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Fungus: The Plastic of the Future

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In this episode of Upgrade, Motherboard dives head first into the R+D world surrounding the development of fungi as a viable replacement for plastic, and the people who hope it can lead to a better and more sustainable future. Subscribe to MOTHERBOARD: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-To-MOTHERBOARD Follow MOTHERBOARD Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/motherboardtv Twitter: http://twitter.com/motherboard Tumblr: http://motherboardtv.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/motherboardtv More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos
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Text Comments (1044)
pixpusha (7 hours ago)
Fungus as plastic?! No more nasty endocrine disrupting toxins in my food supply? Take my damn money. All of it!!!
Max 'N' Cheese (23 hours ago)
I learned what mycelium is from Minecraft
Jeffrey Koelewijn (4 days ago)
This is very interesting
KMPZ (5 days ago)
Where is it? No where. Another sham product that never worked and was overhyped.
TripN_KniveZ (5 days ago)
Industrial, automotive, and aerospacial applications need not apply. This doesn't look dependable and takes forever to produce.
Ami Violetin (5 days ago)
It does not mention the decomposition rate and biodegradability of these products. I'd be interested to know more.
slowfire2 (6 days ago)
English cc please
Rbvaet (7 days ago)
i wonder why nothing iss said about the cost
Ranner Kaiming (7 days ago)
Don’t forget about graphene
NoCultist (7 days ago)
Calling from the future. Nope.
Danny Tourigny (9 days ago)
10:38 That beat is dope! Does anyone know where that is from? Please and thank you.
Ehhh (9 days ago)
i dont understand why this is exciting... if you have to use the wood to grow the fungus, why not just make the thing out of wood in the first place?
Draxiss (12 days ago)
xeflatio93 (15 days ago)
may be a package that you can eat afterwards
Mackii.SWE 🇸🇪 (15 days ago)
We need this innovation mass-produced for worldwide use, right now! Amazing technology.
Johnner Comediantul (16 days ago)
7:22 "material cyka" :)))
Chris Christiansen (16 days ago)
As long as we don't end up in The Last Of Us...
Sage Bias (21 days ago)
But can it get you hi?
rinnin (21 days ago)
We need to work faster to get these into the market. Also need to make it waterproof
Jason Meyer (24 days ago)
This is complete bullshit, there is a huge coverup here.
russell zauner (26 days ago)
Look, dummies. STFU about electricity or oil. The reality is: Localized power generation at point of use with infrastructure to distribute/store/etc surplus. Done and done. Welcome to the future, try to keep tf up. Seriously, why would I buy energy from someone if I simply already have it? Consider it the new barter. Does that help you conceptualize reality? It already scares the living shit out of anyone who has become fiscally dependent on that particular star eternally rising.
Ambrose (28 days ago)
9:59 nuclear not nucular.
Z3R0 G805T (29 days ago)
Soon I’ll be able to wear magic clothes^^
happysmash27 (29 days ago)
There are still some things made of plastic that I don't think fungus would be better for, like computer casing, for example. Plastic is very good for permanent things.
Shadow Wright (1 month ago)
Alright, let us talk about people who are allergic to molds.
Kvyn Gmbyr (1 month ago)
i had a rare fungus living in my face/read some Rudy RUCKER
Federico Cañellas (1 month ago)
so the age of build somethings is over? now we will rear things with fungus... then I will say, My house is growing big and strong... 😆
Peter Smythe (1 month ago)
Oh good, now we will have injection-molded mold...
