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Ellen's Favorite Funny Ladies: Amy Schumer

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If anyone knows how to describe the challenges of eating popcorn, it's Amy Schumer. The comedian shared this and a lot of other funny anecdotes when she visited Ellen this season, and it was too good to enjoy only once.
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Text Comments (1527)
Jajackboss (1 day ago)
I would eat her
Arash Sh (1 day ago)
Her jokes are now more relatable
Mini Ferrari (1 day ago)
Who is the person who laugh so hard that it sounds like a duck??
monamour simpson (4 days ago)
Amy schumer is the best
creator (7 days ago)
She likes being sexually harrassed? What an idiot.
My Channels (8 days ago)
She has a lot of problems but this make her special 😃 Also remember she works with captain marvel 😎
Mariya Fahad (9 days ago)
only likes her because she is a blonde like her, nothing funny about this interview
M G (12 days ago)
Nicki (13 days ago)
Probably the only interview where she was actually funny
God Sent Me (15 days ago)
Not funny
Just Clem (16 days ago)
she copied ellens popcorn joke and told the popcorn joke to ellen, less funny
Patricia Loaiza (16 days ago)
Ellen just you and me, because I am for Amy, kate and Goldie
Rebeca VillegasM (16 days ago)
Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes, Jennifer Lawrence and Sarah Paulson make Ellen laugh alot!!!!
rashmi jadon (16 days ago)
Love fron india
Ricardo Viera (16 days ago)
lol! really funny interview
alexandra duszko (17 days ago)
Amy is hella funny!
Laura Leahy (17 days ago)
Stephanie Shores (18 days ago)
Her popcorn joke seems very familiar to Ellen's popcorn joke in one of her stand ups 🤔
Tulasi Devi Dasi (18 days ago)
Amy Schumer 🤮
Slobodan Tosovic (19 days ago)
This is the obly funny thing Amy did.
Wackmysackplz Z (19 days ago)
Amy Schumer isn’t funny and that’s a fact
kerry yismaw (21 days ago)
This is my first time seeing this women and dame it I love her! She's funny!
Nancy Nazzaro (22 days ago)
I want that jumper
vivianna hinks (23 days ago)
It's better to jokingly humiliate yourself and make others laugh than to humiliate others and make them cry.
annette ndubi (23 days ago)
Ellen is outstanding I mean look @ this video its hilar tbh
Aesthetic Chill Child (25 days ago)
Amy is awesome! I've never seen ellen laugh like this! 😂
Shae Ruby (25 days ago)
“whats that octopus doing on sunset” i choked 😂😂😂😂
Ronnie Davis (25 days ago)
1 not funny
Dark Happiness (26 days ago)
Literally in 2019 & still come back & watch this interview
Angela Miller (1 month ago)
I have seen Ellen laugh. A LOT. Never have I seen her laugh as hard as she did during this segment.
Mia Davis (1 month ago)
This was pretty hilarious. ❤️Ellen.
Nathaniel Grokie (1 month ago)
So funny!!!!!
Toli Gradah (1 month ago)
That's sooo funny she is so cute and pretty ....i love when she makes ellen laugh so hard 😂
Bridget Hollen (1 month ago)
Omg funniest person ever what the heck
Jessica Gallant (1 month ago)
Wow this is sooo relatable. I have a new appreciation of Amy 😂😂😂❤️
She's a delight haha
Vanessa Berberi (1 month ago)
This is cringeworthy to say the least.
Ali D (1 month ago)
I LOVE HER I CANT ! Her and Ellen together ❤️
Ava Girnius (1 month ago)
Love amy
Mbuyoti Mwangala (1 month ago)
I totally love Amy 😍😍😍
Paulo Miguel Castro (1 month ago)
It’s 2019 and still watching this 🥳
PrimordialGods (1 month ago)
my spark is like hers lol .. hahah love it haha
Am I the only one that finds her really similar to Jennifer Lawrence
Faith M. (1 month ago)
OMG love them both! Amy is amazing! Can't believe Ellen laughed so much!
Samantha Silver (1 month ago)
She’s hilarious. I love her! 😂
Hlengiwe Zungu (1 month ago)
She's so funny here. It's my first time finding her funny
Sammie Af (1 month ago)
Angela Tabata (1 month ago)
Ellen's first HBO special she did a whole bit about eating popcorn in a dark movie theater
hansolo (1 month ago)
Ellens faking it big time. Kinda expected though 😂
Shawanda Ford (1 month ago)
OMG I'm at work in tears.. Thanks for this happy Friday..
