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Reserve for Men by Express Fragrance / Cologne Review

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A review of Reserve for Men A warm, spicy fragrance based around Brandy that has a very nice citrus tone that keeps the fragrance not too heavy. Woods, Suede and Amber form the base while spices also help provide this fragrance with a welcome kick. All Year Fragrance Best for Clubs/Bars & Social Events 7-10 hours longevity Suited for 25+ year olds My Rating 9/10
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Kehinde Ademola Ajayi (11 months ago)
Happy New Year bro , Nice review and I like what you said that you overlook some fragrance. I have not seen though but with your review I think I might try it. I came across another one from Express yesterday. You might want to review that too. It is REDWOOD FOR MEN POUR HOMME by EXPRESS . Thanks.
dracdoc (11 months ago)
Cool will try to
Rhoods Kevin (1 year ago)
Thanks Brother. Because your video I bought one on Ebay I think You are telling the truth about that fragrance.
LIl Pontoon (1 year ago)
I just bought Express Blue. I like this one a little more than Reserve. I know I'm not alone cause it was sold out at Express and I had to buy it on Amazon.
miggs80 (1 year ago)
I'm surprised. I mostly hear the performance on this is pretty bad.
The Coin Alley (1 year ago)
I just purchased loyalty for men. Not many reviews of that online.
abraham balmir (2 years ago)
this one is discontinued they have a new version now its a clear liquid how do you campare it to this one?
diondrems (2 years ago)
Do you still have any of this juice? I'd be willing to buy if possible.
Ben M (1 year ago)
Do you have still it?
Jose Ochoa (2 years ago)
diondrems let me know bro
Jose Ochoa (2 years ago)
+diondrems I have it for $75 or best offer send me an offer. Its the best deal on ebay!
diondrems (2 years ago)
+Jose Ochoa I'd be interested in 60 if you want to send me the offer in Ebay.
Jose Ochoa (2 years ago)
+diondrems reserve price is $60
Sherylenn Patterson (2 years ago)
yesss my husband loved it I got the larger one...some sexy stuff I brought couple of years ago in store and don't see it anymore... just found online in clear...GOD BLESS HAPPY NEW YEAR
motomaniak 1 (3 years ago)
or you can buy it somewhere else ?
Rull Mourn (3 years ago)
(new formulation) is what happens when people try to ( fix ) things that aren't broken.....always a bad idea.
DopeyFresh (2 years ago)
+stormbringerr mourn Actually, it was broken. Shit used to be a brown color that would stain the absolute shit out of your clothes even from a medium distant spray.
XsinisterX616 (3 years ago)
no man I don't drink at all and man I was just at express and just started a hobby for fragrances and tried this on as a sample and man This is a "FRESH" type of smell you get its an awesome cologne
DeadlyXPride (3 years ago)
It's hard trying to find the Amber colored one for less than 100$. Any websites people found reliable and actually did sell the Amber cologne for cheap?
Matvey Markov (4 years ago)
Where can I buy a bottle of this? I'm not sure if I can trust eBay bottles.
shiftyeyes67k (4 years ago)
Was blown away by this one, found the original on eBay. Amazing, sexy, scent!!! thanks for the heads up Cody!
dracdoc (4 years ago)
No problem!
Dirtboxhor (4 years ago)
Whats this guy on?  PK?  Coke?  He itches his nose like 100 times.
Rishi Mehta (4 years ago)
It happens to everyone. Its normal
Rishi Mehta (4 years ago)
It's called the pinnichio effect. When you get nervous, blood rushes to the tip of your nose. This makes it slightly bigger and Itchy
Rdog785 (4 years ago)
The first night, it faded quickly on my dry skin, but the next day, it did great, as I was wearing Lubriderm Men's 3 in 1 lotion ( fragrance free ). I like this juice. I like dark fragrances, such as Aramis Tuscany. Check that one out, if you haven't yet.
Rdog785 (1 year ago)
YungGBone124127134 - agreed - I am also fortunate to own that one.
YungGBone124127134 (1 year ago)
Rdog785 I like dark fragrances too. Check out John Varvatos Dark Rebel its good.
Rdog785 (4 years ago)
There was the obligatory price hike, since the discontinuation of the original. I just paid $89, but am not disappointed. Thank you, Cody.
dracdoc (4 years ago)
oh crap.. i didn't realize the price hiked.  Did you enjoy it?  Yay?  Meh?
Raaman Nair (4 years ago)
Hello Cody, since the vintage version of the bottle is gone. What other colognes have similar notes or smell to it? Does any cologne comes even close to it?  
