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Leaves in the River- Sea Wolf

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Song only. Sorry about the weird long ending... something is up with my editing program.
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amelia (5 months ago)
This guy gets it. I can’t name it, but he gets it.
Dimitris Spathis (6 months ago)
One of the few songs I am missing from Spotify.
Park SujaiHinata (6 months ago)
Me encanta esta canción no c que diga en significado en español me hace llorar
DasFireCat (7 months ago)
DasFireCat (7 months ago)
I swear, I didn't mean to like this song, this much.
Michael Shockley (1 year ago)
Jas, babe, love of my life I feel like there are a million miles between us. I'll never forget that Halloween party were I met you.
Francisco Ramirez (1 year ago)
I met a girl on halloween well she was lost and I was drunk and it was dark and cold out when we left and as we walked the rain started the leaves I've felt with every step and all around around us people slept alone with their dreams the wind came down from out the planes and blew the leaves out through the streets I wondered how far leaves could really fly would they rest in several yards or make it to the city or would they end up in the river just to float away she pointed to a small brick house and said it was where she grew up the lights were out she asked if we could stop for a while her hair was still just getting wet water running down her neck collecting in the hand printed cement beneath her feet apparently there had been a death someone close had nothing left because she hadn't left him in the end I saw her blush when I asked if she always talked like that she said it only happened when she drank and later on I felt her hand slipping into my cold fist she promised me a kiss as soon as we got home her costume had begun to tear she ran ahead and turned to me her laughter echoed through the empty streets
Laura Gaete (2 years ago)
Anthony Gort (2 years ago)
An Absolutely Stunningly Beautiful Track - one of my very favourite tracks - many thanks :)
Rouvel (2 years ago)
Jesús Ríos Alcántar (2 years ago)
A hug is a powerful thing, it makes you feel wanted, needed and loved. It all at the same time. -Raising Hope.
mare love (1 year ago)
Hugs are the BEST thing ever 👊
lpsrick 237 (2 years ago)
Cloud155 it does!
Kestrel (2 years ago)
Yes. It does. Without a hug from anyone you can go insane from not being loved. And you start to think more and more and more. TIll you give up on love.
Cloud (2 years ago)
Jesús Ríos Alcántar no it doesn't
Handsome Jack (2 years ago)
raising hope anybody?
Lizzie W. (2 years ago)
I like middle distance runner, but when I heard this on raising hope, I knew it was gonna be my favorite!
lpsrick 237 (2 years ago)
Cremee Sodaa exactly
Jesús Ríos Alcántar (2 years ago)
MzBra66 (3 years ago)
God this is beautiful. Such raw music.
Ashley Salisbury (3 years ago)
So chillin
karl migel Santos (3 years ago)
gwych song... so relaxing
Marimo 00 (3 years ago)
Slutty pumpkin
Alien war (3 years ago)
excelente rola
Miss Knowles (3 years ago)
who would unlike this?
Steven Enslow (3 years ago)
I'm not that into it, but it's WAY too chill to unlike. :)
Arvemis (3 years ago)
Cleo 64 (3 years ago)
+WolfBlaze But why?
Arvemis (3 years ago)
+Miss Knowles 25 people
Devin Wakesfield (3 years ago)
To think 4 years ago, this was the first Sea Wolf song I heard
Yee (4 years ago)
The rain and vocals and ahh perfection!
Jake Risher (4 years ago)
am i the only person who got this from HIMYM?
Gil Vaught (2 years ago)
Really?!?! It didn't click with me when I heard it in a pandora station , however, I love the sound of this song.
Jake Risher (3 years ago)
yeah it was in that episode towards the end, lol thats funny
Marimo 00 (3 years ago)
+Jake Risher omg I commented 'slutty pumpkin' but only because it reminded me of her. Is that from that episode? haha
April Ricketts (4 years ago)
My daughter keeps getting on here in my name. Shes never truly seen me happy realtionship wise,so she has certain veiws on love. Maybe i can talk to her and tell her all people are not the same to keep the faith
April Ricketts (3 years ago)
No but not everyone is horrible. You don't have to be perfect everyone deserves love. It's just hard to find healthy love. I need my kids to know just because I haven't found it doesn't mean it doesn't or couldn't exist for them. But to love thier self first.
James Robert Archbald (3 years ago)
+April Ricketts ...but yeah everyones great
April Ricketts (4 years ago)
People do not know when thier in love but ones u think about u really love at some one love beatful but sad ps sea wolf rocks?
