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Sea Wolf -- Middle Distance Runner

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Cameron Yoshizawa (4 months ago)
This is a perfect song to listen to while sitting down by a stream while the fireflies and the moon cast shadows
Jason Leon (4 months ago)
Well I'm so sad tonight And the words won't come out right It's been a long day on the track And its stamina that I lack So won't you run to me tonight? Tonight could turn but we're just lovers But I'll only ever be a middle distance runner Well my heart is beating hard And I'm off with a shot at the start And my legs tremble from strain But by the finish line I'll drain So won't you run to me tonight? Tonight let's not talk about next summer Cause I'll only ever be a middle distance runner Well I'm so proud tonight Of the woman you've become And I'm just too tired to fight So my darling, I'll succumb But you'll have to run to me tonight Tonight I will love you forever But I'll only ever be a middle distance runner
Shane V (5 months ago)
We are a group of music lovers nerding out over our favorite songs that fall under a new theme each day. Come show us what you got! Today’s theme is “Distance”. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SupercordsMusicClub/
Fenol (7 months ago)
Its 2018 and this song is still my favorite
Andrew Rincon (1 year ago)
One of the best songs ever
Phillip Fontenot (1 year ago)
Priscilla Diaz is Live on Wednesday 4/17/02
Jordan Sullivan (1 year ago)
i love this song.
Phillip Fontenot (1 year ago)
This is Sunny days of 4th Lunch that we called. MONSTER HIGH LUNCH
Marckus Radon (1 year ago)
The running footsteps hit to close to home for me...
Anthony Nietzel (1 year ago)
This song makes me laugh I run middle distance in track and the words couldn't be more spot on😂
Ellie Young (2 years ago)
thank you grey's anatomy for bringing to another amazing song
Kira Sands (2 years ago)
i showed a girl i really liked this song my junior year of high school <3 it's so lovely and holds a big place in my heart
Downskirtfunk (1 year ago)
oh the irony
Dhananjai Kalra (2 years ago)
what genre would these guys fall in? Folk?
Mattie Quinlivan (4 months ago)
folk indie
Grace Kincaid (2 years ago)
Indie folk
vincent valen (2 years ago)
this is truly a beautiful song :)
A Box Full Of Lies (2 years ago)
Katawa shoujo, Emi route.
Grace Taylor (3 years ago)
never get tired of this song
noah solmes (3 years ago)
when i listen to this song, all i see is gravity falls... am i just weird?
KettiexD (3 years ago)
Added to my running playlist for obvious reasons
Ryan Bennett (3 years ago)
This song has always been one of my favorite post track meet songs. In stanza one, the speaker uses a middle distance race as a metaphor for his relationship. The line "stamina that I lack" is a comment on his relationship, because he's grown fatigued by his relationship. The third stanza is a race setting, and arguably the most important to understanding the song. His heart is beating hard, much like that feeling you get when you're around a new love. With his new love, he's "off with a shot at the start." As a middle distance runner, his pace is so accelerated that it causes him to strain. His strain is so great that he becomes worn out, and drained. This is a direct metaphor for a relationship, he starts out so strong, and intends to keep that impossible pace that an 800 runner intends to, but burns out. In the chorus, when he says "Tonight let's not talk about next summer, it's because he knows that he can't maintain what they have for that long, and so he's focusing on the now, he's focusing on the present, and doing what he can. The fourth stanza takes away the bitterness that could be implied by a relationship's end. It's not that he doesn't think she's good enough, it's just he's too tired to keep it going, no matter how wonderful she really is. The last chorus has a line that's almost cemented in my mind, because it's absolutely incredible, an ironic thesis for the song. He sings "Tonight I will love you forever," as he's comparing two different intensities. To love somebody forever requires endurance, and toleration, something a middle distance runner doesn't train for, but rather the strength and intensity. Why middle distance? The song uses the distance as a metaphor, because in track there is short distance, mid distance, and long distance. A long distance runner would be somebody who puts in the work and the effort to maintain the longest of races. A middle distance runner doesn't have the stamina or the endurance, but rather the speed. In relationship terms, a long distance runner would find marriage and lifetime happiness. A middle distance runner love would inevitably burn out and decline due to his heightened intensity, no matter how hard he tries to keep his pace.
Equine Enthusiast (9 months ago)
Your words are so eloquent and flow beautifully; lovely explanation for this good song.
Grace Kincaid (2 years ago)
The best comment I've ever read on YouTube. This song has been a favorite for years and always breaks my heart because I am exactly that in life, a middle distance runner. kudos on the comment.
