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Type of Guys That Girls Want to Date

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Text Comments (1644)
Total Savage (1 year ago)
am i the only one thinks i have all these qualities but still single huh cant get even a single date
FenderSchonJPX (5 months ago)
Please tell me you don't actually think girls have any idea of what they really want? The whole reason they are so good at lying to you is because they've spent their entire life lying to themselves.
crazy sas (6 months ago)
Does size matter?
Senaxion Aria (6 months ago)
The chemistry bruh
Mr. Self Made (6 months ago)
Maybe you are just ugly
tom nguyen (6 months ago)
you need extra 5 inches bruh
ER Bram (4 days ago)
Did you mean *_Ryan Higa_*
Dmg Control (8 days ago)
Lol of course number one is confident and sometimes aggresiveness it's common for women to be attracted to that till they figure out the guy is an ahole that's why he's so confident. Some women don't like men who serve and protect them they want a man who don't care about them and the man thinks he should be serve instead or he will leave her. Yeah girls like funny guys and they think the only funny guy is the confident guy who makes fun and bully someone they don't think quiete guys is a mystery and funny too. Right...smart guys..insecure..mathematics scientist types of dudes that is common natural selection for women thinking they are protected by these men using mind in the end both of them will run between their legs.
Porschen Hund (1 month ago)
If you want to be rich, don't ask money, ask rich men.
Porschen Hund (1 month ago)
although you are not funny I like your shirt so its fine.
Jonah Jarman (1 month ago)
I’m watching this because I’ve been talking to this girl for a few months and we finally kinda figured out that we both really like eachother- so I haven’t made it official with the whole “yeah we’re dating mom- I gotta girl friend” I literally never date people (small school, high standards, I’m 5’7 but it doesn’t bother me-) the funny thing is that she’s 6’0 and literally the most amazing beautiful girl in the world and somehow I “got her”- I just want it to be a good experience for the both of us- I definitely take things slow, but I want to pace things well enough that nothing is too boring at some point- we’re both very busy with sports, school- and she has a job at a place that i worked at during the summer- if you want to know what she looks like her name is Mia Joel Collins you can find her on Instagram. I’ve never been so happy and I can’t wait to find out where things go from here. I don’t know why I’m writing such a long comment on a YouTube video- probably because I can’t sleep and I’m really bored.
xm377Moyocoyatzin (1 month ago)
These are all lies of course. We aren't stupid, we know exactly what women actually want. Men are just sick and tired of hearing the same old BS from women over and over again and never being true to their word.
Moises Francisco (1 month ago)
Lol this chick is funny ...😂
Victor montano (1 month ago)
Most girls today like to date guys that are lazy asses, or are good for nothing, i've noticed that 99% of the time when couples go on dates the girl pays for everything while the guy either stick his hands in his pockets or tryies to make it look like he is busy looking into his phone, when i was a kid my dad taught me that when you have a girl, you must have some kind of job to be able to to get money and pay for your girl, nowadays girls devalue themselves by asking for too little or next to nothing when dating a guy.
UncleSiam (2 months ago)
Jeezus, Friend Zoned asap. Just be a jerk. Girls love it.
Franklin Nikita (2 months ago)
Do girls have problems with a guy that stammer?
Rishabh Khanna (2 months ago)
Well I see how I have done so far in getting a date, but for some reasons even when I followed your advice for 2 months...... I couldn’t 😂 It’s definitely me
Ashley West (2 months ago)
ik this may seem v unrealistic but honestly if u really like a girl u could actually be all of these without even knowing u wont be all of them on the spot at once but the more u fall in love with her the more of these qualities start to develop then sooner or later shes gonna think ur the perfect guy for her
Kyoung Suk Chae (2 months ago)
sherleys not dead whaata cars driv haaaahaaaaaaaaaaa
Kevin Day (2 months ago)
Yeah good manners and being respectful counts.I don't agree on being confident but not cocky,being confident and cocky is pretty much da same thing,also confidence isn't always the answer for every woman,you've can have all the confidence in the world,if the lady still isn't attractive too u,she still won't fuck with you.
Alejandro Acosta (2 months ago)
Aaaaactually #2 comes from those times that there were no sewers and people used to used a bucket and throw their feces and urine to the streets. Just a fun fact, enjoy your day people.
