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Funny Lego Minifigures !!!

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Funny Lego Custom Minifigures !!! All the art drawings and editing are made by me . i hope u enjoy the video ( : if you need contact me email me at [email protected] Music is copyright free from Audio Library : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht8qITGkBvXKsR1Byln-wA/videos
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Text Comments (127)
Katie Hammel (1 month ago)
Buzz was actually good I feel like it would be a set
Kajetan Winiszewski (1 month ago)
- Sargent dave (1 month ago)
I am not buzz light year I am miss nesbith.
Jess Z (2 months ago)
I'm Mary Poppins Y'ALL!
Annoying Sheep (2 months ago)
0:07 batman is the best
Affan Jamsari (2 months ago)
Characters -shirtless kylo ren -derpy batman -miss nesbitt -mat the radar technichan -you like krabby patties don't you squidward spongebob -incredble yoda -yondu (mary poppins) Superman with a moustache
HotPocketsYT (3 months ago)
Mom said it's my turn on the computer.
all the memes
alvin valentino (3 months ago)
0:00 i like kyloren
Foxy Gamer64ツ (3 months ago)
Me want mrs. Nesbitt figure XD
Pokeforce 1 (3 months ago)
*I A M M R S. N E S B I T T*
Jennifer Chiodo (3 months ago)
my favorite is Yoda I really like your channel I am your number one fan!!
Damn that superman is hard to make😉
J and H Bricks (3 months ago)
This cracked me up
James Toy TV (4 months ago)
That's pretty cool well the buzz is better
Yb 6l (4 months ago)
Where can I get Kylo?
Pex Zalcoatl (4 months ago)
Like por la de yondu
Hdc Playz (4 months ago)
0:02 Great Khali
alvin valentino (4 months ago)
Hulk kyloren
не пиши мне (4 months ago)
I really want buy Yoda!
The Goldsman (4 months ago)
I came for rent oly
Joey Finley (4 months ago)
Steven Nelson (4 months ago)
can we get LEGO figures of celebrities like Zac Efron Ewan McGregor John Cena Taylor Swift Kate McKinnon Chris Pratt Shia Lebouf David Hasselhoff and Sia
Pedro Revilla (4 months ago)
I'm Mary Poppins Y'all!
superfreddyhero 2269 (4 months ago)
0:19 you like krabby patties don't you squidward
janell tanner (4 months ago)
Hajnalka Varsányi (4 months ago)
Frost Gaming (4 months ago)
0:07 & 0:23 my favorites
These should be official
Eligh Monarca (4 months ago)
Ben Swolo vs Yoda hulk who would win like for Ben reply for Yoda
Jacek kozica (4 months ago)
8 na 10
Ngocdiep Tu Thi (4 months ago)
0:00,0:23 SWOL
Sam Politi (4 months ago)
Ha ha ha I love the batman one 😀
goomba lover 76 (4 months ago)
Cmf meme line
super feather dude (4 months ago)
0:18 you like Krabby Patties don't you Squidward
These are awesome I love the spongebob one haha
Bro I almost cried at the superman
Yay I got a heart
Captain Tokusatsu (4 months ago)
Mom said it's my turn to play with the Legos -Ben Swolo
Gamer Pro XL (4 months ago)
Liked all these LEGO Minifigures they so cool and funny at the same time
Mikey Martin (4 months ago)
0:32 My Reaction: Wow, Really! 😂
Niko Claws (4 months ago)
I want that Mrs. Nesbitt minifigure!
Sharpiesniffer 82 (4 months ago)
Niko Claws me and you both m8
Hah yondu as merry popins
Rezok the Frost Demon (4 months ago)
Lol matt the radar technician from the Saturday night Live undercover boss parody
Sean’s lego reviews (4 months ago)
I want them all
D0CK (4 months ago)
Make it real plssssss
Sam In A Jam (4 months ago)
mister_legoVovaHD (4 months ago)
Lucky Lego Studios (4 months ago)
I want a Lego Matt the radar technician
Constantin Anton (4 months ago)
So funny !!!!!
Jor El (4 months ago)
im mary poppins yall !!!!!!
JeagerEX 12 (4 months ago)
The moustache Superman looks like El Supermano, the Mexican bootleg Superman toy.
collar head (4 months ago)
Ciro Figueroa (4 months ago)
I lose my shit XD
Acesomesauce333 (4 months ago)
That was very funny
Mr. doge (4 months ago)
Grand Admiral Thrawn (4 months ago)
These are so awesome!!!!!!! 😂
SkylanderGamer! (4 months ago)
Beef Bricks (4 months ago)
GamingChannel -Fortnite (4 months ago)
Lmao!!? So funny!! Brt EARLY SQUAD!! #BrickNews xd
Padilla Studios (4 months ago)
I Will show you the dark side of the force 0:03
ArcZeus Origami (4 months ago)
Dirpy batman hahahaha this is so cool🖒🖒
segun studios 84 (4 months ago)
All of these are great my favorite is the yoda hulk one. Great video!
Jesse Pool (4 months ago)
Hahahaha! the Batman figure is the best!
Brick master films (4 months ago)
Lol. I love all of these!
Captain Cool (4 months ago)
Ok, these did put a smile on my face.
ninja studio (4 months ago)
Can you talk me in instagram
Reuben s (4 months ago)
0:07 oh my gosh I love batman
SebsterGaming (3 months ago)
Hello R
R I need that batman minifigure
I'm Random (4 months ago)
The buff Yoda and Marry Poppins Yondu and Derp Batman
TheKing Martinez (4 months ago)
Zidan Al Farisi (4 months ago)
I will buy that buzz Lightyear
fire lord (4 months ago)
Shadow Gaming (4 months ago)
Sinic Rigbi Games (4 months ago)
Fran Hrvoj (4 months ago)
Haha So truth
Swi_ zzle (4 months ago)
Lmao these are hilarious
The Red (4 months ago)
Kylo ren,batman and yoda😂😂😂
spongebob Square pants (4 months ago)
I love it
Kacper 251 (4 months ago)
Can you do LEGO Memes minifigure series? And really funny figs! 😂
Comictoon (4 months ago)
Did u make all of these ur self
Comictoon (4 months ago)
Brick News love that matt reference btw
Comictoon (4 months ago)
Brick News nice!
Brick News (4 months ago)
KK TV (4 months ago)
LOL So funny😁
Claudio Conforti (4 months ago)
Squid Animations (4 months ago)
Josiah N (4 months ago)
So funny!
yondu udanta (4 months ago)
Marko the Trinparevski (4 months ago)
Wow crazy looking!!!
Michel Straub (4 months ago)
Cool hope that Lego makes them
LNFK StudiosTM (4 months ago)
James Marston (4 months ago)
ben swolo, yoda hulk and yondu poppins? Yay
James Marston (4 months ago)
him and ben swolo, from the beginning
I Do Stuff (4 months ago)
James Marston that’s Matt the Radar Technician.
Parker Skelton (4 months ago)
Constantin Anton (4 months ago)
So funny. 😂😂😂
FanTDM_27 (4 months ago)
I’m Mary popins yo!
mr whiskers (4 months ago)
Hahahahah u like jazz also can u do some for fnaf or bendy,ot baldi?
NINJAGO ROCKS (4 months ago)
First and awesome
mr whiskers (4 months ago)
mr whiskers (4 months ago)
NINJAGO ROCKS (4 months ago)
mr whiskers yeah
mr whiskers (4 months ago)
Tam (4 months ago)
Was drax the last figure??
Рыжик Пыжик (4 months ago)

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