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Mortal Engines - Moving Cities Featurette (HD)

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Survival of the fastest. Take a closer look at these massive moving cities with the cast and filmmakers of #MortalEngines. -- Facebook: unvrs.al/MEFB Twitter: unvrs.al/METW Instagram: unvrs.al/MEIN Site: unvrs.al/MESite -- Hundreds of years after civilization was destroyed by a cataclysmic event, a mysterious young woman, Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar), emerges as the only one who can stop London — now a giant, predator city on wheels — from devouring everything in its path. Feral, and fiercely driven by the memory of her mother, Hester joins forces with Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheehan), an outcast from London, along with Anna Fang (Jihae), a dangerous outlaw with a bounty on her head. Mortal Engines is the startling, new epic adventure directed by Oscar®-winning visual-effects artist Christian Rivers (King Kong). Joining Rivers are The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies three-time Academy Award®-winning filmmakers Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, who have penned the screenplay. Visual effects are created by a Weta Digital team led by Ken McGaugh, Kevin Smith, Luke Millar and Dennis Yoo. The Universal and MRC adaptation is from the award-winning book series by Philip Reeve, published in 2001 by Scholastic. On board as producers are Zane Weiner (The Hobbit trilogy), Amanda Walker (The Hobbit trilogy) and Deborah Forte (Goosebumps), as well as Walsh and Jackson. Ken Kamins (The Hobbit trilogy) joins Boyens as executive producer. Universal will distribute the film worldwide. www.mortalengines.com
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Text Comments (171)
NatureMinds (6 hours ago)
Ives Heart (1 day ago)
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Evelina Anya (1 day ago)
i like
Katie Rose (1 day ago)
nice movie
misya (1 day ago)
wow amazing movie
Groetgaffel (2 days ago)
That has to be Gunny at 47 seconds in.
Mortal Engines 2018 movie NOW available in HD quality Stream now : t.co/HhBz821gsm
Itsnergis (4 days ago)
Does this not look like amulet the book?
catothewiser (6 days ago)
Ridiculous movie. And not going to watch one with PC racial BS. Whites have to be portrayed as evil....yet again. No thanks.
COOL COMPLEX TV (6 days ago)
Vinyl Blair good point
AM (7 days ago)
Great cinematic analogy: overpopulate London with muslims and it becomes hell on wheels.
Michael C. (8 days ago)
So the British are back at taking over other cities again
Vinyl Blair (9 days ago)
Roving London gangs riding around stealing peoples shit .....That's London now not some dystopian 'Kweefer' Jackson fil'm....!
Sandra Alexa (9 days ago)
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Alex Steward (9 days ago)
IDK what I find stranger; the concept of traction cities, or the male lead's breakout role being in Channel 4's 'Misfits' of all things!
Volatile Pyrovile (10 days ago)
Where is Thaddeus' eye tattoo?!
Invader Tak (11 days ago)
Honolulu is safe 😃 expect for the rest United States those main city’s in each state are having war
Zurround100 (11 days ago)
The different "echelons" of society they talk about, about how higher up you live better reminds me of SNOW PIERCER. Both stories are several different social strata living in the same vehicle together.
Really makes you wonder what Tokyo or Delhi looks like
Lachelle Lewis (13 days ago)
Guys, the cities move because earthquakes made static settlements unsafe. Centuries later, the current inhabitants of moving cities have forgotten why their cities move in the first place, seeing it as sustainable living despite the many warnings it isn't. The book this is based on was made in the mid-2000s way before political agendas were attached to everything
elemental draco (14 days ago)
Why does this make me think of a cross between Metropolis and Chrome Shelled Regios
Tyler Phelps (14 days ago)
I have read the books and I must say the first impressions these trailers are giving me shows this will defiantly be a faithful adaption, especially now that shrike is confirmed. My only real complaint is the airship design. In book (spoiler alert) airships are the same as they were in our world, lighter than aircraft flying with gas like helium or hydrogen. Here they appear to use antigravity as the primary means of lift. It only really bothers me because I feel it takes away from the post apocalyptic setting and lost technology trope that was in the original book and because the airships remind me too much of the aircraft from john carter of mars. But that is just my personal opinion and overall I think it looks just like in the books and I am looking forward to seeing this in theaters. I just hope they don't ruin hester's character and be faithful to how she was in the books. I can understand why they toned down the scar but her personality should not be altered, given Peter Jacksons track record with faithful adaptions this hopefully won't happen. Show less
Cinders & Ashes (15 days ago)
It would be cool if Cincinnati is in the movie
American Attraction (16 days ago)
The book is set in a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by a "Sixty Minute War", which caused massive geological upheaval. To escape the earthquakes, volcanoes, and other instabilities, a Nomad leader called Nikola Quercus (known as god Nicholas Quirke by the time of the book) installed huge engines and wheels on London and enabled it to dismantle (or eat) other cities for resources. The technology rapidly spread, and evolved into what is known as "Municipal Darwinism". Although the planet has since become stable, Municipal Darwinism has spread to most of the world except for Asia and parts of Africa. Much technological and scientific knowledge was lost during the war. Because scientific progress has almost completely halted, "Old Tech" is highly prized and recovered by scavengers and archaeologists. Europe, some of Asia, North Africa, Antarctica, and the Arctic are dominated by Traction Cities, whereas North America was so ravaged by the war that it is often identified as "the dead continent", and the rest of the world is the stronghold of the Anti-Traction League, which seeks to keep cities from moving and thus stop the intense consumption of the planet's remaining resources. Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortal_Engines
France (16 days ago)
Coolquart (17 days ago)
London better run when NYC comes by!
