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Intense Abs Workout Routine - 10 Mins Flat Stomach Exercise

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Intense Abs Workout Routine - 10 Mins Flat Belly Exercise | Abs Routine | Abs Exercise | Flat Stomach Exercise | Flat Belly Workout | Tone Abs | Summer Body | Beach Body Workout ►►Fitness wear I frequently use: http://gym.sh/Shop-Chloe-Ting ►►► MY LINKS ►►► Instagram: http://instagram.com/chloe_t Fitness Instagram: http://instagram.com/itschloeting Blog: http://www.chloeting.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/chloe_ting Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/itschloeting Snapchat: chloe_ting I hope you guys like this type of video! I've never done a do it with me workout video because it can be quite long. Let me know if you prefer this format! :) Love you all! Music: Razihel - Love U [NCS Release]: https://youtu.be/OJBxNA8cX-E Follow Razihel: Razihel • https://soundcloud.com/razihel • https://www.facebook.com/RazihelOffic... • https://www.youtube.com/user/RazihelO... • https://www.instagram.com/razihel/ Fareoh - Cloud Ten [NCS Release]: https://youtu.be/yzirKVtSERU Follow Fareoh here: • https://soundcloud.com/fareoh • https://www.facebook.com/Fareoh/ • https://twitter.com/thefareoh • https://www.youtube.com/user/official...
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Chloe Ting (1 year ago)
Edit: New Intense Abs Workout! This version is slightly harder. You can do two of these workouts back to back, or with a hiit/upper body workout. Enjoy the workout. New Abs workout: https://youtu.be/tJC_SnuJhCU! Intense Abs Workout! Yar! I've been doing this abs workout twice a week. My abs has definitely become more defined. To get abs, diet plays a very important role so try to eat as clean and healthy as possible. Also doing HIIT cardio will really help. I have recently put up a video about that too. Also, let me know if you like this video format better! :D ** Guys I thought I'll give another quick tip! If you want to get nice result you will have to engage your core while doing the exercises. You will have to keep your ab muscles contracted while doing the exercises. If your muscle is relaxed then you're basically not working your core muscle, you're using the rest of your body to do the movement. In that case, you won't get to see the result. Also I have put up another cardio abs routine that helps burns fats and define your abs. Try to do both of these to get nice abs! My abs have gotten more defined recently doing these two together. :) https://youtu.be/FxYg29MpT90
ItsMeMaxine 076
Vea Cabral (16 days ago)
it's my first time to do ab workout., excited for the results
Kreeya Ravindran (16 days ago)
Chloe Ting How often to do this to get the best results? Like twice a day everyday? Or once everyday of the week ?
Perica Lazic (18 days ago)
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to discover bed abdominal exercises try Tabblarny Belly Principle (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my buddy got excellent success with it.
Aleksandar Mirchev (18 days ago)
I'm not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about what is the best abdominal exercise try Tabblarny Belly Principle ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy got excellent results with it.
Carmen (2 hours ago)
This is my second try at this so let’s see how I’ll do🤪✊🏼 I tried it half a year ago but gave up after half a week. [Here is like a little text thing bout me] 、I’m 15, girl btw ( HIT ME UP YOOO) 、165 cm,5'5 、52 kg? I don’t know ,114 lbs? 、Extremely lazy and never exercise 、I have kind of a soft tummy (and want to change that) 、I eat pretty healthy so whatevaaaaa🥗🍐 🥦🥒🥑🥝🍈🥙
Carmen (2 hours ago)
Day UNO🌵 SHOAHENAKAHVD I SERENITY DID NOT EXPECT IT TO BE SO HARD AGAIN😖 I really struggled throughout all exercises. Especially the first cause I simply couldn’t kep my legs straight 💪🏻😔 Also I couldn’t even finish the last two at all. 0Hb0ii
Jacob Bio (3 hours ago)
You look fake tbh
Episode Fanart (10 hours ago)
Is this also for flat stomach? Or do you have a video to get a flat stomach? I hope you can reply because I need it❤️
Dorothy Mehta (10 hours ago)
completed 💪💪❤ i do it every day and it WORKS!!!!
Alyssa Bourke (11 hours ago)
Ok so I'm going to be trying this :)) Age: 14 Height: 5'7 Weight: 60kg Day 1: It hurt so bad but I'm happy I did it. I liked the Russian twists, bicycle planks and the up and down planks the best, because they were the easiest. I probably won't be updating every day because I'm pretty busy with school and other commitments, but I'll see how this goes.
