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Islamic Art Gallery Views with Commentary by Sheila Canby and Navina Haidar

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Footage of the New Galleries for Islamic Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, with commentary by curators Sheila Canby and Navina Haidar. Produced by the Digital Media Department Director: Christopher Noey Camera: Wayne De La Roche, Jessica Glass, Sam Henriques Editor: Jessica Glass Lighting Design: Ned Hallick Sound: Jessica Glass Dolly Grip: Kelly Richardson Production Assistants: Corinne Colgan, Sarah Cowan, Kate Farrell, Robin Schwalb
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iulian ispas (5 months ago)
Who can be Islamic gallery when most of the items are few thousand years old then the rediculous Islamic religion?
Radim Mynář (5 months ago)
orient culture is interesting and beautiful, I would like to travel at Fes in Marocco, for me one of the most cultural centre of arabic art
boaserpent (5 months ago)
me too. fes is also on my to do list. city of world records.
Launa Banauna (5 months ago)
How quickly do you expect people to read?! Could you allow any/and all of the informational “writing” to remain just a few seconds longer on the screen, so that the audience could actually read what it says. Thank you.
Indian Currency (8 months ago)
Nick R. T. (11 months ago)
"Regardless of what's happening now in the world. That people will understand how many good things were produced in this place over many centuries" wow
NeonsStyle (11 months ago)
Stunning art of Islam is always a delight. Such a shame you didn't give the video the love it deserves and make it true HD (1080p minimum please)! So much of the detail of these works is lost to the YouTube fuzzies.
iulian ispas (5 months ago)
Is nothing there Islamic as the items are much older then the brain washiing islamic religion You can call them persian, sumerian but Islamic never Islam don't promote art and all this tradition of crafts are long time ago lost
Kuriakose and Manju Parel (11 months ago)
A marvellous and very important experience esp. today. Manju and Kuriakose
Rafael Alcantara (1 year ago)
Simply wonderful.
Ingrid Coke (1 year ago)
Great documentary.
408Magenta (1 year ago)
What an idiotic comment made by Canby!! Irrespective of what is going on in the world? Islamic art is second to none and I think I would have been happier hearing Ms. Haidar throughout. Canby does a disservice to the beauty here.
iulian ispas (5 months ago)
Islamic art don't exist as the items are older then the Islam religion is oriental art with persian , sumerian influence
408Magenta (2 years ago)
SUPERB!!! Truly superb.
Lone Farer (3 years ago)
Marvelous things of Islamic Golden Age!! Inspired lot....
Mannan (4 years ago)
Marvellous and Spactacular.
gulfreen butt (5 years ago)
Ben Jerry (6 years ago)
Pretty things does not make art, a chippendale writing desk is a beautiful thing but its not art. So none of this is art.
Nick R. T. (11 months ago)
Art vs crafts
Bernard McAvoy (1 year ago)
Ben Jerry So what is your definition of art? A few splodges of paint on a canvas , I suppose ; and then you will spend the next year wetting yourself with excitement over it. The traditional view is any handiwork done finely is art. What we see in this video is dfinitely art.
marijen marie (1 year ago)
Khaled Saleh (6 years ago)
right! it is not
joweria maqsood (6 years ago)
9:28 this is not part of Islamic Art!!
iulian ispas (5 months ago)
Nothing on planet is not islamic art is oriental persian , sumerian, and Hindu All items shown are 1000 years older then the rediculous Islamic religion witch is only 600 yo Islam don't promote art blow with dinamite all ancient sites
joweria maqsood (6 years ago)
9:28 this is not part of Islamic A!!!
William So (7 years ago)
Very Good!!!!!!
Sam Henriques (7 years ago)
Beautiful footage.
Berdj Achdjian (7 years ago)
at 10:25 same the Karatchov large medallion carpet on the wall is typical of the works of art of textile art which has been produced by Armenian Villageous person in the 19th century. By the way is the title of these new galleries Islamic Art ... well chosen ? several works of art as the Bidri or the following miniature from different religion than the Islamic one. I deeply respect Islam, but as weel I deeply respect, too, historical truth. What do you do with Zoroastrian works of Art ?
Berdj Achdjian (7 years ago)
at 1:20 The bas-relief is for sure either Armenian origin either from an Armenian model of bas relief (two fishes = christianity) + the 2 birds with human figures are exactly those which are communly figured on Armenian Gospels + the Grenade tree which used to be a symbol or symbolic motive of Armenian Royal or Prince families. The Grenade is even today one of the most familiar symbols of Armenia.

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