Hikikomori-con (18 days ago)
I'm fairly sure this is based on a manga.
Chesscom Support (18 days ago)
Not gonna lie... this looks pretty amazing. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I''m actually looking forward to a movie.
Tyana Alexandra (18 days ago)
‘ genuinely never seen before ‘ I’ve seen this in doctor who and howls moving castle. Still an awesome concept from great books though.
Taliyah M. (18 days ago)
This is giving me extreme Howl’s Moving Castle vibes. Lol
LordValairium (19 days ago)
This looks so stupid.
Zzygyy (19 days ago)
Fantasy. That's all
Harry Freeman (20 days ago)
Read the book, I just want to know what Reeve’s other books would look like if put to the silver screen: RAILHEAD!!
Yuchen Liu (21 days ago)
When you survived FrostPunk
Magistar (21 days ago)
this is retarded. Extremely literal. Probably has some shitty message about harmony and boarders attached to it. All the bad guys will be white. Seen it before.
Zzygyy (19 days ago)
Naw. Looks cool.
tsu 800 (21 days ago)
I guess this puts paid to the Dam Busters remake then if Peter Jackson had time to make this instead!
Cpt. Noms (21 days ago)
So this is Mad Max but outside of Australia?
Zzygyy (19 days ago)
Fantasy mad max epic scale
Debby Williams (22 days ago)
Quillan Jacobson (24 days ago)
I can’t help but feel likr this is some moronic civil discourse bashing corporations. Because what could be moreintelligent than bashing the peoplewho give you the money to purchase your tvs, your ipads, your phones your books, and oh ya, your fucking homes! Ya, they’re the bad guys cause they’re making you do hard scary work. I’dlive to see modern people 300 years ago, they’d fucking crumble and starve
Yaoi goddess (24 days ago)
Reminds me of Howls moving castle for some reason
Ziooby4 (25 days ago)
Minas Tirith is chasing Mordor!!!
NINJAH Productions (25 days ago)
Imagine this on acid
Zzygyy (19 days ago)
Hell ya!!! I saw matrix of mushrooms 19 yrs ago lol
NINJAH Productions (25 days ago)
"How often do we go to the movies today and genuinely see things we've never seen before?" This is a cool concept and all but really? The main plot line of this film and it's motivation is a kid trying to get revenge on the person That killed her mother, if you ask me ive seen that numerous times.
DogeEars (22 days ago)
+NINJAH Productions Nice! The first book is "Mortal Engines" (but you probably know that already :P)
NINJAH Productions (22 days ago)
+DogeEars I will, thanks.
DogeEars (22 days ago)
+NINJAH Productions yea I agree about it being generic, but yea, try to check out the books (well at least the first one) their really good!
NINJAH Productions (22 days ago)
+DogeEars unfortunantly I havent read the books, so ill check them out but regardless, it's kind of a generic plot motivation.
DogeEars (22 days ago)
have you read the books? I think that Hester's revenge part isn't that big in the book.
How coast entrance cinema show 1€ euro for me 😊
crush1221 (25 days ago)
Transformers already did it.
againstthetimes (26 days ago)
I'm excited for it :) But I am worried about how it will do at the box office... I don't know anyone else, in person, who even knows that this movie is coming out :/
Melinda Desa (4 days ago)
*Mortal Engines 2018* Movie Available : t.co/QHfzzvIJmh An óutstanding móvie! Go see it now
Vijay Mannay (26 days ago)
Seems just like the snowpiercer movie
Brian h (26 days ago)
please don't bomb, I want the other books to have an adaption too
Cor sijtsma (1 day ago)
+Ezequiel Agostinho wikipedia
Ezequiel Agostinho (1 day ago)
Cor sijtsma where you saw that? I can't see anything yet at Box Office Mojo.
