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Top 5 MOST ATTRACTIVE Body Types Women Prefer in Men

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*If you have anything against my uploads (use of content etc.), please don't make a scene, send me a private message here(Youtube), Google+ or my email adress: [email protected] and I'll take it down. ========================================­===== Top 5 MOST ATTRACTIVE Body Types Women Prefer in Men | Incredible Physiques | Workout & Training 2017 (Motivation) | Bodybuilding , Fitness & Aesthetic , Gym Motivation ========================================­===== Follow on instagram : https://www.instagram.com/gym_nationhd/ Like on Facbook : https://www.facebook.com/Naguiprod If you like my videos you can send me donations on my paypal account : [email protected] Thank you for your help.
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Text Comments (163)
Sibat Dagra (1 day ago)
No lazar no body
Sly Dakota (3 days ago)
I would be afraid to hug any of them 🤦‍♀️ I mean props for all of their hard work, but I feel like I’d end up broken in little pieces on the floor 😂
D.k D.k (5 days ago)
jeff seid must be in 1 position
Aleksi Niemelä (10 days ago)
Zyzz looks like akward loser while shakeing his arms around
Abdul Razak (10 days ago)
Zyzz no. 1 what kind of joke is that
cliff rayner (13 days ago)
Pietro Boselli have the best genetics for look
Farooq Noor (21 days ago)
These r extreme figure most girls like toned body not to much muscular u can c here on youtube
Pietro is my ideal physique 👌🏽
B.M tech (30 days ago)
i need 2
Ariff 88 (30 days ago)
0:57 old vids... he wayyy more bigger now
Eric Doan (1 month ago)
If Pietro or Jeff had a girlfriend, they wpuld have a great time
Paweł Żabicki (1 month ago)
And there are people who are saying that Pietro's body is not natural. Compare it to the other guys.
Matthew Willemse (1 month ago)
Me showing any girl some aesthetics Me: Would ya? Girl: ahah no, it's too much, it's scary Me: But ya wouldn't say no, don't lie. Girl: yeah that's true LOLOL HAHAHAH IM SO FUNIEEEEE
powerful Goku (1 month ago)
Dislike for zzyz
aldlkj (1 month ago)
... But that's one type, not five
Teen with Muscles (2 months ago)
Pietro is the most natural one out here...
FEITO Mãe (1 month ago)
And he is 30yo
Black Uchiha (2 months ago)
So girls like muscular guys
Real Man Aesthetics (2 months ago)
Dude! Women are NOT into RIPPED BODY! Women are into LEAN BODY!
De Dex (2 months ago)
pumped up bullshut and probably a personality lik a cornflake
Mr. Pie (2 months ago)
dayum this is somewhat pathetic but i cant put my finger on it
meh shab (2 months ago)
it was too stupid.... all these plastic bodys...
Atomic Dave (2 months ago)
Bullcrap 🖕😬🖕 they prefer who are lean but with some muscle ratio this shit is just over.
irmi müller (2 months ago)
my opinion: pietro boselli, the most naturally model, all the others are overstyled
Sumit Rajput (2 months ago)
Nice body builder
Nathaneil Tumandao (2 months ago)
Num 2 is the one who has a natural body.
Emily Duerre (3 months ago)
I'm turning 18 and I need a date..
saurabh (3 months ago)
Jeff seid ??.. r u serious
Devil Raj 007 (3 months ago)
Cat and CJ (3 months ago)
#1 is too dorky to be attractive.
tk421missing (3 months ago)
Gym Nation, bet I can destroy the world. :) You thieves stole from me, poisoned me, murdered my father and live off of what I create and sustain. I will slowly take it all away. You will all die.