-T S- (3 years ago)
+April Ricketts holy shit
Shayne Stanley (3 years ago)
+April Ricketts calm the fuck down buddy
April Ricketts (3 years ago)
People don't always know when thier in love. Once they think about it they realize they love someone
April Ricketts (3 years ago)
The spelling was done by a child with learning disabilities. Grow the fuck up! How that for laying the English language to rest. Not everyone has the ability to be able to to spell, type read, do math ect. Shane stanely
Shayne Stanley (4 years ago)
RIP English Language
Elizabeth Eads (4 years ago)
This deserves more likes 3
Smack Roll (4 years ago)
I really enjoyed the bonus 4 minutes of silence at then end- said nobody ever. However, thanks for the upload.:)
Sydney Widell (5 years ago)
the way he says "streets", slays me.
Genevieve Lam (5 years ago)
+SophieLeigh x Exactly my thoughts, it was so simple but so beautiful wow
bellona6356 (3 years ago)
A piece of me dies a little bit inside every time I hear this song and gains back something better.
thegiantsl0th (5 years ago)
ditto. i listen to this every halloween!
Sophie Gammon (5 years ago)
That little chat was the sweetest thing I've ever read on youtube
Sophie Gammon (5 years ago)
Halloween tomorrow :) I shall be listening to this instead of normal halloween songs haha
John B (5 years ago)
I find my music that way also- I like alternative-Indie-New wave etc and play those stations and I instantly like Sea Wolfe.
Madeleine Hackborn (5 years ago)
raising hope anyone?
yash sohal (3 months ago)
Love the show. They shouldn't have cancelled it..
Cayge Keeton (5 years ago)
Sea Wolf songs never get old for me! They're so amazing!!!
Gillian Mullane (5 years ago)
This song is so great, I try not to listen to it too much so it will never get old <3
Cayge Keeton (5 years ago)
I found out about Sea Wolf trying to find the song Black Dirt(which is the name of one of Sea Wolf's songs) because I saw it in The Avengers credits. Stumbled upon Black Dirt by Sea Wolf, and still love that song!!!
Carlos Alvarado (5 years ago)
Why Do I Always Cry Thinking About The Girl I Love With This Song (._.)
Isa Bel (5 years ago)
why must i cry.
LemmonLizard (5 years ago)
Pandora radio brought me here. no regrets! amazing!
I. Z. (5 years ago)
I know the feeling. I know it sounds cheap, but, once you meet him you realize he was worth every second you waited. :)
PwoperRenji (6 years ago)
Sea Wolf should be more famous
Connor Clary (6 years ago)
I have honestly never found a song that I like more than this.
Angel Agpez (6 years ago)
At the start I thought was the Radiohead's song. ><
Katie Hughes (6 years ago)
I always have felt something missing too,, that I need to find who I am supposed to share my life with also. Where ever he is out there - I can't wait to be with you. :)
Lauren Dudley (6 years ago)
I think the long silence after the song is just a way of giving a moment of silence and respect for the pure grace of the song.
Lani Elliman (6 years ago)
Dude, kill me, why the fuck can't I skip the Beiber ad at the beginning
Drew CUH (6 years ago)
sometimes i wish i just had someone to share my life with, other than my family and friends, i love them and everything, but i feel theres something missing. a girlfriend, a soulmate. feel me?
Craig Baker Music (2 years ago)
Drew CUH Have you found that yet mate?
TheCatOnTheCouch (6 years ago)
My girlfriend and i started dating on halloween this last year...after we broke up recently, ifound this song. Iv'e been a seawolf fan for ages. This one really means a lot to me.
MIRAN FINI (6 years ago)
11 people are just fucked up becouze hate this song !
Hayden Reed (6 years ago)
Yes!! I wanted to see if someone would guess it!! Hahaha Good job! I love raising Hope!
Pat Wickedly (6 years ago)
you tried ☆
Hayden Reed (6 years ago)
I don't like Halloween but I went to this party with this girl I like.. (who loves Halloween) the thing is she has a boyfriend but her boyfriend didn't make it to the party and she was dressing up as Robin and her boyfriend was gonna be Batman but I took his place, but then he showed up at the party... in a better Batman costume then me. Long story short, he ditched when she was drunk and I carried her home and she kissed me thinking I was him... happy Halloween.
Mel Rey (6 years ago)
This songs lyrics reminds me of the first episode of Supernatural XD
Yuskebub (6 years ago)
What is it with the HUGE gap in the end??? Oh, by the way THIS SONG IS AWSOME!!!
