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This beach house is designed to survive a hurricane

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After Hurricane Sandy's devastating floods in 2012, homeowners Valari and R.C. Staab wanted their beach-front home designed with rising sea levels in mind.
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Valentin Islas (4 hours ago)
Looks like this house is in the north, BOO... put that house in Florida and give it a REAL test... lmao hogwash! haha
Ray Mak (7 hours ago)
But can it survive a tsunami?
KurtBP75 (8 hours ago)
Good luck. I mean, this house versus 30 foot storm surge as well as 155MPH winds (cat 4) .... I will not take that bet. We should stop kidding ourselves and acknowledge that radical steps are needed to improve the environment and prevent further global warming (leading to stronger, more frequent hurricanes). I am really starting to think that this was some reverse psychology, straw man video.
Peter Pan (12 hours ago)
It’s only helps with flooding not hurricanes. All the glasses would be destroyed within 5 mins and I’m not sure if the building would be standing after. It would be dried tho lol 😂
Big Nigga (13 hours ago)
Fam why do you need a house to survive, bruh just get jesus to calm the water.
sex machine (9 hours ago)
no way in Hell that house cannot withstand 150mph winds
Muhd Sufian (16 hours ago)
to survive a hurricane ONLY not including tornado, typhoon, tsunami & earthquake
Han Solo (23 hours ago)
You might want to showcase your house on a station other than Fake News CNN. Simply put, more people watched SpongeBob reruns this week than those who have seen your house on Fake News CNN.
Simon Bitton (1 day ago)
God can do anything...titanic the unsinkable? How ya like me now
AzrielJale (1 day ago)
Tornado-proof Huge ass windows... Uhmm.. yeah, enjoy tree trunk sticking out of your stomach.
Mackk McPhaul (1 day ago)
Attention white people it's not Mother Nature it's God that's in control!
chris chan (1 day ago)
hurricanes: hold my beer..
Apocalyps (1 day ago)
How is this house designed to survive a hurricane? You've shown how it can accommodate medium flooding, but that does not accommodate *a hurricane* in that wind is not presented as an obstacle. Perhaps this video is better named as a utility for those looking for flood mitigation.
ShyvulnerableTeddy (1 day ago)
I'm sorry but has anyone noticed that large glass windows. If anything comes flying at that you won't be protected much. So it might be flood proof but definetly is not hurricane proof.
Brian Gee (16 hours ago)
ShyvulnerableTeddy They are hurricane impact resistant windows.
Grv L (2 days ago)
Really B'S, get Ads Fund to Ads All Side Windows House for Hurricane !!!! Damned, how many grade Do All glass wimdows ? Hence facing direct impact on front side. If you said Build a Steal+cement Ship Pattern with minor Face to face direct hit/impact of hurricane force or windows grade 5~10 time stronger then 3 layer windows!!!,.. i Might be Impressed, But this Shit..... 😇😇 damned, Nowadays Storm and Hurricane Grade increased to 18 above. Man😎😎 CNN getting worst in Anything but it Allies Make Up News.
Anthony B (2 days ago)
130mph winds and those windows are all gone. You'll have to board everything up. Even then the odds of the windows breaking from the pressure are still high.
ULTRA KWON (2 days ago)
I don't think a meager 2 feet above FEMA standards is anywhere near high enough. I'd shoot for 30 feet. These hurricanes are getting stronger every year, and I heard Houston's floods were as high as 20 feet.
Bruce Lee (9 hours ago)
yeah 2 feet is not enough, although that house is in New Jersey, which is not as bad as the southern coast lines. Also, their location is not exactly at the coastline, they seem located next to a river.
Anthony B (2 days ago)
Flooding in the city was simply because it's so much rain in a little amount of time. 2 feet above FEMA is to protect against the seas storm surges. I think that will protect the house for the next decade but with sea levels rising and storms getting stronger. It wont work forever and we cant just building homes in the air like a skyscraper.
W. (2 days ago)
Brick and mortar, simple
Justice Warrior (2 days ago)
Zack Haan (2 days ago)
A house that is earthquake, hurricane and tornadoe proof will become a thing in the future with climate change.