BelleFlower15 (2 years ago)
Awesome insight, especially about the line, "Tonight I will love you forever." I never noticed the irony in that. :)
Did you have to write an English essay over this song or somethings lol
Emma Placzek (3 years ago)
Wow! That's an extremely insightful and deep analysis of the song! Thank you for sharing all those metaphors I would've otherwise missed!
rouslan tangborn (3 years ago)
"Tonight let me love you forever"
dd patton (3 years ago)
"Well I'm so sad tonight" this song makes me sob. I love it ❤️❤️❤️
UsingProtection (3 years ago)
I think the whole song means that he can only maintain a relationship if it's in relatively close proximity. So when he says "tonight we won't talk about next summer" he means next summer either he or his partner are moving away and he isn't going to keep up that relationship because he is a "middle distance runner" and that's all he will ever be.
motionphoto (3 years ago)
This song never gets old to me...
Downskirtfunk (1 year ago)
is it old yet
Noah Owens (3 years ago)
Great tune, the middle is the best place to be. The truth of life has been revealed and it is better than anything we could have imagined. Google *_Truth contest_* and check the truth for yourself. Nothing could be more important or worthwhile. This is truth you can and should check for yourself. The truth makes sense and applies to everyone, everywhere. 
Kevin (3 years ago)
+Jesus Christ Sounds like you're just looking for an excuse to be average and not put in the effort to be something extraordinary.
Chad DeBeau (3 years ago)
Shut the fuck up.
Vinnie D (4 years ago)
pandora god, thank you
Delilah Wagner (10 months ago)
What station?
Cynthia Kishner (1 year ago)
KAY SIMP (2 years ago)
same way i found it
Wesley Burns (4 years ago)
not about running...
Ghaida'a (4 years ago)
I came here because I heard it play as a sound track in grey's anatomy and I totally love it 💜
Daphne Franks (3 years ago)
MojoRisin Jr. (4 years ago)
Cross country training song. too bad track season just ended I could've used this then man.
Dan .Miller (4 years ago)
altho it has a deeper meaning, that middle verse is a spot on description of finishing an 800 
PropsAndMayhem23 (4 years ago)
I don't think this song is even about running guys o:
PropsAndMayhem23 (2 years ago)
you're free to interpret music however you want, that's the beauty of it.
Josh Hodge (2 years ago)
+Andy Jones i thought it meant being a middle distance was a metaphor for not being able to handle a long term relationship rather than distance
Andy Jones (4 years ago)
Nope. I believe it's about how the "Middle-distance runner" isn't capable of handling a long-distance relationship. "It's stamina, that I lack." As well as other lines, that make me suggest this. 
Ethan Barnes (5 years ago)
No really. What is your 800 time. I want to know what it takes to get on a D1 team.
Paul Cote (5 years ago)
this is a beautiful expression of how I feel almost every day. What a blessing this song is.
Ethan Barnes (5 years ago)
So what is your 800 time?
me2me7273 (5 years ago)
.... Cross meet today :) i may not be a middle distance runner butttt....... i still love this song :)
Makayla Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Ethan Barnes (5 years ago)
Sick. You must have quite the 800 time.
2525bls (5 years ago)
maybe, but i promise the benefits far outweigh the detriments. The cross training has gotten me a spot on a NCAA Div1 Team
Ethan Barnes (5 years ago)
True, but cross country can also have a negative effect on fast twitch muscles and quick speed, which is also important.
2525bls (5 years ago)
Really? I was more than encouraged to do both. I as well am an 800m runner, the versatility is super beneficial to your track career
Marty Ramirez (5 years ago)
you lie
Angel Smith (5 years ago)
This song is so sad... Just to search for the deeper meaning, it just breaks your heart.
meepster5683 (5 years ago)
Definitely listening to this next time I run an 800
Joe Nobles (5 years ago)
It's called Isaac Brock-ing
Dana Smith (5 years ago)
That's a really stupid and selfish way of seeing it. They made this music to share with the world so people all around could empathize with their inner thoughts and self-expression. You may want to keep it to yourself so you feel like a unique and special snowflake, but millions of people can relate to this song and if suddenly it gets a million views, I, personally, would only feel that much more in good company.
penguin ATTACKx (5 years ago)
Nosirrag (5 years ago)
Guys I run the 100m dash and the 200m I heard this and was on the 4th fastest 4a 4x400m in Colorado history
themutantmanic (5 years ago)
Ethan Barnes (5 years ago)
I am an 800 runner, and my coach played this when I asked if I could run cross country. I guess I'll always be a middle distance runner...
leapalacios4 (5 years ago)
His voice his like an angel
Matthew Doucette (5 years ago)
hes singing my life
Greystareye (5 years ago)
Found my new running song.
SebassoKahlo (5 years ago)
This is a awesome song ! i still think it needs more views
DeathShiniGama (5 years ago)
:3 Just Heard This Song The Other Day!~ So Very Awesome.

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