Glenda Iglesias (12 hours ago)
Honestly this was INSANELY crazy jejejej but I'm still going to do it every morning XD gotta lose that fat
Ruby Sparling (1 day ago)
This helped me so much thank youuu!! Xx
Zaira Mijares (1 day ago)
How many times a day to do this to see results?
ChaSee Chas (1 day ago)
She’s cute, got the body, sexy, adorable, does she have a boyfriend?? 😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😆 This workout looks so easy... Never mind I stoped in the middle and repeated..
Brisa Bernal (1 day ago)
You got me at the hip tilting ones
Grace Zimmerman (1 day ago)
I just finished, all I can think is owwwwwwwwwwwww
Lokithekittycat _ (2 days ago)
Gonna update yall daily <3
Maisa cheemz (1 day ago)
I’ll start this workout from tomorrow. I’ll try to update this everyday for a month.( I hope that I don’t quit.teehee) Day1. It was very blunt of me to think that this would be easy. It was veryyy difficult.... I skipped some time in some exercises ( I hope I would become better at this). But I guess it was worth it cuz I am proud of myself 😂 Day2. Skipped it. I tried to do it tbh but I have sore muscles thus I couldn’t do it . Ps. I started 50 sit-up and 50 squat challenge I guess that’s why 🤔. I can’t even sit properly.lol
hazelnut tree (3 days ago)
Do you warm up before this workout?? Like cardio or something??
CS TV (3 days ago)
dora (1 day ago)
I’m currently 5’4 and 176lbs, I just started intermittent fasting and I wanted to add exercise (and look like a snack). Day One: So am sweating that it reached my eyes. It was difficult and literally so tiring, I couldn’t keep up but I kept trying and surprisingly did everything. (176lbs/no difference obvs) Day Two: I wasn’t able to do the exercise as I had severe period cramps :( Day Three: I did it! It was slightly easier than the first time but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard. Not weighing myself until my period is over! (No difference, only third day)
Misgana's World (3 days ago)
Day 1. Really hard don't know if I should be doing this because I'm 10?? abs are coming in and they burning.
Miko Jackson (3 days ago)
Once a day thing ? Or every time before you eat ?
Vihisha Sathe (1 day ago)
So its 🇮🇳 indian independence day and i watched this video and started it today itself!!! Will be updating everyday !! So here is the day one ☝️ day 1) it was paining ... couldn’t complete the entire thing . Day 2) my body is crying 😢 Day 3) okay i feel a lil bit of ease now while doing
neko gacha studio (4 days ago)
okay since everyoneelse is doing it i will to day 1: i kept up for the most part which was hard since i did a different one before this but i hope to keep doing the workout
J.M.C. G. (4 days ago)
8/14/18 Completed! w/ Neil, personal best on this one!
HeyImBae (3 days ago)
ok so i want abs. like lauren jauregui. so that is why i decided to do this ♡ i will be updating (or at least try to) daily ツ Day 1: My stomach is aching after the workout and I struggled with it so much loll Day 2: I think this time was harder than Day 1 because of the aching in my tummy but I still managed to do it, phooey!
Hana Ayman (4 days ago)
Guys i really need motivation plz like and the like count will be exercise day Well geuss what it is trying day it is still late at night so i thout id try for a bit....ya i looked like a dead squirrel (still on the floor)...
it’s emilyv (4 days ago)
I began doing this workout and thought it would be fun to keep a thread on how I’ve been doing. I will keep you updated on my progress. day 1- this was way more difficult than I thought it would be, but I managed to pull through. I was v tired afterwards. obv, no abs yet.
