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Connor Murphy Trains at Planet Fitness

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Text Comments (16552)
snoxbox (4 hours ago)
What a stupid looking hairdo
chupa kabra (12 hours ago)
I bet ur still a virgin that y u work out in gyms trying to hook up with chicks but end up finding out she got a man
Jennifer Gilchrist (13 hours ago)
Sorry I use to go to gold gym. They have the same equipment as planet fitness besides a pool
Aditya Singh (15 hours ago)
That girl at 2:14 looking at him
mUsIcAl tRaSh (1 day ago)
His name is *actually* Conner Murphy?
Tom Brockhoff (1 day ago)
Doc Lee (1 day ago)
What is on your head? Is that hair? Looks like a dollar store wig. You can’t afford hair, bro?
Gracie eaton (1 day ago)
Wow you just bashed planet fitness and everyone who goes there... Thanks👍👍
Ali Raying (1 day ago)
biggest flop on utube
monir dz (1 day ago)
Name of this song Gay's???
Richard Malagar (2 days ago)
Mns607 Al olyiny (2 days ago)
هاذا المعضل خكري مايع
robvaldy1 (2 days ago)
Mas puto!
Tom Au (2 days ago)
I have been going to Planet Fitness gym for atleast 5yrs now. I must say I love this gym. $10 a month you just can't beat the price and the variety of different machines are a lot too.
Justin Rogers (2 days ago)
Hey what is your shred routine?
Justa Fied (3 days ago)
Vanity look at me I'm just it I'm superman.
Justa Fied (3 days ago)
Typical in men who have serious vanity me me me problems.
Manny Watson (3 days ago)
Still showing off. When will he notice that he is a two-timer because he asked for all of their numbers to date...
Peyton Petty (3 days ago)
What a show off
neo (4 days ago)
He's the type of dude to masturbate while looking at himself in the mirror.
The Gorn (4 days ago)
ChadLife4eva love it
Travis Odermatt (4 days ago)
I dont know of a gym that ever let you take your shirt off.
Travis Odermatt (4 days ago)
Get a hair cut like a man!
Sajid Ahmed (4 days ago)
Bro u r amazing
Joshua_Playz (4 days ago)
Tom Gurung (4 days ago)
3:31 the guy was really afraid 😂😂😂😂
dubrob210 (5 days ago)
No ones even paying attention to you. Get over yourself
Richard Shortridge (6 days ago)
Arrogant pro hockey star
Straight savage Films (6 days ago)
Your a loser
Einnnz Annnz (6 days ago)
This guy is so Boastful,not only you had a beautiful figure into this Planet "Who do you think you are...Lol"😂 Hymmmm"...
yuh (6 days ago)
No homo bro, but tbh i will stare at this dude
Joe M (6 days ago)
Dude. You wearing a wig?
Skyee (6 days ago)
3:28 da fuq isnhe curling air? Too light
Alex Hall (7 days ago)
The douche is strong in this one
Daniël De Craecker (7 days ago)
I am 30 y o, it is to late for me to train like that..
Bro he’s such a bitch
lemon lim (8 days ago)
Connor would be the guy that faps by looking at his own photo
SpyderRios (8 days ago)
I got told my shirt was showing too much at planet fitness. I wrote a bad review and the manager was fired the next day. Now everyone there loves me
Ancap2112 (9 days ago)
3:28 Look at the dude just yanking the girl away, what a weasel. She would probably never dump him just because she was surprised by some super aesthetic dude, but she would (and should) definitely dump him for being such a controlling weasel with no confidence at all. He even tries to turn her face away, so pathetic.
Legit Madman Gaming (9 days ago)
proble to busy laughing at what ever kind of hair cut that is. looks like a chia pet sitting on ur head
Dixy Dust (9 days ago)
3:41 is it normal to walk like that. Did u just let a dumbell fell down and hit ur dick. Just saying...
Md Ahtesham (10 days ago)
Orinidas (10 days ago)
You should probably lose that dead animal on your head. I am surprised you weren't kick out for animal abuse.
Reyes Garcia (10 days ago)
2:22 he has a big body but small head
Ethan Deane (11 days ago)
Looks like somebody skipped leg day………
Kris Jonson (13 days ago)
LOL at the 3:28 mark. connor gave the young lady a eye full. -lol. that was too funny.
Space _Lemon (13 days ago)
you are lieing
Fabrício (14 days ago)
Oia la, o cara malha pra pega mulher kkkkkkklkkk
Franklin To (14 days ago)
Judgement free zone? Looks like gain free zone to me. 😂
Jeremiah Shelton (15 days ago)
They give you pizza lmao haha
tuxedoefrog Moore (15 days ago)
U should go bald
Reasons to Roam (15 days ago)
You're such a duech.
