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JELLY GUMMY BEAR ► https://goo.gl/TmjSDa We are sure that many of you know something about our planet's past. Dinosaurs, huge meteorites, ancient architectural monuments... information about these things is available to everyone. But have you ever wondered what will happen to our planet in the future? Many modern scientists have been concerned about this issue for several decades. Fortunately, their knowledge help us make predictions not only for the next few years, but also for the coming decades. In today's video, we are going on a trip to the future, and we are gonna see what changes will take place on our planet in the next 10,000 years.
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Jayden Braaf (54 minutes ago)
im too younge to dio I mean died
Television TV (3 hours ago)
I’ll freeze my self like fry in futurama
Tanielu Failauga (3 hours ago)
2019 fortnite died :(
Television TV (4 hours ago)
Well 2029 let’s pray we don’t become like the dinosaur
Television TV (4 hours ago)
Well 2029 let’s pray we don’t become like the dinosaur
Colton Wes (5 hours ago)
We are trying to become the Gods we know we are
Kimmi Setiawan (8 hours ago)
In 20000 Chernobyl will be safe
Caleb Vande Garde (8 hours ago)
how dose a you tuber know 10000 yrs into the future
Aoi Ryugoku (10 hours ago)
I don't want to die........
Army Of Enderman R (11 hours ago)
Your videos are more exciting than anyone else lots of great info to😃
Taverka _ (12 hours ago)
Зайдите на канал Мастерская расположение, этак же лишь на российском...
cristina altobelli (13 hours ago)
Want to go back.....and be Neanderthal....again! Cx😨
Diego Chavez (14 hours ago)
How I believe this if we don't know what happens to YouTube #saveyouryoutube
Diego Chavez (14 hours ago)
Huh when u thought plastic was the only danger PEOPLE RICE IS MADE OF PLASTIC look it up on google
Diego Chavez (14 hours ago)
Anyone else thinking if there gonna be world peace
Diego Chavez (14 hours ago)
Ha then we live on Mars if there's a problem on Earth OK nope Earth is awesome
tadar jai (14 hours ago)
But still mesii is better than ronaldo..🤣🤣
batool haider (14 hours ago)
Pin me I dare you
Richard White (15 hours ago)
I read a book and movies will look like your in them i n real life no vr in2020
Ken Thorne (16 hours ago)
Moving to Mars, what a joke
Sebastián Falk (17 hours ago)
12:04 12.000 ?!?!
Jeremy Evans (19 hours ago)
In 10,000 years we will either be gods or we won't exist.
doge Lamborghini (19 hours ago)
I hope never of the bad things happen
TimPlayzGames (20 hours ago)
So we Will become like the sovereing in guardians of the galaxy
Cuyos Joshua (1 day ago)
i am scared lord please no
Mohamed Amrino (1 day ago)
i mean aktifetie
Mohamed Amrino (1 day ago)
How about the nuclear acitiefiachens
Lixxie Starcake (1 day ago)
0:29 "Were going on a trip-" Me: *"We're going on a trip with our favorite rocket ship! Going through the skies! Little Einstein!"*
RedPanda07 (1 day ago)
Dafne's Channel (1 day ago)
5:03 - 5:20 yea, you wait and see if the United States doesn't try to claim it for itself. 😒
Trap Music FM (1 day ago)
There is no point to go past 2029 if the meteorite will be 23459 miles away it will get attracted by gravity sadly go we only have 11 years more to live i am just 10 but i believe in heaven so im not that sad :/ Edit: I know im just making this worse but as well if meteorite somehow doesnt get attracted we will die by 2089 because the sun grows its mass every year so ye if meteorite doesnt get attracted we only have 71 years left to live by now (just if gravity lowers and meteorite wont be attracted , sorry for saying this so many times but anyway , After you finish all your highschool and other school related things #LiveLife4Ever
Ella Bella Emma (1 day ago)
Oh god no I’m to young to die hopefully that asteroid will pass like if you agree
C3SC (1 day ago)
You monos can’t go to the future so stop being so dumb
ray hnter (1 day ago)
Remember they said we would have flying cars 18 years ago these people are full of shit
Jimmy D (1 day ago)
take it with a grain of salt, passed 500~ that is speculation..
dominic ray (1 day ago)
I don’t to live to 2029 but I will plus since can not always know what happen in the future
dominic ray (1 day ago)
I can’t wait until 2050
Siem (1 day ago)
Sorry but I think it's really stupid to think that in the years 4000-5000 the physical human still exists...