Alexa Casiano (6 years ago)
this is soothing
Jake Risher (6 years ago)
Di Pk (6 years ago)
thank God i found this artist
bandero555 (6 years ago)
why was it bad
Lethaone (6 years ago)
Is it real son? Is it really real, son? Let me know it's real, son. If its really real. Something I can feel son, load it up and kill one, want it raw deal son, if it's really real. Oops, wrong song.
Isa Bel (6 years ago)
I find it cute that my boyfriend & I met 2 days before Halloween & our first date was to go trick or treating with each other & this is now our song. c: Together since 2009.<3
AlexAndPaolo (6 years ago)
Hey everyone, I made a cover of this song w/ piano and singing! Check it out if you're intrested :) /watch?v=0gnK0lYTSV0&feature=youtube_gdata_player
AlexAndPaolo (6 years ago)
For sure doing a cover of this song on da piano c:
Purplefreak18100 (6 years ago)
Magical song indeed... I'm so glad to have come across this song, and artist. :)
Bb BB (6 years ago)
lucitetokki (6 years ago)
is it weird i sort of want this to be played at my funeral?
Archie Henderson (6 years ago)
nahAllow (6 years ago)
If you have the time and ability to post about it on youtube, you could have had a much worse day.
CheerUp2 (6 years ago)
...The amount of emotion that just shot through my body listening to this song ...u-undescribeable
stella rockwelle (6 years ago)
I've done that by accident before.
gonzoqueen (6 years ago)
You're welcome. :)
Chingawing (6 years ago)
To the girl I met on halloween, I still think of you daily, and how this song strikes me to the chord... If I could only gain the courage to tell you how I truly feel about you, Emily, my feelings for you have magnified exponentially, if only the feeling was mutual... Maybe it is and I just don't have the guts to ask...
TheNikkuu (7 years ago)
Then learn how to compose a song to express it :)
Aaron White (7 years ago)
this is me and my girl's "song" thmbs up if u agree
Cloud (2 years ago)
Aaron White thmbs down if u hate ur life
Ramsi (7 years ago)
That Magic everyone talks about? This song! that's it!
myloverdeath (7 years ago)
This song is the only neutral thing keeping me sane right now...My dad just got layed off and he's the only one working and supporting me and my 3 other sisters...i don't know what we are going to do...i just hope everything is okay...God..if their is a god...please,help...
247ranging (7 years ago)
@ShadowChancellor lolololol
Em (7 years ago)
What a beautiful song.
Luciie (7 years ago)
Seriously, who in their right mind would hate this song, or even this band? I've never come across a terrible song by Sea Wolf. In fact, all of their songs are simply superb.
BEER VNN (7 years ago)
Who the heck is this "raising hope"?
selqka15 (7 years ago)
@kid240ful ofc i dont
selqka15 (7 years ago)
i always think why the hell all we try to get top comment just listen the beautifull song and feel special
Dylan Wilton (7 years ago)
JakeWearsJeans94 (7 years ago)
@man0999 Mediafire and megaupload
Rosa Linares (7 years ago)
Raising Hope.... <3
Ashleigh Norton (7 years ago)
thanks raising hope, now I have a new fave song by a band I already love :D
Sophia Luche (7 years ago)
Love that!!!
North Maan (7 years ago)
@MiloSawyer deaf and dumb!
holly gunderson (7 years ago)
i cant tell anyone how amazing sea wolf is. its indescribable
Josh Stockinger (7 years ago)
@joshstockinger ya, just checked. their on myspace...
Josh Stockinger (7 years ago)
@man0999 try myspace they have discographies of many bands
alejandro nunez (8 years ago)
that song is amazing
something0re0ther (8 years ago)
one person was so overcome with emotion that when he/she clicked "like" their tears blurred their vision and accidently clicked "dislike"
tetrazonian (8 years ago)
@HotelYankeeFoxtrot Why is there even a dislike button?
Rachel .Horowitz (8 years ago)
ella Valencia (8 years ago)
i love the sound of the rain in the song and the lyrics(: beautiful song(: love.
Rojelio Garica (8 years ago)
I'm so glad Raising Hope used this song otherwise I wouldn't have came across such a beautiful song.
Khalilah K. Jones (8 years ago)
soo cute.
jambajuicelvr21 (8 years ago)
raising hope niggasssssss
Regina Phalange (8 years ago)
I found this song on halloween (:
vveveness (8 years ago)
God this is so good though.
vveveness (8 years ago)

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