Sweet Seoltang (5 days ago)
how many calories does this burn
stan배진 (5 days ago)
Sania Hania (6 days ago)
Danielle Judilla (6 days ago)
1 like= 1 day of doing this
Purrinxess St0ry (6 days ago)
Fastest 10 seconds of my life
Sheep Tea (2 days ago)
I may update but idk I’m trying to eat healthy but my dad loves cooking pork so I’ll only eat 1 plate during dinner and lessen the amount of food I eat Age: 14 Height: 5”2 Weight: 126.4 Waist: 70 cm Belly button: 80 cm Day 1: it’s summer and it’s hot and I’m weak. My abs burned so much i thought I was gonna die and I can barely do any of the exercises. I’m honestly surprised I even finished it. Day 2: same as yesterday Day 3: I think my performance was improved but still died at the up and down planks Also added “How to get a slimmer waist in 3 days” at night and went biking for 30 min Day 4: I gained 0.8 pounds. I might’ve eaten too much yesterday? Anyways I still hate this workout. Walked 30 min Day 5: a bit easier
Just your average cat (7 days ago)
I'll do this workout for a week, and I'll keep updated! Day one: IT BURNS HELP
kitty tails xx (7 days ago)
Are u duch
Kermit fam (7 days ago)
I will be starting this today and idk how many day/weeks I will be doing it. I'll do it every night and morning Day 1: I only did it at night bc I found this one late but I feel a bit sore and it was harder than I thought it would be. Day 2:
summer noel (7 days ago)
hey im summer and I'm going to update you guys on which workouts I do trust me keep pushing your self and it will get easier and easier the next day and make sure to drink water before and after and incorporate other excersises let's begin DAY 1: I LITERALLY PUSHED MY SELF SO MUCH AND IT FELT SO GREAT !! the only excersie that I wasn't able to keep up with was the hip twist so I did speed crunches. DAY 2: Way easier MOTIVATION IS WHAT YOU NEED + do this 2 times a day
Maya (7 days ago)
Why must we make sure our legs are straight for the first exercise ? x3
Cameron Lowery (7 days ago)
I just started using it and everything hurts
xxaylinxx 2 (7 days ago)
Hey Chloe, I liturely love you. In one week I lost 1 kg just by doing your workouts. Love you
Bird Fangirling (8 days ago)
My stomach is burning, Im sweating like a steamer, my neck muscles feel awesome, I feel awesome. I already have abs but trying instense routines was a no-no, but now that I tried it I feel like this will helps my abs get the shape I wish it to be! Thank you so much for this routine!
Toxic Phoenix (8 days ago)
Any one else feel like they are ‘bottom heavy’ is how I would explain it cause each time I try to do the first workout my back kind of lifts up...it’s not just me right?
Madison Madelaine (8 days ago)
surli (8 days ago)
I hate myself for not starting early with work outs. Seriously... But I‘m on it since almost a week and I ferl very good. Awake during work, motivated, fresh... I love it ^^
Sana Nazier (8 days ago)
I think I'm gonna develop some throat muscles after doing this
Alison_Buen o (9 days ago)
Her:let's get straight into the workout Me:yayy I'ma get a flat tummmyyy a few minutes later Me:I.....can't......do....this....any.....longer... 30 seconds later Me:You know what I'ma go back to eating it's easier
Lexie Fadrigalan (9 days ago)
Gonna do this from now on and im gonna update if anyone wanna know
Makayla Kirkwood (9 days ago)
Started you video but couldnt finish my goal is to finish your work out thanks lots 😘😘😘😘 im loving the burn
melissa jacobo (9 days ago)
this is tough but I think it does work so the pain is worth it
Khadija Safdar (10 days ago)
I just completed this and your inner thigh workout. I need much longer breaks but I’m sweating like crazy. Wish me luck on my weight loss journey!💪🏻❤️
FUNNY SMS (10 days ago)
woww,,,,it is so effective , i love it . who elsse???
YOURLIFE 4EVER (10 days ago)
Done *eats a family pack of fingers*
Izzyzle (11 days ago)
i truly love your workout videos
Makinley Warren (11 days ago)
I paused the video so she could rest.....
Edit Vega (11 days ago)
This is hard but really worth it
Hi I (11 days ago)
I’m going to do a this for a week and update.
Hi I (11 days ago)
I am 4’11 and 121 pounds (54.8kg)
Lincoln & Ginger (11 days ago)
The last one got me crying! Oh lord I am out of shape!!! Edit: btw after a few weeks I could see my abs forming!!! Thanks a lot
chiow tee (11 days ago)
it’s been one month after i started this and a few days after doing the other one back to back and my stomach did become flatter, more defined and more tight. butttttttt don’t expect to get a six pack or anything with this work out. i also got my period today and was sobbing after the first workout but i still got through it lmao :))
RIh's bae (11 days ago)
Im going back to school in 30 days. Ill do this along with 200 crunches and see if Ill get abs by then and ill update whenever i notice results
Blaks NDdjs (11 days ago)
That crunch sucks wtf
Priya Thomas (11 days ago)
Is it supposed to feel tight in upper thighs?
XxKristaxX YT (12 days ago)
Going to upload everyday! Day 1: did it burnt so bad but I have done it I had to take a longet break on some of them because it was painful.