Fiddle WidmaToe (3 months ago)
God didn't made me in the image of Ryan Higa
Gilles Christiaens (3 months ago)
Kira Yukimura I love you and I love teen wolf best thing I ever have seen
broken warrior (3 months ago)
Im fucked warrior's aren't wanted
Riyan Gajbhiye (3 months ago)
OMG you are a singer wow sorry I didn't know l am from different country so I don't know.
Riyan Gajbhiye (3 months ago)
you explain very well.
Riyan Gajbhiye (3 months ago)
l think l am the only guy who don't want to feel or express love in my life l want to become like lord Voldemort and Erik killmaunger. l don't really care about or believe girls and marriage and love are waste l want to become scientist or proffesor mad scientist.
Riyan Gajbhiye (3 months ago)
l think l am the only guy who don't want to feel or express love in my life l want to be like lord Voldemort and Erik killmaunger.
Mlg Quickscoper (4 months ago)
Im 25 and virgin send help 😫😭😭😭😭
God Of destruction (4 months ago)
Depends on the girls too lel. Like if you’re a white girl, be black If you’re an asian girl, be white. Seriously asian girls are fucktoys for white men, a white guy doesn’t need to approach an asian girl, just stand there and let the asian whitemencumdumster approach u.
Abdirahman Duale (4 months ago)
So don't be like russ?
Common Veracity (5 months ago)
All these expectations that women want from men. Yet a hyena could put on some make up and have the personality of a wombat, and we’re supposed to chase them and give them our 401(k). I don’t think so!
jolean jol (5 months ago)
just be yourself..period...
js357s (5 months ago)
Girls like guys that treat others like dirt. They view it as a sign of strength. Just look at all the women who throw themselves at serial killers or women who sleep with the bad boy while she is married to the nice guy.
And what do men get in return? If transaction isn't mutually beneficial, it's robbery.
rosa delarosa (5 months ago)
EightFrancs (5 months ago)
Types of girls that guys want to date. Don't be a cunt. Don't be fat. Don't be a whore. Don't be a single mum. Don't create any drama.
Jay Hova (5 months ago)
What a load of horseshit
Timothy DiGerolamo (5 months ago)
You don't pronounce your consonants very well.
Ryu Kuro (5 months ago)
So is ryan higa Qualified yet?
Luis Campos (5 months ago)
Good I have them all im.a bad boy with a great hearth
Emily Chai (5 months ago)
Awh, Arden you're so cute
Rahul Tamang styles boy (5 months ago)
You r u so beautiful YouTuber I like u
23 _ (5 months ago)
Pramish Gurung (6 months ago)
Types of guy that girl want to date but never date. Just be rich and handsome to attract girl.That’s all.
WHY YOU ARE AN IDIOT (6 months ago)
I don't even need to watch the video ill answer the question hot guys, with money, with a big dick, that'll be fake around you and fuck you like a whore I think that's about it yeah yeah yeah thats good :)
You know me (6 months ago)
Feminist Killed Chivalry. 2018 women are now independent so don't have these expectations youll just Tumblr shamed. Lol
Walter Witherspoon (6 months ago)
I am funny looking lol
JKTV GAMING (6 months ago)
Basically Ryan
BuddyAcesRussia (6 months ago)
Your voice made me feel calm
Leopardo Fadinho (6 months ago)
I wonder why too many videos of girls telling us how to date or understand girls! Are girls that much completed? 😆
Leopardo Fadinho (6 months ago)
So he invites her to a cup of coffee just because she is a beautiful? 😒👎
Leopardo Fadinho (6 months ago)
Rich guy, end of the story.
NinDrobo (6 months ago)
This should be called types of guys girls want to be friends with because none of these will make you attractive if you don’t look good already
Nigura Dev (6 months ago)
I want to date with you :)
M. Diari (6 months ago)
its all moot. you need to show your perverted side in a calm way, then when you have reeled them in, show your big and mighty Crystal of Holy Light and White Tears
Jose Martini (6 months ago)
Come down guy she just talking about the guys that she already likes. Of course she doesn't like you it doesn't matter how many of these qualities you have, you'll always be a creep.
