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Uptown Abs workout at Gymtastics Gym Club

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Uptown abs workout
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Morgan Ivy (3 days ago)
Props to these girls! They are so strong. I wonder how long it took them to do it without stopping and taking a break.
CynM K (4 days ago)
It's not even the abs burning that makes it this hard but just overall exhaustment - respect!
Zoey Asher (5 days ago)
Ysabel Casanova (11 days ago)
I do a different version on up town funk, but if I did this one I would die
Tila Jocelyn (11 days ago)
Their coach is just cruel lol
Tila Jocelyn (14 days ago)
I like how at the end the girl in front passed out to the beat lolol 4:28
Ella Johns (15 days ago)
Did they seriously just censor "damn" and "liquor"....
岩井沙綾 (1 month ago)
WOW!!!!! When I watched this, I thought it’s too hard. but I wanted to try it and I tried to do the same things.haha I found it was much harder than I have thought.
Gym. com (1 month ago)
I did it💪🏼❤😂
Lethu Mthiyane (1 month ago)
I been doing this for a while and stomach getting slimmer Thanks so much 💘
Karin Holm (1 month ago)
Mike K (1 month ago)
The girl in the front row far back ( black shorts) is 10 years old. Amazing!
Kristen Parkerton (1 month ago)
Megan and ceiarra from cheernastics2 did this i n there’re gym
Taylor Hanson (1 month ago)
I lasted 2 minutes 😂😭
Raquel Rodrigues (1 month ago)
Que inveja rsrs
Fhena Falkov (1 month ago)
I died.
Lethu Mthiyane (1 month ago)
I’m a dancer not a gymnast but since I found this video I try do it as much as possible
Meghan Thompson (1 month ago)
Don't look like them as I've got an extra 30 years (and pounds) on them; I need some work,, but proud of myself for giving it a go: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMyP1XPZK5KLX5Gi1ijHR0s42dJCq3Mrfr60mK4jWxzMYbttxGW-i3BVa78yFWhDA?key=cEFQLUpKVVNRU3Nja0xKdnhHZF9XaWFWaS1vdFJn
Agnes Gutzi (2 months ago)
Probably still one of the hardest workout I ever saw/tried
LEGIT drawings (2 months ago)
I can't even do 3 pushups without fainting
namimilat 09 (2 months ago)
colin henry (2 months ago)
Absolutely inspirational, all so co-ordinated and in sequence. A special word of appreciation for the quality of the exercises from the young Lady at the front. Excellent. Can you share more of this type of work please.
Lauren Hartman (2 months ago)
If I do this will it help with belly fat
I got to 3:58 then had to have a break, I consider that a success!
Tami Bartholomew (2 months ago)
TheCheernastics2 should do this as a video
Moon Child (2 months ago)
Me: pfft. I can totally do this. Me: *don't believe me just watch* Me after 30 secs: im ded ;w;
Gauri's Fitness Mantra (2 months ago)
Anybody here after watching this video on Facebook? ;) Great work by these girls.
Soph’s Vids (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot for this video now I have to do this every time at dance... 😂
Fun in a Fairytale (2 months ago)
*tries this* Me: “I deserve 5 cupcakes and a vacation!”
Fabiënne Wildöer (2 months ago)
i'm gonna be doing this everyday for a month, every like i get is an extra day. comment to get an update.
Gym. com (2 months ago)
Normaly I hate workouts.But Now I have to learn for school I am like "Lets try this!" Hahaha anybody else with These probs?😂😂
NerdNr5 (2 months ago)
This vid must be popular with middle aged men.
Gemma Brewer (2 months ago)
Abs of steel. Amazing girls
White Tiger academy (2 months ago)
What's name the first song
Samira Hilal (2 months ago)
jaime pas cette video 😈😈😈👅👅👅
Summer Cochran (2 months ago)
Those Planck's are so bad
Einfach Sie (2 months ago)
My new Workout for the day
Karen Richardson (2 months ago)
This is my new night time work out wish me luck
Let’s Get Gymnasty (2 months ago)
Lol we do this at my gym
fee Marsching (2 months ago)
Die Übungen machen wir jetzt im Tanzen
Thatotherchannel (3 months ago)
I just tried it. It’s a lot harder than it looks... 😨
Maddybunnytime Bunnytoys (3 months ago)
Holy crap that hard
Crystal Nevarez (3 months ago)
Goals! Totally impressed.
moncsa80 (3 months ago)
Done, definitely was not that pretty like theirs but I did it without stopping... for a moment I hated Bruno Mars, why the fck he needed to sing this long about uptown funk.... 65 second would have been plenty on the subject lol
Ab Cd (3 months ago)
People gave this a thumbs down? Personally I made it to the 1:20 mark and I was done
Pip Rawden (3 months ago)
Tried my best but some I just lost balance😂 and ability
E Zapata (3 months ago)
My abs are hurting and I'm only sitting on the bed watching! #dead
ぺんギン (3 months ago)
Sinead O'Regan (3 months ago)
I just did this and boiiii did it make me hungry... was the supposed to do that?
