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Ellen's Favorite Funny Ladies: Amy Schumer

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If anyone knows how to describe the challenges of eating popcorn, it's Amy Schumer. The comedian shared this and a lot of other funny anecdotes when she visited Ellen this season, and it was too good to enjoy only once.
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Edd Valdez (3 days ago)
I'm actually glad Amy doesn't read these comments online. She's an amazing comedian and she deserves a better audience than all these haters
em li (5 days ago)
look how ellen lets her guest talk and actually listens
Hussein Kassir (5 days ago)
The only time Ellen laughed that hard was when Gladys Told Her “ I love Jesus but I drink a little “ 😂
Tara Mega (7 days ago)
Love her
Medea Endor (9 days ago)
What does she mean with UTI?
Riley Glenn (10 days ago)
lol the comments are so moderated, all praise for amy schumer
Pabisha Chatterjee (11 days ago)
Just amazing
Sumit Menaria (12 days ago)
The Amazing Amy!!
OGTommy187 Gaming (13 days ago)
Cause she’s been caught stealing jokes REPEATEDLY
Roxana Romero (14 days ago)
I love when ellen laughs
Annie Gueveneux (17 days ago)
Read her book! Amy made me laught, cry
TDB11 (27 days ago)
Here 8k before 10 million views
Mike Ock (28 days ago)
What type of Whale is this.
Roxana Romero (28 days ago)
Ellen was in tears ... So she must be pretty funny 😂😂😂
Julia Zhou (1 month ago)
LMAOO “it’s like taking one Advil at a time”
Chef praneet (1 month ago)
11 mins of laughter
Susan Brogan (1 month ago)
Love hearing Ellen laugh! Amy Schumer is hilarious!
Melissa Nobile (1 month ago)
Omg, Amy was hilarious as always. Love her. Huge fan of the Ellen show too.
Jacob Boyce (1 month ago)
She literally stole Ellen's popcorn joke and said it to her on her own show...wow...go watch her stand up Here and Now
Tiajung Jamier (1 month ago)
I wish I could make Ellen laugh like that.
Paul Fisher (1 month ago)
amy is very funny!!
Svethlana Gallage (1 month ago)
I feel like Amy doesn't even realise how funny she is. Like while everyone is laughing, she just continues her story hahahaha love her so much. She is a natural <3
nonya business (1 month ago)
Her arms are actually pretty toned for there size...I wish I had arms that toned...mine flap lol!
Amy is my spirit animal 🤣🤣😆
Anthony Tyler (1 month ago)
I don't know this girl but she is hilarious to watch.
Lil Daaad (1 month ago)
“Oooh the jolly Irish grounds keeper “😂😂 I can relate
Moist Milkshake (1 month ago)
KABELO NOKO (1 month ago)
Hi Ellen i love you soooooooooooooooooo much from South Africa and i soooooo wish i could meet you.....come to South Africa sometime would love to seee uuu😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘you inspire me a lot.
Amit Rastogi (1 month ago)
Ellen laughs so hard and genuinely Amy is awesome
Amit Rastogi (1 month ago)
She's so nice
bbh (1 month ago)
Steve Long (1 month ago)
Amy sooner have you than the glee lass .
makarand parab (1 month ago)
Where is that video where amy stole Ellen's stand up joke about popcorn
Jameschung81 (1 month ago)
Amy is funny!!!! Love you Ellen!!!
Sylveon Eeveelutions (2 months ago)
Amy steals jokes... just saying
Bangtan Child (2 months ago)
Asterix-the-gang-member (2 months ago)
Amy Schumer is as funny as a dead baby* Edit: 4:47 That's Ellen's joke that Amy just stole and told right to Ellen's face
Almond Joy (1 month ago)
Gotta give Ellen credit for not calling her out right there. Lord knows I would have.
Sujay An (2 months ago)
Wow #amyschumer is just awesome.
Amy schumer is not funny for me, i dont know why 😔
Emily Pasillas (2 months ago)
This made me so freaking happy, Amy and Ellen are the best. Love you guys! :)
E M (2 months ago)
I love Amy! She is so funny. I just watched I Feel Pretty and it was a great movie.
Martin Z (2 months ago)
Amy is fine as hell im pissed she’s married now
Samuel Wilson (2 months ago)
Pauline 123 (2 months ago)
I just saw Your Video where you spoke about beeing sexual assulted. You are so strong and incredible ❤
Arturo Valdemar (2 months ago)
Why do a lot of people hate her? I find her hilarious.
Weinmonster Chicago (2 months ago)
I love how much Ellen is dying, but it’s just so embarrassing that Amy is straight up regurgitating her comedy routine... verbatim. Most of us have SEEN this material. It’s not a good look, just ripping off your own comedy, and not just hers, but the popcorn joke is actually infamous because ELLEN MADE THAT JOKE like back in 1992, you can look on YouTube. I guess Ellen forgot though since she thought it was hilarious...
Y EM (2 months ago)
All these feminist bitches tlk bout oh Amy is hilarious. Lol No she not. Keep it real. Aint gtta lie to kicc it fr smdh
GarethDaviesArt (2 months ago)
im gay but honestly im pretty in love with amy, like i would, and i kinda think i should
WoodyBoi (2 months ago)
Why are we laughing at Amy's misery
Misteaa Wooz (2 months ago)
I wish I had her personality. I want to be able to converse easily like her!