Abigal the Gymnast (12 days ago)
I have abs like that or even better and I am like 12
Abigal the Gymnast (11 days ago)
It’s true boi
Natsumi Richardson (11 days ago)
Abigal the Gymnast Lmaooo you wish
Chelsey Scar (12 days ago)
I even showed the changes to my brother and he’s like. “Let’s do the workout.” ‘Cuz it really works, y’all.
Chelsey Scar (12 days ago)
Hi Chloe! Thank u for this video! It really has helped me. It’s been my 2 or 3rd week and I’ve noticed some changes. It really work but for that it has to burn. I have a fat belly and it still shows the changes. I am 15. 5’3 and 115. All I had to do is do it everyday except Sunday lol. ‘Cuz i don’t want my mom to see me 😝.
Æ Ø Û H G Ñ Ä V (12 days ago)
I did this without stopping and....guys it hurts so much I was sweating but in the end you will thank yourself for doing it without stopping 🙂❤️
PathisNarrow (13 days ago)
why r u mad at your dad?>
bookblackhoes s (13 days ago)
?im doing this workout twice a day do you think ill see fast results
Bella Queen (13 days ago)
Hello! So im gonna try this and update you guys everyday I hope , and it’s not fake. First update comes tomorrow :-) Day 1 :
Damn, I have never seen the vein in my hand popped out so hard until this freaking workout😂🤣🤣 its a great workout and I’m on my 6th day, going strong💪
Olivia Leigh aww thank you😄 I don’t really see that much of a difference, but when I was stretching for the exercise the other day, I suddenly saw this small visible line on my abs, it was really cool, I’m still going to do it😆 Besides, hard works never betrays our effort. Good luck with your workout, you can do it <3 It has certainly gotten easier for me after the first 2 days Edit: Oh yeah, it also works the arms and the legs, and I actually noticed more muscles in my arms and legs too :D
Olivia Leigh (13 days ago)
jin with pink hair kills me are you seeing any difference with it as i might start it today? good luck with it haha x
Luxi Gaming (14 days ago)
How much calories am I burning if I complete this exercise?
Sasha Agustina (3 days ago)
Holaa, comienzo hoy e intentaré hacerlo todos los días. Altura: 1,65 m Peso: 52.1 kg Peso deseado: 47 kg ~Día Uno: Hice este ejercicio dos veces, y no he podido hacerlos completos, cansan mucho jajaja. Mi abdomen y piernas duelen, espero que sea buena noticia. Volveré mañana con más informes. Holaa. Sé que han pasado unas semanas después de mi última actualización, pero sepan que no he desistido de mi meta. Actualmente peso 50.1kg o sea, ¡que bajé casi tres kilos! Estoy muy feliz, eso me motiva a seguir ejercitándome y espero que a ustedes también. Altura: 1,66m (he crecido haha) Peso: 50.1kg Peso deseado: 47 kg Nos vemos en la próxima actualización~~
Sutithi Munshi (12 days ago)
Okay I'm going to update this regularly now to keep you guys updated on how it goes. And also as a reminder and daily motivation for myself. Day 1 : Oh god, it's really hard and not as easy as it looks. I particularly don't have a lot of fat on my abdomen but it's just to keep myself active. But my abdomen muscles started to pain real bad when doing the workout (that's when you know it's working) and I almost stopped myself every ten seconds to catch air. Hopefully it will get better with regularity. Day 2: Did my ten minutes workout again. The muscles on my upper abdomen are really sore and I gave up while doing the last 10 secs of the workout. I did a few more leg crunches to make up for it. I obviously don't see a difference right in two days. But my body felt quite good after working out. Day 3: Okay the upper part of my abdomen near the rib cage below the diapraghm was still sore from yesterday's workout, but I still exercised anyway and oof I don't know but my stomach feels a lot good, like it feels like the tension in my abdomen muscles were released. But I was able to do the workout better and for longer today. Even though I still huffed at some parts, but it got better. Day 4 : I skipped the spider plank and up and down plank today because I was in a rush. And I can continue to exercise faster now, without huffing and can do with more ease. I don't see any visble change on my stomach. Though it feels a lot more relaxed. But my arms got so much stronger. I can actually feel my muscles feeling tighter in my arms.
Hazel Pretz (14 days ago)
Guys I tried this n I'm already seeing results..n I've only done it thrice ..
Kerrigan Beth (15 days ago)
Info: if anyone wants to know if this works- IT DOES! Both Ab workouts that Chloe Ting created, has helped me. If you’re on a strict diet with vegetables and meat only (somewhat like a keto diet) you’ll see better results. I tested this for 3 months (note- I have loose skin in the abdominal area) and I still saw results! Please take the time to eat healthy and do this workout!!
