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Tips for using Big Background stamps

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Stampin'UP! has a great selection of large background stamps that are sized to cover a traditional A2 greeting card (surface 4.25" x 5.5")  This video will share some simple tips for getting great coverage & using these stamps. After watching use these links to request a catalog, join my team, follow me, contact me. SHOP - http://bit.ly/2jQtgKp Request a CATALOG - http://bit.ly/2AexBgM Join My Mailing LIST - http://bit.ly/2jQtgKp Follow Me On Facebook - http://bit.ly/2kqB4lI JOIN MY TEAM - https://remarkablycreated.com/join-save/ HOST AN EVENT - http://bit.ly/2C5neNu
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Text Comments (28)
Mary Fuller (1 month ago)
Love, Love, Love the Buffalo Check, especially since I live in the Buffalo State, North Dakota. These cards are amazing. Can't wait to get started. Thank You ever so much.
Patti Farrell (3 months ago)
I really love this, What size are you cutting your paper.
Janet Wakeland (2 months ago)
either 4" x 5.25" or 4.25 x 5.5" inches
tiercej (5 months ago)
I love night of navy on melon mambo cardstock, just looks fabulous.
Aaron Abbott (4 months ago)
It is so creative, like this idea and will try to create one. But now I am looking forward to buy such kind of pillow boxes because we required it in bulk for upcoming wedding ceremony of my cousin. My grand pa said we should get quote from bluebirdpackaging.com because they provide free design and shipping support which is really helpful
darlingstamps (5 months ago)
Great idea for,stamp station
darlingstamps (5 months ago)
Thank you Janet for showing this stamp. My pre order is on is way. How do you get the links into your description? I cannot get links on my channel description
Janet Muir (5 months ago)
Thank you.
Sherri Piechnik (5 months ago)
To use it with the Stamperatus, I cut a piece of cardstock (or use your grid paper) to fit the Stamperatus. (I laminated mine.) Use a couple of spots of removable adhesive and stick the cardstock you want to stamp to the cardstock/grid paper you're using as the base. You can put your magnets on your base cardstock to hold it all in place and then you can use your background stamps without a problem.
Narcy Dishon (5 months ago)
Love your samples!!
Tina Gascon (5 months ago)
Awesome tips! Thanks
blondebarb1 (5 months ago)
I would love to get a catalog
Janet Wakeland (5 months ago)
Would love to send you on - email me [email protected]
Nancy Reynolds (5 months ago)
It’s nice to see new stamps in action - thank you for all the samples on colored cardstock. This should be in the mail early next week. :-)
Jackie Price (5 months ago)
O I've been eyeing up this plaid background stamp but wasn't sure BUT seeing it here with all these colours has won me. Gorgeous in every colour and on every colour of cardstock! It's now a must have!
Maria Moore (5 months ago)
Wow I love that stamp that is a must have thank you 😊
Gloria Sperring (5 months ago)
You've made me even more excited about getting my pre-order! I love what you did with the Buffalo Checks stamp and all our (SU!) beautiful Stampin Up! colors. I too like to stamp, die cut a bunch of something and set and play making cards with! Thank you for sharing with us! Now, I really can't wait for Friday!
Isabelle 7 (5 months ago)
Hi, Janet. Great video with the gingham plaid...going to have to get it! Would you kindly send me a copy of your annual catalog and the holiday one, too? Thank you. I’ll PM you my address.
Janet Wakeland (5 months ago)
happily mail you one!
Sharon berry (5 months ago)
Once you have your colored paper on the inked stamp, it would adhere with a quick press. Then turn the whole block over and apply even pressure to get a clean image.
Dianamite64 (5 months ago)
This was fun
Jennifer Fahnestock (5 months ago)
I know stampin up doesn’t carry versa fine black onyx ink but that is a very good black for stamps with more solid images
Susan Tipton (5 months ago)
This is a must have stamp. So glad I got to see what it looks like done with all these colors. Love every one of them. Thanks so much Janet for taking your time to make and share this video.
Jean Ann (5 months ago)
Hi Janet, think I would use a brayer instead of rubbing with hands for more consistent look of plaid without skips.
Narcy Dishon (5 months ago)
Easier on your hands and fingers! Especially with arthritis!
Janet Wakeland (5 months ago)
that would work to.
Laura Ann (5 months ago)
Sally Byrne (5 months ago)
thanks for doing the video, I was dying to see what the stamp looked like in action. I have to get one now for sure.

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