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Allure of the Seas Cruise Ship Tour and Review - Cruise Fever

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Check out our Allure of the Seas cruise ship review and video tour. This is an Oasis Class ship and is currently the world's largest, until Harmony of the Seas debuts in spring of 2016. Read our full review of Allure of the Seas here for more insight into this Royal Caribbean ship: https://cruisefever.net/allure-of-the-seas-review/ Quick Facts about Allure of the Seas: 1,187 feet long, 215 feet wide 225,282 gross tons Maiden Voyage: December 5, 2010 6,410 guests (5,492 guests with double occupancy) 2,384 crew The video tour of the balcony stateroom is at the end of the video, and it faces Central Park. What are the pros and cons of a boardwalk balcony on Allure of the Seas? See our thoughts here: https://cruisefever.net/12224-pros-cons-boardwalk-balcony-stateroom-allure-seas/
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Arianna Taylor (4 days ago)
Going there this weekend on Saturday with my family for a reunion!!!! im excitedddddd
Cruise Fever (3 days ago)
Have a blast on Allure, Arianna, and let us know how you like the Aqua Theater.
Luvya Nunya (17 days ago)
4 hot tubs, 4 pools all on deck 15. On sea days it's an f'n mess. Like 18 kids in the hot tub. Nothing but pee and screeching. I came with my 8 year old daughter, so I was unable to go to the adults only section. This ship legit has a ton of people and the majority of them are not friendly, just looking out for themselves, and I get it. No one pays thousands of dollars to worry about others, but a little love for your fellow humans, would've really made my cruise more enjoyable...with that said, I did love my cruise!!! Especially Sorrento's pizza, and the boardwalk donuts. Thanks for the in-depth review 😊
Luvya Nunya (9 days ago)
+Cruise Fever too right! That pizza was the bomb.com!!
Cruise Fever (15 days ago)
Sorry to hear you had that experience on the pool deck. I did find that hot tubs in the solarium and even the cantilevered hot tubs were more available than the ones on the main pool deck, but as you mentioned you were with your daughter so the solarium hot tubs would not be an option. Glad you still some positive things. It's hard to resist walking by Sorrento's without eating a slice right?
John Alberto (24 days ago)
Symphony of the seas is the biggest
MrSlowPaper (1 month ago)
Interior balcony???? Such a stupid idea! I'll pass
Mary Ann Barry (1 month ago)
Just return for vacation on the Allure it's unbelievable
Denise Goff (1 month ago)
Excellent video! We are about to cruise on this ship and we appreciate all the tips and information!
tasha M (2 months ago)
Awesome.. Im excited cant wait for December to get here
Diana Gomez (2 months ago)
So big restaurants no included in price?
Cin Richards (3 months ago)
what a great video, the only thing i was sad that wasn't in it was a ocean view balcony, but thanks, i cant wait
Julian's Journeys (3 months ago)
Great video! Will be checking this ship out! Thanks
Luvya Nunya (3 months ago)
Where is everybody?
BucketMouthBass (3 months ago)
Does it have water slides?
Miraculous Gacha (3 months ago)
I can’t wait to go here!
daersoulkeeper (3 months ago)
the only cruise ship i want doesn't exist. someone needs to make a cruise ship centered on a massive fun ADULT pool, where only adults are allowed. it would be a minimum of 10 feet deep at the deep end and the walls would be bulletproof glass and below the ocean it is sailing through, the outside of the pool under the cruise ship in the water would be illuminated 360 degrees so people could swim down with goggles on and see the ocean they are travelling through with all the sea life that would be attracted to the lights.
Winston F (3 months ago)
there are, but are gay cruises jajaja www.atlantisevents.com
Maria Razak (4 months ago)
Am here right now
Cruise Fever (4 months ago)
We are officially jealous
the niy niy show love it (4 months ago)
2018?? Leaving in 18 more days
Vivian Williams (4 months ago)
Great job showcasing the ship's many offerings!
Mary McReynolds (5 months ago)
Las Vegas on water...kinda garish but to each their own. I always thought meals were included in ticket price. Nope. guess not.
Winston F (3 months ago)
Only specialty restaurants are not included. Soft drinks and alcohol neither.
Alice Wegler (5 months ago)
Thank u so much for this vid, very very good review!
Iga Denio (5 months ago)
What country is that cruise ship
Winston F (3 months ago)
Dan Allen (5 months ago)
As soon as you opened the sliding door on your room, and I heard the noise and music coming off the central area, I knew I would only consider an outside balcony . Great review. Incredible ship!
Adonna Topuzes (5 months ago)
I am so happy I watched this because I am going on that same ship in July
Dab Cat (6 months ago)
agreed with it is like a floating town
Dab Cat (6 months ago)
my friend was on that boat lol
Jacob Standfill (6 months ago)
How does something sooooo big float lol like this!🐮
Brenda Brown (6 months ago)
Going on this Ship in 2019 Can't wait.....Family together again. Just the place to be !!
Matthew Cox (6 months ago)
it looked so cool
Iuxuriious (7 months ago)
anyone know if there is a teens club?