Kyana Quintero (1 month ago)
It's dope that she can just sit back and let people do their thing
Kyana Quintero (1 month ago)
Ellen is so cuute
Sukai Jallow (1 month ago)
Hello ellen the generous keep it up....u r a ginous
Taufik Daraming Tahir (1 month ago)
"The only thing I've hosted so far is HPV!" I'm dying. :D
Bernadette S (1 month ago)
Train wreck is hilarious. Lebron and John Cena are both funny af!
javier mtz (1 month ago)
No Fear (1 month ago)
dam Amy your arms are HUGE
Edd Valdez (2 months ago)
I'm actually glad Amy doesn't read these comments online. She's an amazing comedian and she deserves a better audience than all these haters
em li (2 months ago)
look how ellen lets her guest talk and actually listens
Hussein Kassir (2 months ago)
The only time Ellen laughed that hard was when Gladys Told Her “ I love Jesus but I drink a little “ 😂
Tara Mega (2 months ago)
Love her
Medea Endor (2 months ago)
What does she mean with UTI?
Riley Glenn (2 months ago)
lol the comments are so moderated, all praise for amy schumer
Pabisha Chatterjee (2 months ago)
Just amazing
Sumit Menaria (2 months ago)
The Amazing Amy!!
Tom McCabe (2 months ago)
Cause she’s been caught stealing jokes REPEATEDLY
Annie Gueveneux (2 months ago)
Read her book! Amy made me laught, cry
TDB11 (3 months ago)
Here 8k before 10 million views
Mike Ock (3 months ago)
What type of Whale is this.
Emma M (1 month ago)
No whale, just Amy ❤️
Julia Zhou (3 months ago)
LMAOO “it’s like taking one Advil at a time”
Chef praneet (3 months ago)
11 mins of laughter
Susan Brogan (3 months ago)
Love hearing Ellen laugh! Amy Schumer is hilarious!
Melissa Nobile (3 months ago)
Omg, Amy was hilarious as always. Love her. Huge fan of the Ellen show too.
Jacob Boyce (3 months ago)
She literally stole Ellen's popcorn joke and said it to her on her own show...wow...go watch her stand up Here and Now
Tiajung Jamier (3 months ago)
I wish I could make Ellen laugh like that.
Paul Fisher (3 months ago)
amy is very funny!!
Svethlana Gallage (3 months ago)
I feel like Amy doesn't even realise how funny she is. Like while everyone is laughing, she just continues her story hahahaha love her so much. She is a natural <3
nonya business (3 months ago)
Her arms are actually pretty toned for there size...I wish I had arms that toned...mine flap lol!
BEANZZ LABORATORY (3 months ago)
Amy is my spirit animal 🤣🤣😆
Anthony Tyler (3 months ago)
I don't know this girl but she is hilarious to watch.
Lil Daaad (3 months ago)
“Oooh the jolly Irish grounds keeper “😂😂 I can relate
Moist Milkshake (3 months ago)
KABELO NOKO (3 months ago)
Hi Ellen i love you soooooooooooooooooo much from South Africa and i soooooo wish i could meet you.....come to South Africa sometime would love to seee uuu😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘you inspire me a lot.
Amit Rastogi (3 months ago)
Ellen laughs so hard and genuinely Amy is awesome
Amit Rastogi (3 months ago)
She's so nice
bbh (3 months ago)
Steve Long (3 months ago)
Amy sooner have you than the glee lass .
makarand parab (3 months ago)
Where is that video where amy stole Ellen's stand up joke about popcorn
Jameschung81 (4 months ago)
Amy is funny!!!! Love you Ellen!!!
Sylveon Eeveelutions (4 months ago)
Amy steals jokes... just saying
Bangtan Child (4 months ago)
Asterix-the-gang-member (4 months ago)
Amy Schumer is as funny as a dead baby* Edit: 4:47 That's Ellen's joke that Amy just stole and told right to Ellen's face
Almond Joy (4 months ago)
Gotta give Ellen credit for not calling her out right there. Lord knows I would have.
Sujay An (4 months ago)
Wow #amyschumer is just awesome.
Amy schumer is not funny for me, i dont know why 😔
Emily Pasillas (4 months ago)
This made me so freaking happy, Amy and Ellen are the best. Love you guys! :)
E M (4 months ago)
I love Amy! She is so funny. I just watched I Feel Pretty and it was a great movie.
Martin Z (4 months ago)
Amy is fine as hell im pissed she’s married now
Samuel Wilson (4 months ago)
Pauline 123 (4 months ago)
I just saw Your Video where you spoke about beeing sexual assulted. You are so strong and incredible ❤
Arturo Valdemar (4 months ago)
Why do a lot of people hate her? I find her hilarious.

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