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Tooltip Text Using HTML and CSS

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How to create simple tooltip text/button (left,top,bottom,right) using html5 and css3
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Text Comments (7)
marios green (1 month ago)
how can I write in right and left corner and be in the same line?
Ritesh Web (8 months ago)
Hello music change KR lo
krishna thentu (1 year ago)
music :D hehe what's going on...!
Mr Robot (1 year ago)
music can't tell what's going right there...
ParkourInfo (1 year ago)
dislaked ..... show us the result already how do you expect us to know what is doing what
Dessan (1 year ago)
It is amazing! and what is the name of backstage music there?
Code Tube (1 year ago)
hasheed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBsU0A1cnDA&index=33&list=PLFARlIiBxr95F9JFTKTYwsJhnVjTP2GCr

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