Nikola Tesla (3 months ago)
But who cares what women prefer..its your body. Would u imagine if it where the other way around.. All thesr feminits n white knights would be attacking u... Disliked the vid btw
juna asgar (3 months ago)
Butuh berapa lama kita membentuk otot otot kita minta tolong info nya
Suliaman Rafiq (3 months ago)
Zyzz hyped this trend of aesthetics on social media have to give him credit for that but his arrogance and his drug addiction is not something to aspire to always be humble no matter what
Suliaman Rafiq (3 months ago)
Knew jeff seid would be in this video smh piece of shit
vizicsacsi (3 months ago)
Connor Murphy should be the 1st, over Zyzz. But whats more freaking me out, is that connor murphy is not on the list at all
Fawzy Zahran (3 months ago)
the list was going to be uncomplete without zyzz in number 1 ffuuarrk
Leacim (3 months ago)
As long as you look good in your clothes girls dont really care about whats under there, so not too skinny not too fat and your good in terms of your body. The face is way mor importent to girls when it comes to looks.
Leacim (3 months ago)
And you shouldnt hit the gym just for girls anyways.
Ruben Tamang (3 months ago)
who is this last one boy"?? 😂😂😂
Happy Me (3 months ago)
Wide shoulders, Small waist and good balanced arms are the order of the day. The look of the Natural bodybuilder.
Luis Diaz (4 months ago)
Sergis body sucks
Brahim Khalil (4 months ago)
A man doesn't need to do all that hell workout for only a woman to look at him. He's doing first for himself. A woman needs just a dick and it's available everywhere.
sukhbir grewal (4 months ago)
i have 8 packs, no one likes me
Felipe Espindola (4 months ago)
Serious Danny (4 months ago)
jeff seid bitch <3
Effie Kingsley (4 months ago)
I'm not saying it's not attractive , I mean there are thousands of girls out there that consider this "goals" .....but I think moderation is the best
Captain Malcolm Reynolds (4 months ago)
How tall is pietro????
Ryel Eduave (1 month ago)
6 feet
sintetic testosteron
PichuFan3215 (4 months ago)
So... I need muscles!? Ugh! Why? Its so stupid! Muscles r gonna be impossible to get! HOW DO I GET THEM
Wat ! (4 months ago)
First Music?
Sanjay Rajput (4 months ago)
WTF sergi Constance should be in 1st position
Sunita Kathait (5 months ago)
Sergi sir it looks like there's plastic surgery of your head over your body😅
b.cage (5 months ago)
Ahhh, roids is what they like.
Gheed (3 months ago)
Jo Im bro you have no idea of what you're saying right there
Jo Im (3 months ago)
that is little silly to say the list. Look, perhaps they take stuff, but these guys are not bullk beef as pro BBs. And honestly, when Isee what I look like at more than 45 and six hours or serious training a week, and, non need to say without taking anything, I am sure that these physics are achievable naturaly. Even at my age, with more weight and less running, I would very likely be not that far from some of the guys in this video
Will (5 months ago)
shit video, shit music and just bunch of dudes who are too full of themselves
big guys (5 months ago)
but cannot win the mr.o right. so not attractive to me
Jorge hdz lz (5 months ago)
Falto Gaytan fitness jajaja
tyler durden (5 months ago)
Everyone an ifbb or bodybuilding competitor except pietro boselli, guy is a model for arami but out of everyone thats the body girls want. For guys its the ifbb physique that they want.
Sir Tdub The Third (5 months ago)
Wahmen like fuck bois?
Anuj Saini (5 months ago)
Like for Zyzz brah....
Asad Baloch (5 months ago)
top 10 times i didn't give a fuk you won't believe how much i didn't give a fuk in number 7
Samantha Aqua (5 months ago)
SHIKHAR KHATRI (6 months ago)
And the number one goes to Jeff seid
wonder 2 world (6 months ago)
Fuck sergi is at last and zyzz is on top 😂😂😂
Touhid Laskar (6 months ago)
Pietro Boselli is so cute
FGC-PEA K (6 months ago)
Literally not a single woman in the comments section
Varun Pal (6 months ago)
Jeff Seid is the best
Trap IDN (6 months ago)
No 4 gay comfirm
Eren D Yeager (6 months ago)
100 % esteroides , 0 natural
Arrival .77 (6 months ago)
Pietro is the best of all , he has the body ,face and brain (he is a physics professor....) and class the others don’t . Plus he gets work in high fashion Armani etc , which none of the others do
kvng_louie (3 months ago)
hot1000hot1 jeff seid got the body and face too, and was a fitness model!