Fishy Ninja (7 months ago)
I’m going this August, I can’t wait any longer 😫
Fishy Ninja (4 months ago)
Carl Josh Manalang (7 months ago)
It’s like Yas WaterWorld In U.A.E Abu Dhabi
ChanelStar11 (7 months ago)
very nice informative video. thanks for including the prices of the speciality restaurants. will be going on this ship in october, excited and can't wait.
The Muffin (7 months ago)
Via images I saw that the suits literally have 2 floors, and bedrooms. Also the those balconies overlooking the aqua theater are aqua theater suits, they have 1 living room, 1 bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. There is a grand suit where it is HUGE, it’s larger than my house. It has a piano, 2 floors, a chandelier, it’s too much to explain. Anyways I went on allure before in a indoor room, deck 8 room 535
Panthir 67 (7 months ago)
Design is ugly and they need to paint it like cunard not all white
A Beazer (7 months ago)
You pay so much for the trip, I don't understand why you have to pay to use their restaurants. That should be included in your package.
Mark G (6 months ago)
A Beazer You only pay for premium resturants if you want. We never paid for a meal as the main dining area and Buffett were just fine along with other places.
Totally Wise (7 months ago)
My wife and I went on this ship for our Honeymoon. We highly recommend it! Our favorite part was adults only solarium at the front of the ship. It has a breakfast bar in the morning and the best views for cruising on the days at sea. However, for the sea days at sea you will want to be up there bright and early if you want a chair up against the glass with a good view. We will be going on another for our one year anniversary. Maybe the Harmony this time? Cant wait!
Iuxuriious (7 months ago)
hey, congrats on the Honeymoon, i was wondering do you know if there is a teens club/hangout? i am going soon, and it didn't mention this is the video, lol.
Ron (8 months ago)
I remember this trip when I was 8 years old in 2011 damn those were good times
B D (8 months ago)
Anthony Angelone (8 months ago)
Who else is going on this ship April 15 🤔
DJ Nayak (8 months ago)
Wow super osm
Mack Main (8 months ago)
April 28th 7 days I'm so excited with my wifey who never ever left Minneapolis mn bout to blow her mind
Mark G (6 months ago)
Mack Main We were on that trip...nassau, st thomas and st martin. Great trip wish it was longer.
Dave Botticelli (8 months ago)
We are going early next year and have 2 boys 9, 11 and also a baby who will be 1 then. Do you think there is enough for kids their age to be entertained?(obviously not the baby!)
Melie Ra (8 months ago)
Nice video. Will do a cruise onboard next november. About evening shows, when can we make the booking please?
Tom Howard (8 months ago)
Awesome informative video and very professionally done! Just booked a family trip on this ship for next year and this gave us a great overview of the ship. Thank you
Pogsit Pogapo (8 months ago)
Stagnant pool
Nekisha Smith (8 months ago)
I'm going on that cruise on October 21st
Cristian film (9 months ago)
I am going again it fun cruise ship I went 2017 Dec I am going again on 2019 Dec
Ariel E. Ryerse-Ma (9 months ago)
All this was was a tour - there was no "review" of the ship. A little disappointing, but still one of the better A.O.T.S videos I have come across.
Monchalin101 (9 months ago)
leaving next week for my trip on Allure, thanks for the video really informative!
MINIL ROY (9 months ago)
How on earth they can build such a ship!!!?? Truly a flouting city..
David S. (9 months ago)
I went on the Oasis of the Seas in 2016. I loved it. Allure of the Seas looks like the twin sister ship. Great Video. Going on the Allure in 2018!
WretchedWacko (10 months ago)
does it go to the bahamas or Caribbeans
Winston F (3 months ago)
yep, it depends on the cruise line and itinerary
Elizabeth Whiteoak (10 months ago)
It's a great review. But I have to tell you that 'quay' in any part of the World is pronounced as 'key' !!
Sara Sessions (10 months ago)
ok so im going on this cruise on april 8th and i was wondering how many restaurants are actually free.. because i need to get my money straightened out.lol
Winston F (3 months ago)
you already went. Could you say us how many restaurants are actually free ?
Flora Yazdani (11 months ago)
We are going on it in May.
Andy Landry (11 months ago)
I Liked the Entertainment on the Allure of the Seas, and most Bathrooms are Small on most Cruise Ships but Their Bathrooms were especially Small. We had a Balcony Room, and Their BUFFET for a Ship that has over 5000+ People should have a Bigger BUFFET, So had to eat at Resturants I had to pay for
Noora Koskinen (11 months ago)
Shell M. (11 months ago)
It has  Starbucks, I'm sold!
Amber Akyaz (11 months ago)
Paul Wanders (11 months ago)
I wish A lot of these travel or review videos would Explain Exactly what is included such as your meals. Yes there's a lot of other restaurants but a Majority of them "Are Not Included" Your gratuity Is Not Included, There is a Lot Of Hidden Fees when it comes to Cruises That Really Ought To Be Brought up.🤔
CelestialAurora (11 months ago)
I was on this ship! I came back from it today! I’m so tired!!!!!!! It’s soooo pretty! There is zip lining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iuxuriious (7 months ago)
is there a teens club?