AKzebraMiner (1 day ago)
Zack Haan There aren’t earthquakes in that area.
Hilton & Hyland (5 days ago)
A great combination of form and function!
Buuraha calmadow (5 days ago)
This box is designed to fail. Trust me a box will not stand chance .
CNN - the skid marks on the underwear of REAL news organizations.
guss whu (6 days ago)
I'll bet Anderson Cooper could blow it away.
Cordite Wolf (6 days ago)
* Designs house to survive a hurricane, yet puts in large glass panels everywhere *
Bruce Lee (9 hours ago)
hurricanes should be the least of their worries. Prowlers, burglars, and voyeurs should be their main concern.
sex machine (13 hours ago)
yep lol
Aaron Aryeh (16 hours ago)
I was in a hurricane proof windowed building when Irma hit. Nothing happened.
Mark Dougherty (16 hours ago)
facing the water with no trees around also removes the possibility of a branch or other projectile breaking the window, which is how that happens most of the time. If the windows are a strong enough type of glass they would be fine in most cases.
Jory White (1 day ago)
You could watch the flood through the windows- yikes!!! Hope they dont break in
get lost (6 days ago)
That is the price you pay for living there
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stu beast (6 days ago)
OK,OK, back to the Russia probe.
Davis C (6 days ago)
People that build houses close to the beach or within flood zones should be required to sign waivers absolving the tax payers of any emergency relief in the future.
Yusuf Yusuf (6 days ago)
If are coming after me plz.like this topic thanks alot of
Juan Ramirez (6 days ago)
Make it zombie proof then I’ll be impressed
ShyvulnerableTeddy (1 day ago)
+ULTRA KWON how about the zombies bite the living hell out of the sharks and crocodiles that make a bigger prove on land and in water. I'm lucky I live in the UK like just block borders and blow up channel tunnel and live on a giant island. I think Ill be fine here as we don't have crocodiles or sharks either
ULTRA KWON (2 days ago)
If there's a flood, the zombies will drown if crocodiles and sharks don't get to them first.
Adrian Jackson (6 days ago)
Fake news
Slick Rock (6 days ago)
AKzebraMiner (1 day ago)
Slick Rock ?
Henry Daya (6 days ago)
Very cool
Demo rats (6 days ago)
Cnn is fake news.
ScarFaceDan (18 hours ago)
Fox is fake news m8
Christan Lopez (1 day ago)
Can you just stfu if you don't like it then leave nobody will miss you
Ayush B (2 days ago)
God damn Donald trump is everywhere.
Return of Zeus (5 days ago)
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RashaadRahh (6 days ago)
Greg Caesar (6 days ago)
It looks wonderful!
Orange Cheetolini (6 days ago)
So everyone can’t afford this huh?
Noah Hathaway (6 days ago)
Connie Crawford (6 days ago)
Beach houses NEED to be designed to survive hurricanes; the cost to reconstruct non- hurricane survivable houses is astronomical and results in higher insurance rates for everyone.
Art Curious (23 hours ago)
Connie Crawford , everybody should petition their congressman or senators to mandate this because in the end everyone around the country ends up paying for it through tax funded disaster relief funds which are always in the billions. All homes should be concrete, 10 ft above sea level, with channels for water flow, and windows should be rated at 200mph.
Hacker Vandon (6 days ago)
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Elon Mušk (6 days ago)
Looks really nice, but I would rather live where hurricanes do not hit.
cap'n sean (2 days ago)
+R.C. Staab also on SJ shore. We built 14' above flood and hurricane graded/bolted roof. Pass throughs in foundation, etc. But most honest part of designing my house and of your philosophy - "we can only do what we do and mother nature will take back what she will". There's a price to pay to have the best sunrise and sunset on earth with amazing memories and perfect beach days. Cheers
That's most of the South and Eastern coast.
R.C. Staab (6 days ago)
Don't you live in earthquake country.? At least we get a warning. (and hello from your old Zip2 days)

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