Abby Jacobs (2 months ago)
Actually Quinn's full name was Lucy Quinn Fabray. So for the correction but im a glee fanatic
Abby Jacobs (2 months ago)
Actually Quinn's full name was Lucy Quinn Fabray. So for the correction but im a glee fanatic
aa (2 months ago)
Why are there many comments seemed to defend Amy Schummer, insisted that she's done a great thing (which actually nothing more but her job, by basically said: Look, Ellen laughing her asses off, Amy's funny, isn't she?). Why do have to tell others that she's funny? Is she actually *that bad?*
Minh Lam (2 months ago)
I'm sitting on a toilet ellen hehe
Maxcalibur (2 months ago)
"I look like the dinosaur in the jeep in Jurassic Park! Just THFFFFFFF!" I was done, I was actually crying from laughing so much
Copyrighted (2 months ago)
Not a single smile on my face quality comedy everyone! *Claps*
Richarda Davis (2 months ago)
Amy is soooooooooooooooo underrated.
a real (2 months ago)
Fun fact about Ellen:she's very good at fake laugh
Javier Herrera (2 months ago)
I'm not a native English speaker so I don't get all Amy says however I'm crying just hearing the Ellen laughs🤣
Rose Mary (2 months ago)
Nice show :)
LXIX ΞΘ (2 months ago)
ah hi aaag high aaak i u ah hu hu - Ellen 2015
LXIX ΞΘ (2 months ago)
ek ek ak ak ahk
Dwi Ressyoktiana (2 months ago)
I love Amy
Kevin Knox (2 months ago)
Amy schumer stole Ellen’s joke then told it to Ellen. Amy Schumer says people who don’t find her funny women haters. Amy Schumer Netflix Special Was rated 1 star. AMY SCHUMER IS NOT FUNNY
DiscordedBraeburn (2 months ago)
Didn’t know Ellen liked the cringy version of Lisa Lampenelli impersonating Louis C.K.
Lilianna Jandová (3 months ago)
I have never seen this woman before but she is soooo funny. More women like her! 🙂😃
CARCRASHES (3 months ago)
Good luck for her husband
Rory Allan (3 months ago)
she used the exact same jokes on graham norton
Rory Allan (3 months ago)
she used the exact same jokes on graham norton
Eleven Words (3 months ago)
Ellen's laughter is contagious !!!
dhruba intisher (3 months ago)
LMFAO she's truly legit!
Malika Sen (3 months ago)
My legs are thinner than those arms?
Just AnAsian (3 months ago)
Ha that at risk chin bit got me
vivian mamboleo (3 months ago)
Ellen wasn't kidding when she said she sat back & Amy did the talking😂. She had a whole conversation by herself topic to topic 😭
N9ne Lives (3 months ago)
Amy’s Jokes are as sour as Charlie Sheens Magic Water
Danielle Voelkel (4 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ellen’s laugh makes this so much funnier
yann Bracegirdle (4 months ago)
this is epic .. amy is really fit gamer pee
Olivia Simpson (4 months ago)
She’s trying way too hard to be funny, god she is nothing compared to like Jennifer Lawrence.
Nikitkumar Rajput (4 months ago)
What is wrong with her "I" ....it's in every sentence...
purplealchemist (4 months ago)
I neer realized how hilarious she is XDD
Jodie Paxton (4 months ago)
Sithean (4 months ago)
When she got to the part about being the car dinosaur from Jurassic Park, I just flat-out laughed myself to damn death. Then watched it about 10 more times. 🤣
Salvador Escalona (4 months ago)
is that funny???
RAHUL ELSON (4 months ago)
Amy Schumer looks like a natural comedian soooooo funny
ak k (4 months ago)
Hahahahah 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 she dam funny 😆 I love 💕 her personality
Salwalishious AAJA (4 months ago)
i honestly don't think she is funny... i feel she is insulting her self.. that kinda disturbing.. i don't know it just me..
Nistha Shakya (4 months ago)
Amy and Shane Dawson should meet.
Katie M (4 months ago)
I don’t like her but lol 😂
Vuk Perović (4 months ago)
Ok, I know that some people acuse her of stealing jokes and I know she makes fun on her body and vagina all the time, but I honestly have fun watching these videos
Shakespeare's moneymaker (4 months ago)
For once and for all Dear Amy S., No one cares how fat or how not fat you are. FAT-BYE
Macey Murrell (4 months ago)
WTF, she's supposed to meet for LUCH?;  not HIGH_SPAde
Retoon (4 months ago)
Amy is absolutely not funny and blatantly steals jokes lol.
R. Glez. (4 months ago)
I really didn't like the way she said off, go, scram
Shaso Rashid (4 months ago)
She using dificult language i dont understand her sometimes
Lou Israël (4 months ago)
Ellen’s laugh is everything
Frodo H (4 months ago)
This was one of her stand up show which she does it sitting!
M C (4 months ago)
Mamita, I’m so all yours, omg I can not believe you are so amazing, can I ask you to make me yours for all may life, sooo nice to see this..... you all are the f g best
Ocean Gage (4 months ago)
Hahaha I love this one
A Van (4 months ago)
Amy Schumer is a COW and a nasty Cow at that. Her new husband should Run and Run as FAST as he can. Who in their right mind would marry an Uneducated Cow
Mustbe Venus (4 months ago)
She's so incredibly hilarious but she's making fun of herself too much. Hope she's not hiding depression and lack of self acceptance as many comedians do.
Vilen Everett (4 months ago)
Funny Amy huh

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