Rebecca Cramer (3 months ago)
Our gymnastics team did something like this but with the cha cha slide
Gunshibha Wadwa (3 months ago)
My gymnastics love doing this for conditioning at the end of the lesson it makes it more fun for them
Magaly A (3 months ago)
Ok, tried once. Just looked like a cokeroach on his back...
Buckeh (3 months ago)
Plank form could use a lot of work..
Emily Graham (4 months ago)
I used to do something similar to this (with the song Black Widow) in colorgaurd and every time that song comes on I have to change it. You never realize how long a song is until you do a workout to it
Flipping Floor Musics (4 months ago)
We do this workout every time at the end of the training section and I die every single time😭😭
sana 1020 (4 months ago)
i started with these workout yesterday 09/09/2018 i swear thats fckng difficult but yesterday it was more difficult then today so i think it will be easier and easier. i will see if there is any change on my belly in 1week
kapri 26 (4 months ago)
La mejor forma de hacer ejercicio
Christina Russell (5 months ago)
how are you playing a popular song on youtube without them taking it down for copyright infringement?
CuteRosieTheBeagle (5 months ago)
How to make working out fun?!
Terrie Mathews (5 months ago)
Fitness goal (maybe one day)
lena shelly (5 months ago)
Just did this. honestly not bad at all, but I’m a swimmer so that could probably explain why
Sophie Price (5 months ago)
It was all well and dandy until the pushups began...
Yoshie Ito (5 months ago)
Preeti Singh (5 months ago)
I like this and today I m trying it
Pzy Pro (5 months ago)
Would love to do this in our group but it's way too much stuff to remember lol. Hmm
Salud Entera (6 months ago)
Gracias por compartir
Panchita Bell (6 months ago)
They make look so easy and fun.
Marrence Baraquiel (6 months ago)
El Hajj Zafeer Muhammad (6 months ago)
Elena MSP (6 months ago)
Hardest part for me was the plank but everything else was alright but ouch my stomach lol.
Aneesh PP (6 months ago)
Siya (6 months ago)
kan goed
H (6 months ago)
So funny and great
Shreya Nair (6 months ago)
Awesome way to do an ab workout
Gym Days (7 months ago)
I tried to use this to do my work out and it work perfectly. I even lose weight
Gabrielle S (7 months ago)
I love doing this workout
Russian ^_^
Mutsa Bonyongwe (7 months ago)
These girls are fire🔥
Lenka Jezkova (8 months ago)
Love this workout its so much fun, I just tried it
why am i still here ? (8 months ago)
Hello guys I'm sorry for being annoying but you should join my group, it's super fun and you can improve your English skills if needed, or learn Portuguese if you want! https://chat.whatsapp.com/0BDYi3kRvkO9yoCzPOLi12
arielartista (8 months ago)
The girl closest to the camera is a PRO
Makynleigh Maher (8 months ago)
I loved it you guys did a amazing job
Risella van Breemen (8 months ago)
Pain is weakness leaving the body👍🏻❤️❤️
Gina Ruelo (8 months ago)
I tried this I could do some but not all
YmustTh3w0rldG0r0und (8 months ago)
I need to get on this level.
常廣美羽 (8 months ago)
Adrienne Scott (9 months ago)
I’m laying in bed watching this and my stomach hurts 😳😂😂
Bzh W (9 months ago)
the first one seems a little bit errors of BACk move there, didn't it?
nascha81 m.saadon (9 months ago)
I tried i swear but i’m almost dying 🤣🤣🤣
Trzn&Trx (9 months ago)
This is INSANE!
jadens reactions (9 months ago)
And i thought doing 10 jumping jacks were intense
Dani’s Word101 (9 months ago)
I tried then I died 😂😂😂😳😳😁😁
Maiu D (9 months ago)
I am doing this all the nights. I started 4 days ago. And i an still doing it i can not belive this. I hope in three months i will have abs
RinBerry (7 months ago)
Maiu D for get abs you need to do cardio too and diet
Fran Allen (10 months ago)
‘ hana davies (10 months ago)
My synchronized swimming coach saw this video and LOVED it. Now we do this ab workout four times every day. It’s pure torture. I admire these girls.
Alyvia Lavers (10 months ago)
This is actually a really good and creative workout!😀👍
ti08287 (10 months ago)
wow they look fit

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