a GOOD man.💙
SH Room (4 days ago)
Women call me a player as a way to project their insecurities. He is a "handsome guy and probably has many options, so why would he choose me?" I'm an open book. I don't lie to women. Im learning that the lady's don't care for truth because it's sobering. Lies are stimulating so the story must be true
Squat Ant (5 days ago)
Who came to see witch category he is😜
Devil's Offspring (5 days ago)
The "Good Man" here sounds like the guy who's wife dumps him for the Playa because she's bored to tears in her marriage :)
Queenelizabethxo (5 days ago)
These videos make me think so much I just want a good man
Repent and Believe (5 days ago)
When is the video about the four types of women going to come out?
Maryann Kujawaski (5 days ago)
I give up looking. I've never had a good man and I'm always picking the wrong ones. I truly believe good men don't exist
There is only one type of women. The one that made you think she loved you
KatyIn TheChorus (5 days ago)
I think my dad is the boy lol
You forgot the one that is disposable for women
elixir vitae (5 days ago)
be responsible for your own happiness, with or without a partner.
elixir vitae (5 days ago)
wank video
Jack Horowitz (5 days ago)
one type of woman: the one who tells you you're wrong
Mike Smith (5 days ago)
Yes the player definition was perfect. But so many women fall for them then judge nearly all men as they did the asshole before. The good men women judge like a book cover. Really you need to take the book and open a few pages before makng your judgement and considering to buy or take home. Women some are loving mothers, some career-holics and some just sluts. But all groups their sweet lips can be full of lies. Honesty, even blunt honesty is I feel the best way to start as then you see the full person with no hidden chapters in the book. You like you take home, not like them, thank them for their openess in a complimentary manner and apolgise for you not being a suitable match for them. Saves a lot of wasted time and wasted money, you just want beneath the table benefits grab a hooker , she is more sure to give what you want and it costs less, just real-time statistical results make that statement. The same stats that say seat-belts save lives.
rude one (5 days ago)
Thank you. I needed this! 🙏 i have a confused and boy in mylife
Kumokun Domo (5 days ago)
Where to find a good man!?!!!!?
raki bhagat (5 days ago)
I think iam confused😎😎😎😎
aditya tiwari (6 days ago)
When I am thinking about our future...she left me and...go with confused Man....😅
anonymous nation (6 days ago)
There's another type of men....the self centered egoistic men....they want to control your choices without thinking how would affect you.....they think they know the best for their women and women are the dumb creatures to them
Lord Summerisle (6 days ago)
I Don't agree (6 days ago)
If you are a man watching this video, its because you are part of the 5th type of MAN which is MGTOW and when you watch this video you feel the cringe up your spine and your instinct for smelling 3rd wave femenist bs becomes activated
I Don't agree (6 days ago)
Now ive scrolled down more and noticed MANy MALE commenters are awakened by the stench of sjw garbage
Tyler Derdin (6 days ago)
I don't think this is accurate I think that people have traits from all of the type and no one man can fall in just one category
FUZZII EVERLOVE (6 days ago)
My ex was a boy we would have an appointment and I will be dressed and I've come out the bathroom and say okay let's go and he would be sitting in the middle of the floor or on the sofa in his underwear with all that fat gut hanging out eating a big giant bowl of cereal. The person I'm with now is 100 million percent man. With the boy I found myself taking on the responsibility of feeling and acting more like his mother with the person I'm with now he takes care of me he Pampers me spoils me loves me I've done a total change and I feel so much better for it. ( DEPRESSION GONE) FINALLY LOVED
Crazy Girl (6 days ago)
1# Mama's Boy! I'm sorry but this type of Guy any Women/Man dates is being another Parent for them. Let's be honest with 2# we all want this to an extent in a the Good Man/Woman. If they can balance out being both faithful and full of surprises we don't want a romance that loses it's fire works. So make sure that your needs are reasonable.
gin ko (6 days ago)
boy: investor + idealist player: tester+idealist confused: tester+realist good man: investor+realist
brickwho101 (6 days ago)
I think it’s a bit harsh calling them a confused man and almost making them look bad. Chances are they are scared and nervous that they will fuck things up and that they aren’t good enough. Which is why they still give everything they have. It’s not about maturity. It’s about anxiety. And to say that they are immature because they are anxious is ridiculous
John George (6 days ago)
suck my peen dawg
Renee Dun (6 days ago)
Thank you for this video!!!!
Thu Thu (6 days ago)
I really dont like a player

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