Michelle Smith (11 months ago)
This review is by far the best! Thank you for taking your time and capturing such great pictures
Charlene Roman (11 months ago)
It’s funny because right now I’m on the allure of the seas we’ve been here for 6 days and tomorrow we leave I’m gonna in on sophomore of the seas
Iuxuriious (7 months ago)
hey, do you know if there is a teens club?
ANDRE JOHNSON (1 year ago)
Don Fenton (1 year ago)
We have a room on deck ten at the front of the ship. With an obstructed view. Do you know anything about those?
RefractArt (1 year ago)
Great ship to be a guest on, worst ship to be a photographer on, i've worked on allure for 5 months and it was a hellish experience :O
Jucktdich Nicht (1 year ago)
Allure of the seas / oasis of the seas / harmony of the seas
Iuxuriious (7 months ago)
do you know if there is a teens club?
Charlotte Bowles (1 year ago)
Yes! This helped me see what this cruise looked like and what we could do. Thanks!
Felix Sturm (1 year ago)
I only have to work another 30 years and then I can afford a cruise on this Bastard.
Fire Flies (1 year ago)
Someday space stations will look like this
how much would it be if you reserve all the shows in the main theater and the theater outside...
Oi m8 (1 year ago)
This is a fucking hotel, tbh
aaliyah grace (1 year ago)
I went on that ship, in 2015
Pete R (1 year ago)
This ship is amazing. Great work.
meacomefeyou (1 year ago)
I never knew a ship could look like this wow thanks neat and interesting thanks for the inspiration. I want to try a cruise now but I'd be sad to leave or separate. Why get close only to get hurt at departure?
Cermahoil (1 year ago)
Going on this ship next year in March. Wicked excited!
Dugg Steary (1 year ago)
Great review! Thank you for taking the time to put it together. It helped us make our decision to try out this vessel.
Snidely Whiplash (1 year ago)
Floating shopping mall you can blunder around in and forget all about even being at sea.
Itsryleehere • (1 year ago)
I went on this and it was EXTENDED because of hurricane Irma haha but this was the BEST!
jessica le (1 year ago)
I'm going on this next summer eek!!!!!!!😆😆
Who else was on this ship during summer
Rikhard 111 (1 year ago)
This was made in Finland Suomi mainittu,torilla tavataaan
Cool Cat (1 year ago)
Sharyn Spencer (1 year ago)
Atlas Blitz (1 year ago)
The second Titanic will be sink in 2018
Itsryleehere • (1 year ago)
I'm going next week!!!!
Keli Newton (1 year ago)
This was and excellent review and it was very informing. I wanted to know if at Dog House do they have Turkey or Chicken Hotdogs as I don't eat pork or beef.
Lila Donaldson (1 year ago)
Can anybody use those soda machines or do you have to have the soda package??? Can you just walk up and fill your cup up?
Twain Driver (1 year ago)
Very methodical coverage. Appreciate it!
Ben Foster (1 year ago)
Thank you for the intelligent commentary and no lame background music!
Keith Johnson (1 year ago)
Thanks for your video
J Bassaletti (1 year ago)
thanks a lot for this! got a really good look at what im about to be doing.
TommyvercettyGT (1 year ago)
M S (1 year ago)
Thank you man .. great review.... lovely 🚢 💝
Emmanuel Esteban (1 year ago)
Can I smoke inside the cruise or there are specific places to smoke?
Emmanuel Esteban (1 year ago)
Does Allure of the Seas is an All-Inclusive(Free because some services are included in the cruise pack)?
10-bit MooseMan (1 year ago)
I got a joke, the blue planet show in the amber theater
NeWx89 (1 year ago)
Thank fuck for that message at 1:11 I was thinking of subscribing, but half a minute in I had forgotten about it. Thank the heavens you reminded me. No seriously, I think I've developed quite a hatred for those type of messages, two words "Don't forget", carving into my brain, video after video, implying I had an intent that I didn't. Why is this type of sentence so popular to use. If I want to subscribe I do that based on the content. If you really want to mention it, don't assume the audience intentions. Use "If you liked this content, consider" instead of "Don't forget to", and do so near the end of the video. This assumption alone has made me really dislike you as a content creator and I have just reached the tipping point after seeing this on so many other videos.
NeWx89 (1 year ago)
I guess so. After the same annoying message appearing again and again in video after video for years. Similar to a commercial in where they tell you to buy a certain product, and they tell you over and over drilling it into your brain. That's when you stop watching television and use adblock on the internet.
kaitlin_08 (1 year ago)
NeWx89 lmao you triggered?? 😂
Beverly Jackson (1 year ago)
Awesome review!
Vihtisvideos (1 year ago)
What a ship! I love it! Why its pays almost 5000$! I dont have money to go on the oasis of the seas:( but how many days a one cruise taking days?
Shit, we might be going on a 7 night cruise on it
naturepeedbump (1 year ago)
Less than 2 wks to go !! Can't wait..

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