imp3r1alx (1 month ago)
it's good and it's great.. but the majority of plastic user are food containers that are only one time use... so using fungus to wrap food, might not be a good idea... well maybe~
Kev1n (1 month ago)
pigtailsboy (1 month ago)
I'm sorry? Am I mistaken and that what I really clicked on this video to do was read in real time, pausing often to catch a missed expulsion of gas from these vile, gutter voiced foreigners? I did not click on captions again did I? Is the narrators time so expensive to purchase that they could not be bothered to forward the meaning of these FILTH other worlders with there GARBAGE language in proper english so I would not have to be forced to read and "enjoy" the tenor of their GUTTURAL speech? Is motherboard being "ARTISTIC"? Fuck You People. If you wish you run a learning language course for free then I suggest listing the video as such in future and save me the time and frustration and disappointment over putting up with this modern usage of subtitles. My attentions were already focused on the subject matter. I take no issue with subtitles as an addition. I take issue with it as a crutch for not having to put in proper interpretation. I would agree that reading and listening go well hand in hand for better learning retention but I can not say that Dutch is a language I feel readily able to match with English subtitles. None of this is warranted. You're being lazy and cliche and vogue. Get fucked. Develop a learning disability. Become dyslexic. Stop wasting my time with this fruitless concept. Lastly, please walk face first into a sharp point.
Kopie (1 month ago)
So.... Is this how mario land is formed? Make sure you make fungi flagpole and castle.
totszwai (1 month ago)
So this is how The Last of Us started
Mealworms can eat plastic.
Douglas Richards (1 month ago)
The amount of plastic that lab trying to replace using plastic is using is almost funny
Tito Brozzi (1 month ago)
There is no future unless human value becomes a priority , there is no point replacing products , the purpose should be to removing the illusion and bringing people back to reality , rivers infested with plastic bottles , water in plastic bottles , packed food in plastic bags ? And you think fungus is the answer .
Sergio Solórzano (1 month ago)
well you still need wood but its nice
Kras Silver Fang (1 month ago)
It could replace Styrofoam but not Plastic, its not maleable enough nor transparent. You can't make products that are currently made of transparent plastic with it like bottles and bags which make the great majority of plastic waste
War Against Myself (1 month ago)
Yeahh no
Lord Turnip (1 month ago)
if you really want to replace plastic it has to be a material that can resist corrosion, the consistency does not really matters, using a 3d printer is not viable, it has to be extrudable, i think micelyum is just a funny material, useful for expensive furniture, similar to wood, not going to replace plastic any time soon
Keila Fleischbein (1 month ago)
For those days when you really want to injection mold actual mold
Matinator (1 month ago)
Ok now how do you dispose of this new plastic?
Loser (1 month ago)
What do Dutch have to do with anything??
Li dynasty (1 month ago)
I live in the Netherlands
will h (1 month ago)
Does anyone know the source for the credit music?
Alejandro Sosa (1 month ago)
whats the name of the fungus?
Shubham Kumar (1 month ago)
09:52 is the solution in a nutshell.
Dadniel (1 month ago)
200dollarbill (1 month ago)
now eat it
Richie Musisi (1 month ago)
which species of fungi are they using
Nikolai Michel (1 month ago)
Wonderful. The only problem after all is that they still use plastic molds to grow the fungi. Hope they change that soon, too.
guy sumpthin (1 month ago)
Careful careful cancer is a fungus, this lab should hav accidentally cured cancer
guy sumpthin (1 month ago)
Aqua Fyre (1 month ago)
Angus McFungus invented Fungus. He was such a Fun guy
number 15 Burger King foot lettuce Fungus: The seasoning of the Future
Julian Weiser (1 month ago)
Nice idea... But it will all be history as soon as the oil company's start to hear about it.
God (1 month ago)
Every new idea is the way of the future to the media
Cracked Emerald (1 month ago)
The last of us -1: the beggning
Cracked Emerald (1 month ago)
kkatsa (1 month ago)
the ending song is really cool, shazam says it's dtour - orange juice, but i need the instrumental version pls!!! anyone?
Blissfully Ignorant (1 month ago)
You can't replace platic. You can only change your way of life. Trash is for tosser. Can shoe you how.
potion123456 (1 month ago)
I'm concerned as to whether such a new material will be beneficial to the environment considering the energy used to produce the packaging or products. Like there's the drying process which probably requires heat and to make the actual form (breaking down of material into small parts and mixing) how much energy does it consume in the process? It seems to me the process is way more energy intensive than using plastic, though I can see the problem they are trying to rectify here is in the waste system, not so much on energy. But this is also what's scary about the new materials, cos the used energy eventually takes the form of CO2 and other greenhouse gases which are way less apparent and visible, people don't actually find the urgency to deal with it until eventually the environment gets equally shitty. It's basically one form of pollution vs another. Unless the energy consumed in the process of creating the material is equivalent or less than that of styrofoam or other plastics they're replacing, it may just be as pollutive. It's the same problem faced with replacing plastic bags with reusable bags - you need to reuse the bag more 7000 times for it to be more energy efficient than plastic bags. That said, I feel that it's still important that R&D continues in these area, but just as important is that consumers and companies don't just see an end product as it is but also consider the process in which they were made.
