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Oracle Tutorial 1 - Part 3

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This video shows you have to check your Oracle 11g install to make sure everything is installed correctly. You will also see how to access the SQL*Plus Window, Login and create your first table. SQL syntax and language will be discussed in the next lecture.
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Text Comments (51)
Dakila Lozano (11 months ago)
why it doesn't show the table properly? on sql command line? the columns are not aligned
rashed khan (1 year ago)
where are all the videos
Aaron Cauchi (1 year ago)
Hi Ms Hecker, very useful lectures. Can you be so kind as to send me the link to the next lecture after this one?, that is, Lecture 4 where you will use primary keys, link tables, etc?
Aniruddho Sanyal (1 year ago)
Hi - this is a great video.  Just what I needed. But where can I find parts 1 and 2 or the powerpoints that you mention. On this account I can see other Oracle videos but those are somewhat unrelated it seems.  I need videos that you might have that are hands on with SQL plus.
cherry singh (2 years ago)
my account got locked!! ....tell me what to do??
mna bm123 (2 years ago)
Hi..Thanks a lot for this tut..can u plz let me know wats wrong wit the below command SQL> CREATE TYPE t_experience AS OBJECT(CompanyName varchar2(20),Position varcha r2(20),NoOfYears number(2)); 2 3 4 Thanks in advance
nur awadah ismail (2 years ago)
your explaination is good <3 can i ask? how can i import json file into oracle table? surely i dont want to manually update from json into oracle, one by one. i just want to import the whole file. coz from time to time, the json file will be automatically update by itself. #notgoodinenglish
American Citizen (2 years ago)
Very good video for the novice. Thank you!
Sudheer Reddy (2 years ago)
13 minutes waste of time fuck off............................
kasireddy srikanth (2 years ago)
U wasted my time. Delete this before going to waste others time.......
Anahí Peña (2 years ago)
You take too much time to explain a simple thing.
jayesh hati (2 years ago)
can you plz explain where to download this Oracle OraDb11g_home1 software ??
Kapil khatiwoda (3 years ago)
thank you
Shravan Kumar (3 years ago)
"clear screen;" command to clear the screen.
Ulysses Moore (3 years ago)
Great tutorial for beginners.
Kevin Boodram (4 years ago)
Very helpful but I was wondering if there was a part 4?
Aady Aadil (4 years ago)
nice tutorial i loved the way you explained and the most awesome was when citylist not found and you made that g.o.t sound ta tata ta haha nice one and nice explanation too am new in it
SELVI saranya (4 years ago)
nice video
Ramesh H (4 years ago)
how to find the database address,database servicename in Oracle 11g
tnsping database
mam Goran (4 years ago)
thanks but I tried to create table as you did but at the end of number 5( zipcode number(5) unique>; ) I do enter give me error message and says(ERROR at line 1; ORA-00922: missing  or invalid option) , could you please help to know what is this error and how i can fix to continue with your videos to learn oracle program? thanks in advance
Vission Oronno (4 years ago)
nice and informative video. thanks a lot..
Harsh Sav (4 years ago)
Not intended to insult you: Please talk less yet providing the most important information. I found losing interest in listening to you. Sorry
Rajan Vaishnav (5 years ago)
thanks a lot
dhunsyam daji (5 years ago)
thanks really helped really simple and showed common errors thanks for helping me get started
GeekyMushroom (5 years ago)
Connect AS SYSDBA; it then asked me for my user name, I typed system as the user name and the next it asks for is password, and this is the password you type. This will allow you to follow along with Barbara.
GeekyMushroom (5 years ago)
You may have same version as me, the express version, It did ask for password during install, just not the same window as Barbara had, or you installed this before and the password was already there. If that is the case uninstall it completly and reinstall, paying attention for password window. To follow along with Barbara, I had to goto my oracle programs menu, select option to start database, then I selected program to start SQL command Line. I typed in this command:
GeekyMushroom (5 years ago)
Thank you for posting your video. When I searched for 11g, I ended up with express version I don't have all the same options in my programs menu. Are you using a full version of the program or have the now only release an express version. [email protected]
RohiT YeraM (5 years ago)
Thank you for this video.
Jane McCoy (5 years ago)
Thank you for this video. I am giving up. There is something wrong with mine. I never saw a window where it asked for a password. I'll learn something esle.
Jane McCoy (5 years ago)
I got everything installed, however, it never asked me to enter the password. Now, I can't access to it. Is there anyway that we can get it reset?
Jason Bourne (5 years ago)
Do not download Oracle application, un-istalling it is a NIGHTMARE.
mohsen abdullah (5 years ago)
how do I see what is in the table, without all the information showing vertically, I tried, select * from Customer; <- this shows all the information verticallly so I want the information showin in columns and order.
Barbara Hecker (6 years ago)
I have an entire Oracle Playlist on this channel. I'm not sure where to find other videos but a simple Google search should produce some.
Bhuwan Thanet (6 years ago)
how can i find other tutorial of this video
Benjamin Drury (6 years ago)
Great Tutorial. I wish there was a part 4. Has anyone found anything comparable to this lovely instruction?
tuttirulla (6 years ago)
Part 4 would be appreciated.
Hatem shnshn (6 years ago)
Perfect videos, really helpful, I hope you continue in this series.
chaoyang fan (6 years ago)
where is the next video?
labpluto123 (6 years ago)
Great video! Definitely helped a lot. By the way, where do I find the powerpoint slides you mentioned? Thanks!
rana jamil Ahmed (6 years ago)
this very nice video so must watch it i got lots of knowledge so i love it thanks
Moha Ahmed (7 years ago)
@MidMeOn yes i can because you did not set your oracle_sid type set oracle_sid=database name in cmd
Moha Ahmed (7 years ago)
to start your oracle service in windows environment type net start oracleservice... where dots are your database name to connect type set oracle_sid=database name if you are connecting from cmd you dont need a listener but if u dont type lsnrctl start in cmd this should start your listener
Moha Ahmed (7 years ago)
cl screen
fishcious333333 (7 years ago)
What is the title of the next video in the series?
Amit Rana (7 years ago)
very very nice video........that's really a privilege to watch this one............nice work :)
ad set (7 years ago)
I believe that the date was just the current date and the "Production" was a part of the title.
leo874life (7 years ago)
Im using vista oracle 11.2g express. So it might not be the same but think you made a mistake. if you dont get that log in screen you have to type in connect, then it will ask for a user-name. and password
Michael Angelo Rayco (7 years ago)
@MidMeOn i get the same error!
micro mac (7 years ago)
i got this error can you explian why i get this : ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
Sangeen Khan (7 years ago)
nice ,,,, thanks

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