Zuza Lovely (1 day ago)
I dont like the future
Videosfordays (1 day ago)
This wouldn’t happen if humans wouldn’t start wars and actually worked together to solve these problems
dyl pickel (1 day ago)
TheHunter 400 (1 day ago)
It is 13 minutes not 10
edward tait (1 day ago)
in 10k years ill be 10015 XD
Zawir Mr (1 day ago)
In 2100 hundred everyone will become one and drink beer together
ʀᴏsʏ ᴄʟᴀᴡs (2 days ago)
I don’t wanna die on 2029 :(
Audrey Turner (2 days ago)
I really don't think a big rock will hit us well I hope it will be my first year in high school
Richard Bonnette (2 days ago)
Please remember that all of this is entirely speculation. But we do love to dream strange and outrageously exciting discoveries! Most of it is entirely hypothesized, not at all expected. And some of these are actually scientific incorrect assumptions which may or may not take into account actual equilibriums and laws that prevent outrageous entropy. Most of these are just dumb and scary ideas which we dread and which make no real reasonable sense. Just to let you all remember.
Henri Nevermind (2 days ago)
The Scientific Movie Industry is a WINDOW into our FUTURE.
Andrea Soo (2 days ago)
this is so optimistic imao
Your Average Overlord (2 days ago)
Believe it or not, one person I met who went to Harvard told me, not claimed, that climate change is irrelevant, you may say NASA has evidence, but...where's your evidence?
Indigofl3xa :P (2 days ago)
This people haven't thought of Judgment day.
Indigofl3xa :P (2 days ago)
Africa has not been affected in any way yay!🤗🤗
Indigofl3xa :P (2 days ago)
When will we get powers when will the portable excelarator explode😡
jravi ndran (2 days ago)
Alex Sudarsana (2 days ago)
It is little lies anticrist leader
Yuki Takahiro (2 days ago)
If scientists solve those problems, It going to be really Weird to fly in a spaceship!
Brian reilly (2 days ago)
As long as the future doesn't have scarlet johannsen I'll be happy
Science didn'nt know but god knows better
FU2 AIDS (3 days ago)
I have done bad things.... things you couldn't imagine ever doing... I once put 5 ads on a ten minute video...
Sumeeth Vlogs (3 days ago)
Ummm dubai is having the creek tower which is going to be the tallest building of the world
Xano (4 days ago)
Don't you mean 10,000 YEARS INTO THE FUTURE IN 13 MINUTES? Fix the title.
ChrisSoulYT (4 days ago)
9:33 stranger things :D
Ethan-James W-Riverin (4 days ago)
It's a dume prank
IzzoHooD (4 days ago)
aah yes... youtube just won't be the same without another Apocalyptic video about our dramatic end....
Sybren Ruiven (4 days ago)
I like how this assumes no progress will be made in more efficient energy...
KimByronJr DeVilla (3 days ago)
In that long we will forget all the heros in all country
Rignie The Vegetarian (4 days ago)
in 10000 years... what would you expect? i know nothing about the future...
Steve Wiles (5 days ago)
BY 2050 we will have killed most of us off in another major war.
Dark Suns (5 days ago)
2018 + 10,000 = 10,000
Deshawn Saunders (5 days ago)
The clips in this were spot on. Great video!
Tana Dawson (5 days ago)
See yall in mars
Robert Nielsen (5 days ago)
ya right nano bots are making people sick , killing animals and all plant life!
Mike Madsen (5 days ago)
What's the movie at 12:35 called?
Park Preppers (5 days ago)
And at what point do apes take over the planet?