KiRaUsAGiMomo (26 days ago)
Don't worry.. Nuclear fission scientists aspire to create a contained star on Earth to fuel our economies' power. If it doesn't blow up on the face of the Earth by 2030ish, it's fiiiiiiiiiiiine--
Fidel Maltos (2 months ago)
did anyone just see little blu and white barcode looking pixels on the screen around 3 minutes
Corrupted Cyborg (2 months ago)
can it be transparent ?
Hjordis Torfa (2 months ago)
Magnificent ✌ Together We Can make a difference Thank you kindly "Motherboard" for sharing with us all.. BigTime thanks to everyone working with this 💕✌💕💖💕
XxDeadBunnyxX (2 months ago)
I wonder if they could start to use this to replace Styrofoam cups or (this might be pushing it) plastic straws
gaming samurai (2 months ago)
Anyone els get a static thing o their screen like if you did
Eu Não sei (1 month ago)
Was looking for a comment like this, I guess it's from the video itself, although it makes no sense it's just bothering
Kenji (2 months ago)
Funny how much actual plastic they showed :v
Marylee Espinoza (1 month ago)
as long as it is not single-use disposables for now ;) transitions
chemical mike (2 months ago)
its pourous on purpose?? no i think you didnt know how to use the 3d printer properly. be honest ffs! i hope you havent scammed anyone!
chemical mike (2 months ago)
foam bamboo. the potential is incredible! p.s; pay me.
This Plastic Nation (2 months ago)
interesting!hope it can be widely used in the future.
haunter1950 (2 months ago)
What happens at 3 mins
Heiner Ali (2 months ago)
Will it grow hair ?
Clayton Lynch (2 months ago)
As a mycophile and packaging enthusiast I found this video to be really exciting, however I wish they had shown more strength tests
Orion D. Hunter (2 months ago)
[screaming internally]
Toryu-Mau (2 months ago)
... So... Fermented Furniture? >):^?
Rokkiteer (2 months ago)
Another upside to this is that fungus grows from wood pulp, so when demand for trees grows, so will the supply. More forests
Benjamin Hamer (2 months ago)
I wonder why this information has been suppressed for so long? Thank God for the mushroom consciousness and its selfless nature.
Secrecy (2 months ago)
With this stuff you can make a stool. A toadstool made with your dogs stools.
Peter Tremblay (2 months ago)
Problem is there is no future and only an idiot cannot see it with the massive die off of marine life and land animals! At best we have 20 to 25 years in front of us and it will get ugly in 5 to 8 years due to climate extreme and resources rarity. Keep dreaming since extinction is just around the corner!
Gold Waves (2 months ago)
This is one of those "just because" right? Obviously drawing all their inspiration from childhood games such as Mario, these guys are envisioning furniture made from shrooms; nothing new to any experienced druggy or gay apartment. I give this segment of "guess what" a 6/10.
MrLewooz (2 months ago)
we will be fucked before it happens.... ( sorrY I'm a bit dark at the moment...)
Halbe Null (2 months ago)
Is the fact that they have to wait several days for the fungus to grow a big limiting factor? It certainly seems like it would be but I don't know anything about how plastics are made either.
Hannah Montana (2 months ago)
what language is that?
Crux161 (2 months ago)
telvani wizards anyone? 😂
diktatorro (3 months ago)
its nuclear retard not nucular
ThrownAxe 9 (3 months ago)
I like my burger with extra foot fungus please.
Gerardo Gonzalez (3 months ago)
Start making god damn furniture that you can actually use and then we can talk.