Hari Krishna Hari Prasad (6 months ago)
Is it okay if I ask Arden out in the comments section? xD She's so pretty. <3
Pero Menalo (6 months ago)
@ardenBcho it used to be the other way around when it comes to the walking on the sidewalk (a long time ago, before running water). Women would walk on the side closer to the "road", because in the time before a house had running water, people had water buckets that may (more than likely) have been completely filthy, and they would simply throw it out of the window of their home. By the man standing closer towards the house, he would take that shot of filthy water
Dennis Hong (6 months ago)
r/niceguys and r/nicegirls surfacing here
temeigh (6 months ago)
This is VERY true. I’ve met so many guys that are cocky and constantly act like something they’re not. But idk if this goes for other girls too but I HATE when guys try to impress their crush by being extra and trying to be helpful in unnecessary ways. Some might find it cute but for me? Nah like boi u need to stop.
funsky (6 months ago)
I'm not surprised you see she has an album! Her voice is so nice I can listen to her talk on and on! Subscribed at 598K.
HomerMan (6 months ago)
FYI guys, this is the list of how to get on the friend zone... the ones that matter: confidence, funny and knows what he wants fuck the rest. you're welcome never ask women what they want. they dont fucking know
Halfmonsterman (6 months ago)
I’m a straight guy. I think you and your girls aced this. I like it because it doesn’t seem to fairly tale. Just nice simple things that girls appreciate from a guy.
Aron Stone (6 months ago)
5:14 can't hear you
Elof Lindström (6 months ago)
Lmao I love all the people in the comment section that are super butt hurt like "Omg I am ALL of this and girls won't date me >:(" They're all the kinda people on r/niceguys
thebigwarthog (6 months ago)
Not every girl is like this, lots of girls won't go on a second date if there isn't a sexual attraction on the first date.
Daniel Black (7 months ago)
Like Im respectful I think I'm pretty funny but pretty fucking ugly I usually smell good but have long hair so i guess that's not good hygiene but I still can't get a freaking girlfriend oh man my life sucks dick
Baro Nss (7 months ago)
that guy doesn't exist. i like you asian girl but i think you see too much disney movies
Bantu Piscies (7 months ago)
thats why you strive to date asians, they are the one that are worth it
yhon santos (7 months ago)
that's good and all but it's kinda fake, I mean you always will be judge because of how you looks
Steve Elam (7 months ago)
Very cute
Alex Moon (7 months ago)
So be exactly the guy I am? I fit all the criteria of your video but am still single and have been since 2011, I've been single longer than the Avengers have been in the MCU. It's probably because I'm not rich.
Apparently the thing about guys walking on the outside of the sidewalk comes from the time when people would dump their shit out of the windows onto the street so the guy would make sure the girl didn't get it on her head 😂
NITHIKA DODANGODA (7 months ago)
What am I doing here???
Billy Lee (7 months ago)
Ronan Devlin (7 months ago)
0:59 never opened a door or pulled out a chair... And if u ever get cold you'll just have to hack it cause I'd be cold too if I gave you my jacket
GhostBBz Unlimitted (7 months ago)
OMG! She so cute. confident girl,funny,good looking but the best it's her expression i laugh so much. :)
HISHAM SATAN (7 months ago)
Come suck my dick you filthy little peace of shit
KYS (7 months ago)
That guy is ryan higa
Eugene Campos (7 months ago)
Yes that's creepy, and your funny, I love your advice. Think you ? Now that's funny.