Jose Ochoa (2 years ago)
Rocawear Evolution
Raaman Nair (4 years ago)
The vintage version is extinct. I saw it online at the Sears website (vintage version pictured) instead I got the new version. So, don't buy it from Sears. Your best hope is buying it from ebay but beware of fakes! (about 75% of ebay's cologne and perfumes are fake). Do your research.    
Nonstopgp2 (5 years ago)
PLEASE review Express Loyalty I think it is a great cologne.
Carlos Couto (5 years ago)
I bought a bottle of this based on your recommendation and I didn't really like it. It smells too synthetic for me. I'll be selling my bottle on eBay if anyone is interested. If you like boozy/spicy scents I recommend Idole by Lubin, it's a great fragrance.
KEN LIN (5 years ago)
can i buy the old formulation in express ?
Champagne Finest (5 years ago)
Jose Ochoa (2 years ago)
I'm selling one on ebay, current bid is $52. Thank you!
Kevin Kaufman (5 years ago)
My bro got me this one for christmas. I like it. This one actually brought me into using cologne again. My dad used to yell at me for using cologne but i dont live with him anymore so i use it now.
Jonny Oldham (5 years ago)
Okay, thanks
doubleot (5 years ago)
I just bought the amber juice version, and the box is black. So I'd say the sliver box is the reformulated version.
dracdoc (5 years ago)
Unfortunately I don't know what box colors each is in.. I usually toss my boxes as soon as I buy them
Jonny Oldham (5 years ago)
Is the 'silver box' version the original or reformulated?
3ATERMINATOR (5 years ago)
Fuck fuck fuck I fucked up and just bought the clear one before looking at this review :(
pangli (5 years ago)
express has some good colognes. I finally went to the store today and tried all 3, reserve, loyalty and honor, OMG they all smell good and last long! I love Loyalty the one in the blue bottle oh man smells sexy as hell and longevity is pretty good for an EDC, all of them are EDC strength and they last longer than most of my edts
joeawesom1 (5 years ago)
what season is best for this one?
Herron Inc. (5 years ago)
You just sold me on my next fragrance.. Good job!..
ECCT98 (5 years ago)
great vids love em cant stop watching them!!!
dracdoc (5 years ago)
Glad to help!
RyzFragz34 (5 years ago)
I purchased 2 bottles because of this video. Thanks a lot Droc. This is great stuff and I got 4 compliments in one day. Awesome stuff..
RyzFragz34 (5 years ago)
Great videos. I just subscribed. Check out my first couple vids.
Dustin Menard (5 years ago)
this and Honor is amazing,would really love for you to review Honor man its getting looked past which is a crime to me lol
Champagne Finest (5 years ago)
mesmerizeme (5 years ago)
put worldwideweb in front
mesmerizeme (5 years ago)
Is this the newer version - .galaxyperfume.co.uk/details.cfm?currency_type=2&language_type=1&ID=19715&source=346
lavizzob (5 years ago)
Very close to Rocawear Evolution
dracdoc (6 years ago)
I don't think so :/ Unless its overseas maybe... Express swaps out old stuff pretty frequently with their clothing.. i see no reason they wouldn't do the same for their fragrance. At least at the one here in NY
sjcosta31 (6 years ago)
My boyfriend loves this cologne, and so do I! He ran out so I thought I'd get it for him this Christmas, turns out they don't even have it stores anymore?! And when I ask them about the darker one, they look at me like I have no idea what I am talking about! I agree the old one was awesome, the new one sucks! I saw it online, but I'd rather get it from stores, do you think some stores may carry it still?
Indigo Links (6 years ago)
Its on sale for!!! Express.com
Champagne Finest (6 years ago)
THANKS,what online store did you see is 40 to 45 dollar.
dracdoc (6 years ago)
I think you can pull it off.. but it depends on the person
Champagne Finest (6 years ago)
am a college student,can i wear it to class?
