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OPENING the latest edition (issue 28) of Royal Life Magazine 2017

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In this video we will be OPENING the latest edition (issue 28) of Royal Life Magazine. This is just an illustrative reaction opening to show you guys what a fantastic magazine Royal Life is. This video is not sponsored by Royal life, I am merely telling you and sharing with you what I like from personal experience. Please enjoy this overview video of the latest edition. Thank you for watching this video, if you have enjoyed it then please leave a 'like,' comment and share on social media. Don't forget to subscribe for all the latest uploads. Royal_Reviewer on (Instagram) - Exclusive Content http://royalreviewer.blogspot.co.uk/ 'follow' on https://twitter.com/royal_reviewer 'like' on https://www.facebook.com/RoyalReviewerUK
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Text Comments (9)
Samora Perez (2 months ago)
Good day Elliot you look smart 😊
ndoris (1 year ago)
Thanks! I was wandering if you will do another quick review. now I can decide to buy it or not.
Royal Reviewer (1 year ago)
It's very good, I'd recommend.
Debe Holt (1 year ago)
I'm SOO glad that there seems to be more and more people using Catherine's real name. Her name IS NOT Kate.
Royal Reviewer (1 year ago)
+Debe Holt I can't stand the use of 'Kate' it's popular though to call her that in the media. I obviously don't conform lol
Cotterill (1 year ago)
Great review, thank you. I used to get this excellent magazine regularly but my newsagent doesn't have it any more, much to my sorrow. I checked about a subscription and was shocked to see that it costs £39.99 and comes out monthly which makes it roughly £6.66 an issue which is really expensive. I'm still thinking about it!
Elaine Bines (1 year ago)
I'm like the correct name - Katherine (not sure if that's correct spelling) 🎀 the book I read and couldn't put down was autobiography of our Queen a modern monarch by Sally bedell Smith
dana-zoe gest (1 year ago)
dana-zoe gest (1 year ago)
Really, you keep up to date with your Royal Life Videos - and always have a great selection of Photographs. I just learned that the Royals public Life with Charities was something started by Prince Albert to show that the Monarchy cared for the Citizens of the U.K. . Oh, the dress from Alexander McQueen was really beautiful.

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