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Ban trolls Jericho and makes a woman out of her- dub

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They were having some kinky ass foreplay Like and subscribe
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Text Comments (1188)
Wait isn’t that girl from Tokyo ghoul? 0:35
vidi vici (1 day ago)
This is some Metal Gear Solid level dubs
Basilisa Espina (1 day ago)
What episode is this???? Did i miss something??
Injuries what are you talking about 😂
Cheese Man (1 day ago)
kyle oien (1 day ago)
I love 2:25 everyone runs except for the one then gets grabbed
Wow, she turned his blood into lipstick.
Captain._. Awkward (1 day ago)
What's this anime called ???
Nico Perez (1 day ago)
So sad i just started watching this show n im alrdy done😢
Gonzalo Ayala Ibarre (2 days ago)
I accepted I'm a woman, so now I wear scantly armored lingerie!
Mystery Man (2 days ago)
i preffer ban with longer hair and beard am i weird ????
Ally _ (3 days ago)
What ep is this I never saw it
Ian justin Hadap (3 days ago)
Didn't notice as a man?So she had no breast at first sight?
After that they did it all night and day long
Tom Cruz (4 days ago)
3:18 That's right so you're that Barber Boy, I didn't know you were into cross dressing. 🤣🦊
Were is the rest of the fight😠
Punlord David (4 days ago)
if your ban the undead and you find your dead girlfriend in kiss her doesnt it make it okay
Ace Jones (5 days ago)
One word kinky
Yvy Ong (6 days ago)
Did you just see how she perfectly smeered the blood on her lips like lip stick
Naruto Uzumaki (7 days ago)
Jerichos ass is perfect
You know Jericho looked more like a woman when she was first introduced
agorapng (8 days ago)
Damn shes hot
Black One (8 days ago)
Jericho best girl
Blank D (9 days ago)
Markus:find jericho
Xavier Allen Jr. (9 days ago)
So the name of this show is "Seven Deadly Sins"? Yep I see it now, everybody sinners in this show 😂
Femme Fetale (9 days ago)
Bens beard is lit af 🔥🔥🔥
Jaylon Scott (9 days ago)
3:49 AIDS
iSmartMan1 (9 days ago)
Doesn't his voice actor also play Greed from FMA:B?
Nate Terry Ramsey (10 days ago)
I did? okay
HayabusaJudah (10 days ago)
God dubs suck ass
Fabien Gautier (10 days ago)
Yankees idiots 😒
Just a Regular Guy (10 days ago)
What anime is this
Búho Invernal 49 (10 days ago)
Sooooo Ban Just raped her?that's it?
ya boi Nexzy (10 days ago)
fucking kinky as hell
Robin Gilliver (10 days ago)
Trolls are scum.
Blackhat (10 days ago)
How none know that she was a woman
Wendell C75 (10 days ago)
Oh that was so fucked up lol
Renz Andrei (10 days ago)
Fox's sin Deadpool
Deadly Veeon (10 days ago)
name of this anime
ZergiePlayz (11 days ago)
“You have made a woman of me... And you will take responsibility” hmmm have I heard that from somewhere 🧐
I Sixth I (11 days ago)
3:51 She wants the Immortal D
Nikaury Aracena (11 days ago)
Mi edad
Amelia Kyle (11 days ago)
Ban will steal anything, even virginity, even your sense of gender
lisa ortiz (11 days ago)
The Dragon Mizu (11 days ago)
John Ny (11 days ago)
U know I always knew she was a chick
burns0100 (11 days ago)
Always a badass reunion.
Helios Huang (11 days ago)
she's absolutely no match for ban lol
GodGame 29 (12 days ago)
Jericho is beauty AF
Taro Yamada (12 days ago)
I love Ban ^^
Psychotic Angel (12 days ago)
When the girl you hooked up with sees you in public.
Hashtag Master (12 days ago)
*it's called karma*
c ramp (13 days ago)
Mark my woof
shokushin (13 days ago)
She used his blood as a lipstick... Okay then.