Assimilate71 (3 months ago)
I stole some of my wife's kombucha scobies (a solid fungus), then racked and dried them into sheets. Unbelievable how strong dried scobies are - it's essentially a kind of leather. I see now that ppl are making clothing out of it, which is huge when you consider the amount of resources that go into what we wear. Not only that; the byproduct, kombucha, can be used for food, drink, and everyone's favorite - alcohol.
Crazy Tactics (3 months ago)
Well, its been "a few years"... Were's my fungus products?!
John papichulo (3 months ago)
okay. Did that rat just eat my chair?
AntiTroll101 (3 months ago)
One problem is production rate. it takes way longer to make one unit of fungi than it does for plastic. 3d printing takes way too long.
TheFloatingSheep (3 months ago)
5:25 rly dude? Sculptris?
Brian Lin (3 months ago)
Dave Otuwa (3 months ago)
WARNING! No mushrooms are seen during the shooting of this video. "Step outside!" commanded to Toad (Nintendo).
Dave Otuwa (3 months ago)
Gaad dammyt! I've never seen plastic mushrooms.
Saundra York (3 months ago)
I'm having a Sci Fi vision of recreating a boyfriend gone to war . . . ohhh must stop
Saundra York (3 months ago)
If one can 3D-print out a shape and have the fungus grow into that shape; then it is only a matter of time before a sci-fi writer explores 3d-printing a person I should have explained better
TheRealBob Mayo (3 months ago)
Saundra York wait what.
Destiny Garcia (3 months ago)
This made me emotional and gives me more hope of humankind (‘:
Destiny Garcia (3 months ago)
start with not using plastic bags, buy a stainless steal water bottle, support your local farmers/eat healthier. Its really not that complicated. You may not be like everyone else but at least you know youre doing something. All I can do is stay positive and spread positive energy because like attracts like.
Destiny Garcia (3 months ago)
but this is better than not trying! This may not help over night but this is inspiring many do something about it. I believe this world can change, just more people need to be aware. Instead of using that thought energy on giving up on the world why not use that energy to do/say something? Domino effect! Lets make this world a little better like these guys! They could easily be like you and say this world is not going to change but look at them they're inspiring! Remember, we are the buyers of plastics. Just imagine if more and more of us give up plastic. That alone is a big impact. There are many many alternatives.
TheRealBob Mayo (3 months ago)
Destiny Garcia Unfortunately it likely wont go anywhere, its quite expensive. The reason plastic is so popular is because of the cost, also so many companies would have to get ride of there old factories and spend tons of money making fungi factories instead. And with all that, lets face it: The stuffs not as good as plastic when it comes to convince, you cant melt it, it has to be 3d printed or grown into its shape(as far as i know). And its not clear! Im not against this or anything, i just dont think it will go far.
Cosmo Wattis (3 months ago)
That little stool isn't gonna hold fat americans
robheusd (4 months ago)
But the need is not so much for plastics that are used durable (like a chair, you won't dispose of it after using 1 time), but the plastics for 1 time usage and which are mostly in packaging of food items which end up the most in the environment.
TheRealBob Mayo (3 months ago)
Thats what there making as well, but a chair last lets say exactly 5 years. After those five you’re gonna be trowing it away, as with the million other people who bought that chair as well. and, of course the chair has way more mass then say, a bag, so there focusing on the big ones first. but alas there is still more problems with it; Unfortunately it likely wont go anywhere, its quite expensive. The reason plastic is so popular is because of the cost, also so many companies would have to get ride of there old factories and spend tons of money making fungi factories instead. And with all that, lets face it: The stuffs not as good as plastic when it comes to convince, you cant melt it, it has to be 3d printed or grown into its shape(as far as i know). And its not clear! Im not against this or anything, i just dont think it will go far.
SK Loda (4 months ago)
they dint say anything about the negative side effect thou
TheRealBob Mayo (3 months ago)
SK Loda plus it prevents the other negitive side effects of plastics.
TheRealBob Mayo (3 months ago)
SK Loda there is none, its sterile, and wont grow anymore.

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