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#FiveThings About Visual Studio Code {S:01 Ep:08}

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Learn more at https://aka.ms/5things-azure To watch more episodes go to https://aka.ms/FiveThingsPlaylist Follow Hosts https://twitter.com/John_Papa and https://twitter.com/burkeholland on Twitter VS Code is a really popular text editor. But why did Microsoft create it? It’s open-source, but why won’t they take any of Burke’s pull requests to rename it? Burke and Amanda talk about all things VS Code (and eat some Goo Goo Clusters) in this episode of Five Things. Create a Free Account (Azure): https://aka.ms/azft-oss
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Text Comments (22)
Lem Adane (2 months ago)
VS Code is the Best Code Editor as of 2018. I don't know what will happen to Atom, but thanks to Microsoft.
Lem Adane (2 months ago)
VS Code killed VS
One of the most fun interviews that I've ever seen!
Sarah Da Silva (5 months ago)
Sarah & kevin
Sarah Da Silva (5 months ago)
Sarah Da Silva (5 months ago)
Sarah Da Silva (5 months ago)
I don't have any my video
Sarah Da Silva (5 months ago)
Game Dev General (5 months ago)
*chewing extensively in microphone while it's silent*
6stringmonk (8 months ago)
My sides!
Sarah Da Silva (5 months ago)
I don't have to pick my daughter if my mother love you as a dearest
Sarah Da Silva (5 months ago)
Nu ma nager
Sarah Da Silva (5 months ago)
Bakhtiiar Muzakparov (8 months ago)
these video series are awesome :+1 and lemme check on simple react snippets
Kenichi Mori (8 months ago)
Device codes it's visualized
Kenichi Mori (8 months ago)
Lakshman Sha (8 months ago)
Nice thank for the video. Its little new for me about Live Share. How to configure it on my VS Code.
Rico Alexander (6 months ago)
Still in preview. Boooo
Basarat Ali (7 months ago)
https://code.visualstudio.com/visual-studio-live-share 🌹
Andrew Weller (8 months ago)
I was excited for a minute about Live Share. But it looks like it's still in a private preview. When this finally launches it's going to be great as I work remotely and would love a simple way to assist jr devs in the main office.
Andrew Weller (8 months ago)
Stephen James (8 months ago)
Not sure she appreciated his humor.

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