Nvme18 (6 years ago)
Got 3.4 for 34.95! Smell sooo good. Creamy scent with a little spice. Great review you really undersold it lol.
dracdoc (6 years ago)
Going to review Chergui in the future for sure.. its a nice fragrance
MrVernon437 (6 years ago)
I don't know if you've already reviewed this one but what's your take on "Chergui" by Serge Lutens? I'm just starting my colonge collection and I'd like to start it off with some good fall/winter scents.
dracdoc (6 years ago)
MrVernon437 (6 years ago)
You give some good reviews. I watched some of the other videos on your most complimented
Dustin Menard (6 years ago)
great review,love this whole line,you should really check out Express Loyalty
George Lewis (6 years ago)
I'll second that - great reviews! I know you mentioned on another video that this could be mistaken for Creed. Are there any other cheaper but still very good alternatives to Creed products? In general rather than specific smells
Anthony medina (6 years ago)
I'm looking for a cologne that smells kinda like Spark by Liz claiborne,Black by Polo, & honor by Express,but I never had a chance to spray the cologne from the bottle I just have the scented paper but I kinda like the smell,but I never tried the Reserve. I don't know that muh about colognes but I know that all the ones I mention have a similar scent that I'm looking for kinda like a musky smell like the deodorant Speed Stick Musk by Mennen,do you know a good cologne that has a scent like that.
ToonZ91 (6 years ago)
blind bought this and their newest offering based off your review..well the reserve based off your review. i love these type of scents so i think i'll really enjoy it. great review
Al Westmorland (6 years ago)
Ordered this fragrance on amazon very impressed. It shocked me.
ZorphGames (6 years ago)
I didn't really like the Reserve when i smelled it. I loved Loyalty though. Bought a 3.4 ounce bottle for 64 dollars. A bit expensive, cheaper online, but i don't care.
DeathPenguin1000 (6 years ago)
dracdoc (6 years ago)
Hmm... L'Dissey.. issey Miyake.. possibly D&G The One.. there are a bunch. lots of season round citrus.
DeathPenguin1000 (6 years ago)
What's a good all-season cologne that is kind of a citrus scent that a high schooler could use as a signature scent?
Eddcano09 (6 years ago)
Wow u really hit this spot on! I've had this bottle sitting around, went through a phase where it was my daily around fall, but put it away and now I realize that I was using it for the wrong occasion. You nailed it when mentioned the ocassions this would go with! Glad u reviewed this one.
dracdoc (6 years ago)
@BlackAdder529 Thanks! Very nice as well! Im still surprised as to how much attention this fragrance gets
BlackAdder529 (6 years ago)
You're my new favorite reviewer. I just bought this as my first cologne and I've been getting compliments on it. Great job!
dracdoc (6 years ago)
@ivan1212Boss Very broad question. What types of scents do you like? Woods? Oriental? Aquatics? Gourmands?
vmendonc (7 years ago)
That sounds amazing, never even heard of it, nor have any idea whr to smell it! hahaha... Great job Bud!!! Thank you for sharing!
dracdoc (7 years ago)
@NoVaScentz Thanks, just be careful that you don't get the re-formulated version. Look for the Dark amber color, not the almost clear liquid color
dracdoc (7 years ago)
@biglalo24 December 22nd, top 10 winter fragrances will be released
dran0 (7 years ago)
Excellent review as always and very professional. Can't wait till I get my bottle to compare it to 1270 (one of my favorite scents). If so this will be a complete steal for the price....
m4mario (7 years ago)
Doc, try to show a closer view of the bottle.
rhaybans (7 years ago)
Really well done review. You covered all bases.
@drumaboy200 You mean "For Him" , if so... yes you are right pal it's a fantastic scent ,projection and lasting power is awesome 100%.... and for $30 for the 100 ml it's a steal !! the old bottle used to be a black square , but the new bottle that's in procuction now is a good old rectangular one.
dracdoc (7 years ago)
@Guinea54 No problem at all. The dark formulation you can still get from most retailers, just not the Express Store itself. The stores themselves yanked the old formulation in favor of the new one.
vessc (7 years ago)
This sounds awesome. Thanks for the review
Guinea54 (7 years ago)
Wow awesome.. Im glad you did this man. I saw this one on their site and it sounded really nice. Brandy, smoked woods, spices.. I was hoping someone would do a review on it. Amazing how they even reformulate these types.. damn.. Glad I didn't buy the new one. Where is the dark formulation like ebay?
drumaboy200 (7 years ago)
@piercedevlin Hey zara for men is mad good. last mad long on my skin. i thinks zara suprisingly lasts and projects well. only 30 bucks tho cant beat it
Cody, check out "For Him" and "For Him Silver Edition" By ZARA (the clothing store) you might just like one of them. Thanks for pointing this out , i will check this out :)
dracdoc (7 years ago)
@DavidMohrison definetly. I want to pick up Forte and have ample time with it first though.. so realistically expect one around.. spring/early summer of 2012
johnlopvila (7 years ago)

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