Kim Cuong (15 days ago)
I'm gonna start your workout routine :p You gave me some motivation and I'm pretty sure I can get my lovely abs if I'm motivated :)
wthyoongi im dying (15 days ago)
i..i..i just couldn't do it 😭 but will definitly try again next time 💜
Itsyagurlnoor (15 days ago)
I’ve been trying do this workout for a long time now but I always end up stopping lol but this time im going to do updates because there doesn’t seem like there are any that go for more then 5 days⬇️⬇️⬇️ Day 1: this work out killedddddd meee!! Especially the hip twists and up and down planks! But I’m going to keep going!
Lifestyle by Sarah (15 days ago)
I don't get the form of muscles that you have😕
Sana Nazier (15 days ago)
Is it fine to do the floor exercises on my bed?
Why. (15 days ago)
Wooh! It was painful, but I did it. Good luck everyone else who's doing this! :D
Kreeya Ravindran (16 days ago)
How often do we have to do it to see best results?
Glxtter Glx (14 days ago)
i will try this workout and i'll update everyday if i remember :) Day 1) Workout was hell my stomach have never hurt this much. Day 2) This workour was still hell but bit easier than yesterday. cant see any results yet but i understand.
Honorino Luis (16 days ago)
i dont know what to do but i am not that kind fat and i have benn doing this for 2 months and i dont have abs tell me in The coments plz😔
askuu skuurt (16 days ago)
I realllyyy need to lose weight i like a month I did it before but you know... summer made me a little fat again my weight is 69 kilo and Iam 171cm i want to weight 63kg. 0
Hannah Brooks (15 days ago)
I will do this for week and keep you updated Day 1:the exercises were easy but I was going to die,I was so sweating but okay Day 2:Everything was easy besides plank with hip twist,I almost died at it.
Jayda Machin (17 days ago)
hey guys ! im going to try this workout everyday and keep you updated! ( i am going to start drinking three small cups of lemon water every day aswell ) *DAY 1* i kept pushing through but definitely hard.
Allison Foster (17 days ago)
Ok I know this video is from 2 years ago but I just started doing this workout... it is the best one yet I hv tried it's working so ok good!!!! I love it tysm
Yoongi's Girl (17 days ago)
I'm gonna try this!!!
FT10DDR16 (18 days ago)
hi everyone ,if anyone else trying to find out exercises for abdominals at home try Tabblarny Belly Principle ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my partner got amazing results with it.
Maliha Rahman (18 days ago)
Is it okay to do it on the bed
Yesmin Ali (18 days ago)
Omg so I’ve been doing this workout for over 6 months and I’ve gottta say I’m so proud of my results! My muscles are more defined and toned and my abs are very visible thanks to this workout. I tried many other workouts and they all disappointed me until I found this video. I feel so confident with my body and my shape and l can’t believe how much this has helped me over the past months. thank you Chloe! :)
Emily Sanchez (15 days ago)
So I will actually update you guys and tell you how well it worked! Day 1=I feel so tiered and I am sweating buckets Day 2:I am getting the hang of it! I woke up soar but I saw a little progress, my tummy looked flatter Day3:It was the same I just had more control then the last 2days I did it not stop unlike the last 2 as I would stop for 5 seconds then keep going Day4: I really did not want to do it today but I came through
Ronn Lee Perri (18 days ago)
Done 💪 💪💪
bakli said (17 days ago)
ok i will try it and i will update every week :) hoping i'll find some good results PS: i'm not that fat, my acutual weight is 47 killos and i want to get a flat belly, maybe abs too. *it has been four days and ouch thougth it was easy but hell no i felt some much pain, i'm trying to eat the most possible healthy food, i'm getting used to it and some exercices are getting easier but i have some issues with the bicycle crunch
Haneul (19 days ago)
She is so cute but she killed me with this workout :")
Sneha Nair (19 days ago)
Will get back to you soon... M strtng this from tmrwww
Mia Luu (20 days ago)
why does she make it look so easy.. im half way through rn and im freaking dying this is not okay
Holly Maguire (20 days ago)
I’ve decided to do this. I’m naturally skinny but I have a bit of a belly so I just want to flatten it and tone it up a bit. I will update Day 1: it didn’t hurt that much I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong but I will have to see how I get on.
keyz (20 days ago)
just posted an ab workout on my channel too
Mia Hall (20 days ago)
Currently Acheing right now but it’s going to worth it after’
Fly TheHeckAway (20 days ago)
Oh my god you are so pretty

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