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d.light solar lighting Gadget Product Reviews New Product News with Billy Carmen

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http://smallbrandnation.com Purchase at: https://SmallBrandNation.com d.light uses the world's best product design principles, along with solar and LED technology, to create lighting products that are high quality, rugged and affordable. d.light has provided bright, safe light for millions of people who do not have access to reliable electricity in over 40 countries. Our award-winning designs for off-grid environments include cost-conscious lighting products that thrive in a range of tough conditions. Customers around the world enjoy d.light products for a wide range of recreational, professional, safety and other personal uses - and so can you! All d.light products include: Solar Charging via a high-quality, efficient solar panel that is weather-resistant and installation-free Rugged Design that includes weatherproofing, ability to withstand a six foot drop, and protection for internal circuitry from dust and insects Multiple Uses that provide options for lights to be carried, hung, or placed in various locations and in many different ways Electric Charging via AC electricity with a standard Nokia "thin pin" mobile phone AC charger (charger not included) Warranty Protection provided for 12 months. 10 Percent of Net Proceeds Donated to the Give Light Program for every sale, providing solar lights for students without access to electricity who currently use kerosene to study Product News Channel is a product review library for products distributed by Wizard Distribution Inc. and can be seen across our https://SmallBrandNation.com sites. Wizard Distribution stocks unique products from small brands around the world to be distributed to USA and Canada retailers. CEO Billy Carmen provides reviews, insight and news for small brands while managing creativity and manufacturing for five of his own brands consisting of over 30 products.
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Text Comments (14)
Anikk Rajput (3 months ago)
Wht is thr max lumens
Grace chi (4 months ago)
I like the Dlight.
alok kumar (4 months ago)
don't buy these product bec if they stopped working u will have no option just to abandoned whole unit
Prithvi Singh (4 months ago)
Really company mad honestly this product and honest with price. Thank you d light
Lokender Kumar (6 months ago)
charging problem solution video &repair
River Huntingdon (2 years ago)
I do know the first version used to drop dead if allowed to run flat. The thing to do is to very briefly short the power input lead once charged. I did this with a friends one by wiring in a push to make biased-off switch. The one I saw was the one with the plug in solar panel, which differed to that shown here. But it is a very good light level, I think there's 4 light levels on it, obviously the brightest setting will run the 3.6V Mini AA pack inside down faster than the others. Later versions do not have the drop dead fault, and seem very reliable.
Dan Smith (10 months ago)
Ur nuts river i dont know what ur useing but its not a d.light they make these things tough drop rain insects heat cold wind dust proof long life batteries they use these lights every night an charge them every day for years we dont use them that much only when we have black outs here in america so that means u should not need any new batteries in these lights we use them for camping nights lights etc but not like they use them
Dan Smith (1 year ago)
Where would u get a new battery for the s300 after 5 years thanks
John Puccetti (3 years ago)
A great company and they donate 10% to poor countries that can use these lights to have a safer lighting than kerosene.
Maienduo Nava (3 years ago)
What kind of batteries is it charging? Lithium?
Eric Hawkins (1 year ago)
Today i would say yes, two years ago no, as were to expensive, but if not re chargeable and if the unit cannot be serviced to change the battery when it dies, then dont buy it, unless you are happy to throw the whole unit away becouse of a failed battery, while the solar and LED will last 10 yrs or more.
green energy (3 years ago)
where do i order this
ndrthrdr1 (4 years ago)
About 18 months ago I ordered eight of the largest ones and five each of the other two sizes.  I use at least some of them every night.  Two of the smallest ones on top of the fridge, shining straight up on the ceiling, give enough light in the kitchen to fix a snack.  Others are spread around the house.  I rarely use grid power for lighting.   So far, none have malfunctioned at all, in spite of having dropped them on tile or concrete several times.
Eric Hawkins (1 year ago)
Hi billy, contact me in the UK as i have developed a range of portable solar AC/DC LED power bank lighting kits

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