Cor sijtsma (3 days ago)
Expected 12-15 million gross in its opening weekend. Grossed 17.9 already after 4 days. Its safe to say that we will get the sequels
Sandra Alexa (9 days ago)
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Kia Andrade (11 days ago)
Mortal Engines |f u L L M o v i e : t.co/BACFUSwsFX
Bioshock infinity .vibes,🤩🤩🤩🤩
pj hall (26 days ago)
Drying land is not a myth I seen it!!! Lol
joe calahan (27 days ago)
i'm already giving this movie four star judging from the trailers. i'm very impressed mr. Jackson and weta digital you have gone north of my exceptations
Lara Morriset (11 days ago)
Mortal Engines |f u L L M o v i e : t.co/BACFUSwsFX
7notes (27 days ago)
Mellow Jello (27 days ago)
So basically Coruscant
Kip Path (27 days ago)
Wow looking forward to this movie, can't wait!!
Randy Coolbaugh (24 days ago)
I know! .. I first heard of this movie like two years ago!
MrAcerulez (27 days ago)
I really wish that this got more attention
Melinda Desa (4 days ago)
*Mortal Engines 2018* Movie Available : t.co/QHfzzvIJmh An óutstanding móvie! Go see it now
Steve Roberts (20 days ago)
Then post it on your social media, put it out there. The books are fantastic and the story gets better book by book....
Tracy Anderson (27 days ago)
Awesome ! Cant wait to see this ! Hera and Jihae , beautiful women !
Jackenstein Meoffberg (27 days ago)
This movie is going to blow.
Blaggard Prinz (28 days ago)
Okay... you're starting to convince me. Let the games begin Peter! I have faith in you!
SS Robs (28 days ago)
But why though? I'm sorry, I'm sure the books explained it better but what's the point exactly?
SS Robs (16 days ago)
Joel Punwani I'm asking what's the point of using houses and buildings?Why do they exist in the first place? Like I said I'm sure it's explained better by the books but from the trailers it just seems like a poor attempt to make some interesting visuals under the disguise of social commentary.
Joel Punwani (16 days ago)
SS Robs there isn’t a point anymore, it’s ineffective, prey is scarce - but if any city settles down, it’ll get devoured. They’re trapped in an unsustainable cycle of consumption. Rarely are action and social commentary as well combined as by Phillip Reeve!
F. B. I (28 days ago)
This looks so stupid
InstalloGaming (28 days ago)
There he goes again, making more ridiculous shit.
the drive (28 days ago)
sure it's silly, but why not
arielcit0 (29 days ago)
Somebody please give a hair comb to Peter Jackson!!!! He looks like a homeless man...
COOL COMPLEX TV (29 days ago)
Can you guys please make a remake of back to the future that would be awsome
Vinyl Blair (6 days ago)
Because we don't need a another Hollywood remake of a classic movie..I mean look what happened to Ghostbusters they absolutely dry bummed it then soaked it in petrol and set the fucker on fire...!
COOL COMPLEX TV (7 days ago)
Vinyl Blair how and why
Vinyl Blair (9 days ago)
That's a bad idea, in fact it's the baddest idea ever thought up in the history of bad ideas.....!
CineVore (21 days ago)
DrakeRedwingOfficial (28 days ago)
That would be cool!
Una nueva saga llega con Peter Jackson.
Fleet Admiral Auto (29 days ago)
virusguy5611 (9 days ago)
Invader Tak (11 days ago)
Fleet Admiral Auto London vs Pine ridge ...
Kia Andrade (11 days ago)
Mortal Engines |f u L L M o v i e : t.co/BACFUSwsFX
OwtDaftUK (19 days ago)
Surely not as scary the 2nd time. Oh no! your gonna have to kick some British butt again. Though fun fact the quote is fiction. He never said it as most of his regime considered them self to be British still at the time.
david bulger (21 days ago)
Sevrin :-D (29 days ago)
Lord of the rings in the future and London is Minas Tirith
Lara Morriset (11 days ago)
Mortal Engines |f u L L M o v i e : t.co/BACFUSwsFX
Ziooby4 (24 days ago)
??? I have read the books... The books for Mortal Engines AND The Lord Of The Rings
Andri Morrissey (24 days ago)
read the books
Sevrin :-D (26 days ago)
+Ziooby4 yeah. But i looks like minas thirit with wheels xD
Ziooby4 (26 days ago)
Yeah, but London is a sort of antagonist in Mortal Engines, so maybe Mordor would be better?
gunnah123 (29 days ago)
I hate it cause I had to study the book in school.
chatboss000 (28 days ago)
Man, bummer that school put a damper on it. I read Jeanne Duprau's "The City of Ember" for middle school and still loved the book anyway.
Ziooby4 (29 days ago)
Imagine a Lego Mortal Engines!!!!!!!!