Jeremy Lopez (6 months ago)
Fuarrrrrrkkkkk the king takes his crown!
susheel yadav (6 months ago)
Very very nice link. https://bit.ly/2HBQVfH
Jamal S (6 months ago)
sergi constance and jeff seid + but where is morphy?
Peace Peace (6 months ago)
Second guy
Kitty Pawz (6 months ago)
They all look fu**ing disgusting! I dont like seeing veins. And also they all have the same bodytype... boring. Sorry. My opinion.
Ancient Stars (7 months ago)
I wish I had muscles like that! I would be so much cooler
ibrahim seaoud (7 months ago)
thanks for putting zyzz out there
TONY smoke (7 months ago)
ZYZZ is the best
Sebastian Nowak (7 months ago)
Alex Zank (7 months ago)
Wow so many om steroids
Harsh Chauhan (7 months ago)
Happy to see zyzz on top...because his physique is achievable without steroids...
Rebel Zack (8 months ago)
I think Jeff superb
Hasan Karahalil (8 months ago)
The king of aesthetics fuuaaark!!!
Harithulasidalam Appo (8 months ago)
common think you can notice in these guyz.. Is a strong oblique
David Tunghoanh (8 months ago)
ryan terry and zac aynsley???
Pedro Gil (8 months ago)
Theres a limit and these guys are not natural except the 4th i think.
Nikita Raff (8 months ago)
Jeff sheid is the best.. Perfect body
Matthew Hafner (10 months ago)
Ive been hitting the gym for a year now and i see theres no point to it because most women ive seen prefer fat loosers that have made no sacrifice instead of lean and muscular guys it's just not fair i might as well be a fat looser and i'll get all the chicks
aldlkj (1 month ago)
Try to get some brains man... It doesn't get old, bodies get.
Teen with Muscles (2 months ago)
Girls will not choose sick packs over six cars😂😁 but fuck I still prefer to make 8packs...😋
Teen with Muscles (2 months ago)
Matthew Hafner ohh I feel u bruhh😅😂🤣🤣😂
hello! it's a potato (2 months ago)
Nothing matters more than personality of a person.. If the only reason for you to go to gym is to get women to like you.. Understand that if the only reason they like you is your body.. They aren't here to stay.. Go to gym for your own sake not others
Simmha Rao (4 months ago)
Marcus Raul man,,ur absolutely right.. go to the gym for u and ONLY u.
AYUSH Z (10 months ago)
Song?? From 00:01 to 2:57
studentcalvestaesthetic (10 months ago)
where is greg plitt or connor murphy ?
Philip Michael (10 months ago)
Zyzz !!
ASSIA BOUSAIDA (10 months ago)
pets and animals (11 months ago)
Whats wrong with no1
pets and animals (11 months ago)
I think this video is made by zyzz
Gabriel Scholtes (11 months ago)
zyzz fuuuuuuuuaark
Anikilo Gamer (1 year ago)
Canadian Superman (1 year ago)
A guy i knew came up to me once is GF just left him for another guy he was fat looked like a baby whale he ask me if i was getting lots of women because i trained..... i told him to fuck off..... training is a way of life a passion.... i never trained for women ever..
Magic Mike (1 year ago)
00:20 Hahah he don't even know how to throw a 1-2 punch 😂😂😂
Real Man Aesthetics (1 month ago)
He's visualizing.
Mohd Aqil (5 months ago)
yeah you right..ahahaha
OsmarGonza123 (1 year ago)
The womens prefer The Big Ramy body jajajaj
LC[KEKEY] (1 year ago)
The winner should be jeff syed bro
Grayson Frost (5 months ago)
LC[KEKEY] jeff dbol you mean.
Agustin Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Thần Nông (1 year ago)
thằng thứ 2 nhìn mặt chỉ muốn đấm

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