Mana Mehta (5 days ago)
what the hell is he speaking that moon will leave earths orbit if it would be such a thing then it would have happened by now
Sara Arvidsson (5 days ago)
WE need to save our planet! Someone with me?!! <3
Declan Thompson (4 days ago)
Jasmine (5 days ago)
*If anyone's wondering, the movie at the first clip is called Lucy*
Lesley Garcia (6 days ago)
I’ll be dead by 3000 so I’m not concerned
Netta Pooh (6 days ago)
Our water comes from the Hoover dam and if that runs out people will got to other countries making their water go down faster then we will not have water unless we boil the ocean boarder and make it unsalty water then run it through a filter then we can use it but we still have god and he is helping us, you never know when god will appear on earth uninvisible and give us more water or more fish in the ocean or food, you never know, just pray that earth will not come to an end and also pray for god. To be honest with you I dont think their is air in mars or water and if the population continues to grow... their may not be enough land for all of those people or if we transfer people to mars will their be enough unsalty water, second once their will be 100 of billions of people living in this univers, if we move to mars, then the next planet, then the next and we come to a new planet or another universe we might be able to make room for all of those people but... what about the sun, we only have 1 sun so... I dont know what will happen in the future but ok, and yes... we have more than 1 universe if you didnt know
dreamgamesroblox (6 days ago)
im sure that 10000 years later people will be lazy enough lol
adeline Arizona (6 days ago)
I am terrified I hope I die before 3000
Niklas (6 days ago)
No, artificial arms and legs will not come in 7000 years.._ they are soon here, and why talk about future food when we already got all what we know as body is artificial? And when we becoming immortal, we will of course not inrease in population, breeding is something we do cause we havent yet figured out how to stay alive. And we cannot have hapiness unless we have a body, cause hapiness is a physical mix of chemicals.. A natural drug. And drugs cant impossiibly be made of zeros and number one 111100100000100010
Claudia Elliott (6 days ago)
In 2020, Fortnite will take over the world, also this video just killed my soul.
Jasmine (5 days ago)
Fortnite is already dead by now
A boi (6 days ago)
Bob Cleetus (6 days ago)
Xano (4 days ago)
Then why make a comment?
Brandon Rivers (6 days ago)
In 10,000 years, things will be the same damn way. We have people who want to cling on to the past, and the way things look now, we may be headed for another Dark Ages, because our country is already run by religion.
Nate Stewart (6 days ago)
LikeMineLie (6 days ago)
well according to maths this is not 10,000 years to the future its 7982
As a Pacific islander i thank every western countries!!!
Stephen Muth (6 days ago)
In 1968, when I was 4, an amazing movie called 2001 came out, depicting a future conceived by an otherwise brilliant man (Arthur C Clarke) where we had techied our way out of oblivion and had all kinds of space travel. We now know how that turned out. The timeline of the near future is laughable at best. We'll have colonies on Antarctica before we have them on Mars (which will be never). If we had a planetary nuclear holocaust, it would still be easier to live in it than it would be to "colonize" space. The shit's a fantasy. We might make a few stabs at it, sure... but those expensive suicide missions will quickly go out of vogue when people get tired of paying for them. And we'll be stuck right here, as always. Except a little more poor for trying. Even with fusion machines... our genomes will eventually get fried out there, and we'll be doomed to die out. The problems are that difficult.
R. Evans no .4 (7 days ago)
Click hate
R. Evans no .4 (7 days ago)
Fake movie scenes like if u agree
Mike Murphy (7 days ago)
I would love to be immortal🤔
Nelp Perez (7 days ago)
Me traumaste ahora lloro
T-Roy sttroy (7 days ago)
Good stuff
Wolves Will Stop PZ (7 days ago)
Oh great, MAZE runner is gonna happen..isn't it..
Wolves Will Stop PZ (7 days ago)
Shoot I'm dead....
Justin Hill (7 days ago)
I just hope bullet-proof puncture-resistant paper-thin minimalist sneakers become mainstream by 2030. They will come in toe sneaker and classic sneaker varieties.
ba kheg (8 days ago)
a photocopy of movies
Johnny Lee Ray (8 days ago)
Good thing I'll be dead before the horrible future happens

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