Lara Morriset (11 days ago)
Mortal Engines |f u L L M o v i e : t.co/BACFUSwsFX
Randy Coolbaugh (24 days ago)
you know what, im 48 y.o. and I think that would be AWSOME!!...
Lars Groeger (25 days ago)
already done https://youtu.be/_1j03SlkXWM
erazem350 (25 days ago)
please no
Ziooby4 (25 days ago)
And I already have seen that XD
Ziooby4 (29 days ago)
ShadowPlague Xx (26 days ago)
Seth Davidson (27 days ago)
i was so worried they were going to try an merge chrome and valentine.
Julien Frielinghaus (28 days ago)
Yes, finally Crome!
Fleet Admiral Auto (29 days ago)
GoodOleUltraviolence (29 days ago)
Gives me Hunger Games vibes. Not good.
Jamin Jedi (29 days ago)
This all looks so good! (Well except the scar but I’m NEARLY over that, not that I’ll ever like it)
Lara Morriset (11 days ago)
Mortal Engines |f u L L M o v i e : t.co/BACFUSwsFX
Mary Ellen Pallozzi (29 days ago)
Universal Pictures, both you guys and Illumination Entertainment needs to make absolutely sure that Illumination Entertainment's Super Mario Bros. movie is, WAY beyond a shadow of a doubt, not only a fun Super Mario Bros. animated movie that both Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment themselves has ever created in recent years, not only the most entertaining Illumination Entertainment animated movie the company itself has ever created in recent years that both Illumination Entertainment lovers and haters alike will find total enjoyment out of it, but it's also the, if not, THE best video game adaptation movie ever created to date out of all of the other god-awful video game adaptation movies in the past few decades, period! Even the trailers for Illumination Entertainment's Super Mario Bros. will 100-110% honestly show everybody in the world that the movie will be, hands down, THE biggest and most entertainingly fun video game adaptation animated movie event of the century and NOT another bad video game adaptation animated movie.
NintendoBrother (26 days ago)
Mary Ellen Pallozzi make it to where Iwata himself would appear as a ghost to see the movie himself
DrakeRedwingOfficial (28 days ago)
Good advice, but what does this have to do with Mortal Engines? XD
Durgesh Kumar (29 days ago)
Very nice
Akash Ramnauth (29 days ago)
This will make a great video game
Kia Andrade (11 days ago)
Mortal Engines |f u L L M o v i e : t.co/BACFUSwsFX
Sam Roberts (17 days ago)
Akash Ramnauth, exactly my thoughts. Gonna check this movie out using boxxy software. Hope it will be great.
NintendoBrother (20 days ago)
Malakite 1708 and I think if your town ends up hunted and captured, your town drops a few sizes and you lose some of your resources
Akash Ramnauth (20 days ago)
+Malakite 1708 that's exactly what I was thinking
As they rise in tiers, they become more wealthy. But, it is also becomes more difficult to escape
Sandra Alexa (9 days ago)
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Brella Haire (13 days ago)
Mortal Engines Movie Available in hd Quality Stream Now : t.co/BACFUSwsFX
Ziooby4 (25 days ago)
Either an Airship or a kite like Theo has at the beginning of A Darkling Plain
Peter Mason (29 days ago)
H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X physically and socially
+Martin Drkoš I suppose a parachute might come in handy as well
Fares M (29 days ago)
Wow that's a great trailer, best of luck, can't wait to watch it
C.V. Rajendra (29 days ago)
This is the anti-theses of the current trend of democracy and equality
Harpreet Singh # (29 days ago)
Peter Jackson is really great director
DrakeRedwingOfficial (28 days ago)
+SgtZima *in John Cena voice* are you sure about that?
SgtZima (28 days ago)
+DrakeRedwingOfficial The Hobbit trilogy and Lovely Bones would like a few words.
DrakeRedwingOfficial (28 days ago)
+Selcouth Coddiwompler Still, if he's involved, you know it's gonna be good
Selcouth Coddiwompler (29 days ago)
I agree, but I'd like to mention he's not actually directing this. Christian Rivers is, and he's been almost a protégé of Jackson's. Jackson is mostly a producer for this, but apparently he came in several times (at least) just to do some minor camera work. Nevertheless, I am excited for this, and I have very high hopes and expectations.
Ajmal Hussain (29 days ago)
Best advanced movie waiting to watch in cinemas
Kia Andrade (11 days ago)
Mortal Engines |f u L L M o v i e : t.co/BACFUSwsFX
Sunny Singh (29 days ago)
Im in 🖒
Calidad 👅
Shankar EA (29 days ago)
Avetor UAC (29 days ago)
Буду ожидать
gσlυ gαυтαм (29 days ago)

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