Vine Wood (7 months ago)
If your rich, congratulations you can have whatever vagina you want damn near. If your poor BUT goodlooking, congrats once again. If you have neither of those then prepare for a long miserable life of loneliness & heartbreak
Fran Redubla (7 months ago)
why does this reminds me of ryan? oh thats why i want to date ryan lmao
stephalicious (7 months ago)
Man I'm crushing om this guy I know so much and I just really wish he had all these qualities and (also that he likes me lol) #sadsinglelife
Walter S (7 months ago)
TL;DR: Work on your appearance, Do things that you are interested in and value, make deliberate steps outside your comfort zone, be comfortable with you are and—finally—don't buy too much in generalities. A person loves a person who is there, not some vague imagined figure in their head. ------- Here's a simpler version, be someone of value. Being attractive is nice but most people care more about how someone makes them feel. So if you're attractive but an asshole or, worse, socially incompetent—you'll only end up dating people who tolerate assholes or who pity you. Whereas if you're ugly...well then...buy a mirror. Like dude, most people are about average in looks and, unless you've got some horrific accident or really unfortunate birthright, you're probably just unaware of the image you're presenting yourself as. And if girls fixed up their hair and make-up everyday before they step out the house, they sure as hell notice when the guy does diddly squat with their own looks. So get a good haircut, some clothes and workout (back it down to posture, slimming down and bulking up). And then find things you like to do and do them. You like board games, great! But don't just play board games on your phone, get into it. Invite people over or go to meet ups. You like flowers, well then go to gardens and shit, I dunno...I'm not the only who likes flowers. But you're the who should Flower Boy. Because this is your interest, hobby, passion or whatever, so find ways to explore what it is you enjoy in life and let it infuse who are as a person. Let it become something you cannot only talk about but share with likeminded people. And finally, step out of your boundaries and explore. This doesn't mean being a different person but consciously trying things outside your comfortable zone. Like you wanna go skydiving, go to talk to people who have done it and find schools where you can do it. If you want to live in China, research how you can live there and maybe start learning Chinese. If you see someone you're attracted to, stop and say hi and start a conversation and see where it goes. There's something to be said about improve what you're bad at, but you first got to try before you can really understand what you need to do to improve. And, most importantly, learn to be comfortable with who you are—with your successes and failures, your strengths and your flaws and who are as a person. This doesn't mean to stop improving yourself but to accept that your path to becoming the person you aspire to be is going to have hiccups. And that you're a well-meaning and imperfect person walking that road. And finally don't buy into these vague generalities of what guys and girls are attracted to. Because really, it about the same for almost every person. They don't really know what they want. They only have some vague outline of what might be good and what not be. It isn't till that other person comes along that people start to really fill in the outlines and notices the extra details that really emphasize what it is they're attracted to and love.
Yeeb Ahnivam (7 months ago)
Basically I'll gladly play the guy part since no one is willing to play the "first move" ...
Kasper (7 months ago)
and ya u should know quantum psychic
Jayquan Floyd (7 months ago)
Lies! Not all women likes those types of things. All women wants are looks, ignore the nice guys and go after guys that thinks he got it all and beats up other nice guys. Some reason, every women likes this. Fuck my life. I prefer single because of this nonsense. My parents and sister don't think I'm not going to be single. They think I'm going to get into a relationship. I keep telling them it's not going to happen.
Lisztomaniac (7 months ago)
this vid is so buttery smooth
No Bozos (7 months ago)
If a woman thinks you're attractive she finds almost anything you say funny.
Sharvil Amin (7 months ago)
0:52- Me, a boy: YESS ARDEN TAKE ME
Fabio Zhou (7 months ago)
type of guys that SOME TYPES OF girls want to date
Michael Darby (7 months ago)
Ardenbcho you are so pretty. Asian girls are so attractive
Beatriz (7 months ago)
she is so lovely ❤
Kimon Vanheffen (7 months ago)
I can say that I have/am all these things, but Im ugly AF.. sooo yeah
niklaus mikelson (7 months ago)
Werent u in teen wolf ?
tuna - (7 months ago)
Amanda White (7 months ago)
A million times yes! This is so true, especially the hygiene one. I mean, come on. It's not just for dating, it's for basic self respect. And girls should also keep in that guys find this stuff attractive too.
Ogre MGTOW (7 months ago)
Total BS.
Ojha TV! (7 months ago)
Me(whispers): AKA Nigahiga.
Roman, just Roman (7 months ago)
So lying to make a compliment is normal? I always thought giving fake compliments just to make a woman like you more is not nice
Brian Cain (7 months ago)
Don't listen to her guys if you want to get the panties off in terms of cologne disbursement. One spray behind each ear/one behind neck (to leave that scent trail) one on each shoulder to invite all in your personal space.  Enjoy the poon.
Karl Kent (7 months ago)
Chivalry is dead, women killed it, by taking it for granted.
NEXUS LP (7 months ago)
Much appreciated Arden. Much appreciated
Squido mister (7 months ago)
Hello, so I'm a random High school kid. There is this one girl I really like, and after a couple months of hanging out, I told her I like her and turns out she feels the same way, I would really like to ask her out to go on a 'date' but I'm 100% terrified and have no idea how I would ask her, or what we would do. Since this video is on a similar topic of advice I was wondering if anyone could help me out, much appreciated, thank you.

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