Kieran Ord (16 days ago)
You walk like your a gangster. Show off
Mark Winchester (16 days ago)
Partial DLs on the smith? Jeez no words needed.
Xxx All the way (16 days ago)
He juices
Richard Alonso (17 days ago)
Mr Shambles (17 days ago)
This dude is so pathetic fucking halarious he thinks he is so good but looks like a complete moron... and everyone is just embarrassed for you....
Jorge Reyes (18 days ago)
all good.. if they don't like it.. don't look.. im fatby the way.
The GoPro Kid (18 days ago)
Show off
Angel Perez (16 days ago)
The GoPro Kid If you got it flaunt it
Jaime Torres (19 days ago)
Jealousy 3:31 LoL I don't look like him but I've had guys pull their girls away from me 2
Trip Drip_roblox (19 days ago)
This dude is not so strong that he think he is
Tyson Danh (20 days ago)
What happens when you skip leg day. Smh
Galaxy (20 days ago)
Taking off your shirt and flexing and looking at your own physique was a bit much bud
Sam Aily (20 days ago)
Bitch !!! I hope you are not considering yourself as a bodybuilder.
Hugo Quinn (20 days ago)
@Connor Murphy 3:29 is a douchebag move. don't be proud of that. i am aesthetic too but i don't show off and i saw you taking pride of that situation in another video. i hope you get into situation hypothetical to that and you feel insecure. in simple word let karma slap you.
youthdom (21 days ago)
I feel so bad for the girl’s boyfriend.
Mac Kobalt (21 days ago)
Put them bitties away
Jahz D (22 days ago)
3:28 - Why is she so smol? :3
Dominic Flory (22 days ago)
Keith Rowe (22 days ago)
Keep lifting Connor, you’ll get there someday!
Giko (22 days ago)
3:28 M.StealyuorGirl
Johnathon Spade (22 days ago)
Your planet fitness has a vertical smith??? Wtf? Mine only has slanted. It locks your range of motion. Dam you lucky.
Radiant Noro (25 days ago)
Chu Vie (26 days ago)
Dude...you have a pretty face...but your body upper body is too much...🤔
Trent the beast (27 days ago)
My last name is Murphy to
Riley Smith (27 days ago)
Girls: it’s what’s on the inside that counts Also girls: omg he is so ripped and tall and hot
alex mcdermott (28 days ago)
Nice the one thing they don't want in the gym
Anderson Caipe (29 days ago)
What a dick lol
Jesus Henao (29 days ago)
Que hp men tan visajoso.
Alijah Yashar (29 days ago)
I disagree that Planet Fitness is for people who don't wanna be in the gym. It's an affordable starting point for beginners. Just because they offer people pizza doesn't mean I'm dumb enough to eat it. I respect bodybuilders out here like Mike Rashid, Zac Perna and others, but it's an unfair generalization to say all of what you said. I'm not a hater, and I do think Planet Fitness is flawed and hella judgmental towards cats who are out here putting on muscle mass. But don't make generalizations about the people who use PF to atleast try changing their lifestyle.
Ulick McGee (29 days ago)
Arrogant cunt
Rahmat Noh (29 days ago)
Show off
no name (30 days ago)
Mark Wilson (30 days ago)
He here
Mark Wilson (30 days ago)
Round rock no way
Legal Cake (30 days ago)
He is pretty full of himself but hes right planet fitness is a disgrace of a gym
David2ly Lol (30 days ago)
3:30 Girl:Omg... Husband:oh no no no cmon let’s go no look look.
Sam Orlowski (30 days ago)
10 dollars a month? Screw that I’m getting amazon prime
Manny Ng (30 days ago)
I like your muscles Connor murphy
Clutch_ Shotgun (30 days ago)
So you’re just goin to flex 🤔🤨
Shadow Knight (1 month ago)
Dude why do you think your all that, there’s no point to make people feel bad 😂 you’re pathetic
Manny Sigal (1 month ago)
Why not free supplements
Alex Akehurst (1 month ago)
He is so puchable
rana tawk (1 month ago)
Fuck shit
Australian Kangaroo (1 month ago)
I used to watch him when he only had less then 100k subs but after that i stopped watching him. This is one of the vids i remember watching its jsut not interesting for me but i like that dudes smile.
Brady Walden (1 month ago)
This fuck head is just trying to make himself feel good hence the reason this dick head started flexing in front of people who still didn’t give a shit about him
Ryan Thor (1 month ago)
Stop showing off and flashing
Gozde Eslik (1 month ago)

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