Edgar Andrade (14 days ago)
What episode is this again
LonelyPianist (14 days ago)
Ban ;D (14 days ago)
Ahh those good old times back in season 1...When Meliodas was a bastard XD
Shadow Xenomorph (15 days ago)
1:23 That's sooooo like Ban The Fox sin of greed. Always teesing to enemy
Mimi Games (15 days ago)
Devils Saiyan (17 days ago)
Yea ban take responsibility for her future kids xD lmao
Radu Coroi (17 days ago)
So does this imply she got raped by Ban?
Thomas Raines (10 days ago)
Radu Coroi no he just stole her armor to embarrass her
Breaking Point (17 days ago)
Ban, has seduced the child.
elryck94 (17 days ago)
You know it's fucked up when the girl make lipstick out of your blood
AmI TheMan (17 days ago)
eww its dubbed.
pedro (17 days ago)
Ban should move on
Hikari Tenshi (18 days ago)
The title was really suggestive haha
Vlone-_Reign (18 days ago)
Ban stay trollin
Fenrirmaster30 (18 days ago)
Yeah she’s 15 so y’all gonna have the fbi breaking down your door any second now
Alphon Speas (18 days ago)
3:02 Wow, she penetrated him.
Slater_Danger (18 days ago)
Erraticplays (18 days ago)
loki (18 days ago)
I like how she falls in love with him then gets rejected because ban loves someone else
Grizzly BƎAR (18 days ago)
3:33 - 3:40 modern day feminists.
Mike Perez (19 days ago)
That armor is so unbelievably ineffective she would be better off in her underwear all the places you want to hit are in protected her lungs hart thighs shoulders neck all it dose is slow her down. WTF at least bekini armor would be relatively light.
Styles FS (19 days ago)
Best waifu EZ
Jacks Son (19 days ago)
What about his hair down there
Corbin Moore (19 days ago)
Farhio Hersi (19 days ago)
Ban with a beard and long hair looks clean af
Mr. Lightning Hands (20 days ago)
Who else ships Ban and Jericho?
Mr. Lightning Hands (20 days ago)
I can never get enough of this show. Just finished season 3 not long ago and already wish I can see season 4. Oh well I guess waiting awhile first would actually make it more special once I can see it again.
Ray 11 (20 days ago)
Dubs are for geis
Shining_ X (20 days ago)
This is hilarious because she ends up being in love with him even though she hated him at first
origamipein18 (20 days ago)
The Shameful Strip.
Veroxeon (20 days ago)
2:39 **you're pretty good** - snake 2069
Angel Q (20 days ago)
Wait Jericho was trying to be a man?
bowsette the princess (20 days ago)
Trolling me huh. What a joke.
Zero Light (20 days ago)
тнє тιтℓє тнσ
Sees the name Jericho. BREAK THE WALLS DOWN
MyTTri (20 days ago)
Season 1 was so good
luis contreras (20 days ago)
Ban goes, "I love emilia"
Tyler Moore (21 days ago)
It’s sucks when a guy’s a dick.... But sooooooooo fucking hooooot.
Honoka Sakura Chan (21 days ago)
Jerichos theighs are so Thicc she could crush a Watermelon with them
Maga SonicScout (21 days ago)
Ban was like goku and deadpool
Deanthony Potts (21 days ago)
She still trying to get a piece even now lol
SlowMotion (21 days ago)
She liked the way he treated her anyways lol
Lyle Drake Dragonfang (22 days ago)
What she said sound kinda erotic don't ya guys think?
7 subs but no videos? (22 days ago)
*Deadpool could NOT* Edit: I'm I the only one who liked santa ban
Malik Ford (22 days ago)
Jericho>>>> Elaine
Zak Kaufman (22 days ago)
Sorry Jericurl His lover is a much better woman than you will ever hope to be
Leo_Cerberus (22 days ago)
FUCK is dis

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