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5 Zero Waste & Eco-Friendly Swaps No.2

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Part 2 of my Zero Waste series! Making some hygiene swaps to reduce paper waste and water pollution. Let's save the planet! Weeeee! My previous zero waste swaps video https://youtu.be/5JsdZh9bdpc S O C I A L: DEPOP - https://www.depop.com/kristenleo VLOG CHANNEL - https://www.youtube.com/KristenEtc BLOG - http://kristenleotsakou.blogspot.com/ INSTAGRAM - http://instagram.com/KristenLeo/ __ Swap No.1 Cleancult laundry detergent pods https://www.cleancult.com/ Use discount code KRISTENLEO for a 60% off discount! Swap No.2 Tushy bidet http://bit.ly/2v2RDck Swap No.3 Me Luna menstrual cup https://www.me-luna.eu/en_GB Swap No.4 Reusable cloth napkins instead of paper napkins Swap No.5 Repurposing and reusing packaging for items I pack and post from my depop shop. Pssst you should totally check out my depop shop btw https://www.depop.com/kristenleo __ LEARN MORE ABOUT UNETHICAL MATERIALS FUR https://youtu.be/DE56fAD3HyE ANGORA https://youtu.be/PtAFHyXS31M LEATHER https://youtu.be/6WB7ekqInfc WOOL https://youtu.be/M5Ge5raSOfU FAQ'S: Are you Greek? - I'm half Greek half Portuguese. Where do you live? - In Greece Why do you have an American accent? - My parents grew up in the US so I was raised bilingual speaking Greek and English What camera do you use? - For my main videos I use the canon 5d mark ii with a 24-70mm f/2.8 sigma lens or the 40mm pancake lens. For vlogs usually my gopro hero 4 silver or the canon s120 (very bad audio, wouldn't recommend this to anyone) Where can I find a list of ethical brands? - Right here! http://kristenleotsakou.blogspot.gr/p/ethical-brands.html *This is not a sponsored video
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Text Comments (168)
Eileen Brynn (2 days ago)
I feel like these videos help me fight my depression. They leave me so happy and it helps me realize who I want to become! Thank you <3
Fabr a (1 month ago)
Wow I tried to google Tushy and all I got was sites about anal porn popping up... I didn’t know what tushy meant
WeiYinChan (1 month ago)
I would never reuse a towel to wipe my butt after doing my business but if you use a bidet you are just drying it after it’s clean, which is the same as if you dry it after shower.
Michaela Mew (5 months ago)
I don't think that bag that the laundry pods are in is recyclable. Generally non stretch plastic bags are not recyclable.
Amy Griffith (7 months ago)
Love this video a lot!! Amazing tips & now I know a few things I can be way more conscious of! Thank you again!
Allie (9 months ago)
Women n the 18th century got periods 30-50 times through ought their ENTIRE life.... Were never going to make it to that point due to gmos, ect,...
Emily Meier (8 months ago)
Allie couldn’t that have been because of malnutrition? I’ve never seen research that links gmos to menstruation especially since GMOs were only widely introduced into people’s diets in the 90s
Kendra Sullivan (9 months ago)
I cant sit and wait on the toilet, my hemorrhoids will flare
Abigail Ebejer (9 months ago)
Regarding the bidet, aren't you using a bunch of water instead? And how are you sure that your butt is clean? This is interesting but idk
Veggie Groot (9 months ago)
You could also use cloth wee pads.. wash em.. use em.. wash em.. 😂 check out Rehana's zero waste toilet video :)
Valerie Cintron (10 months ago)
thank you for helping our environment!
Ruth Lee (11 months ago)
I am totally with you about the clothes, substantial amount is the operating word here. A lot of minimalist I've come across on youtube advocate on having very few clothes (and some are not even the high quality ones), not considering needing to wash them more often than needed, the water it consumes and the toll it takes on fabrics from constants rubbing together in the washer. Thanks for pointing that out!
WanderRealm (11 months ago)
Actually it's cleaner to use to a bidet. Every time I visit Egypt I go toilet paperless and I actually feel cleaner 😊
PotOfTeaMulan (11 months ago)
you can already modify yourself to not have your period anymore, if you feel so inclined, there are several ways to achieve that actually. regardless of that tacky basic joke the video was quite informative, good luck on your zero waste journey
Vi Oig (11 months ago)
Thanks for hooking it up with the 60% off discount :D ❤❤❤❤❤
Anne Someone (11 months ago)
Is the first one actually zero waste?
Miles B (11 months ago)
but... the laundry detergent... is in a plastic bag????
Inês Margato (1 year ago)
Love your vids Kristen!! I noticed you are Greek before, but now I just realized you are half Portuguese, yeyy! I'm Portuguese :) You always give good tips, being conscious about all around us it's definitely a process <3 Love from Portugal!
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
+Inês Margato aw! I love Portugal! Wish I could visit more often! 💖
Kristy Lorson (1 year ago)
I'm a little confused - the first zero waste swap you talk about in this video is laundry detergent in plastic packaging? Or is the packaging compostable? By the way, if you're using reusable pads, it's not much of a leap to cloth toilet wipes :).
Bridget G (1 month ago)
i was confused about this too?
thealmostbohemian (1 year ago)
Updated hair routine please cause ya girl is at the dangerous brink of chopping her hair off all over again lol
thealmostbohemian (1 year ago)
Kristen Leo Honestly same do what works for you. Do you still trim your hair the same and use Lani lol
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
+thealmostbohemian 🙈 but I don't have an updated one, been doing the same thing since 2014 😂
Hannah McDonald (1 year ago)
Is Me Luna cruelty free? A lot of menstrual cups are tested on animals.
issey (1 year ago)
Highly recommend lunapads for reusable pads ♻
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
+issey thanks for the tip! 💖
Hi! First of all I wanted to thank you and tell you that you're immensely helpful! I wanted to ask you if you know Apivita, the Greek brand. It's eco-friendly, vegan, and more beautiful stuff. Today I'm going to buy a few of their products, and thought that you might know a bit more about them since you live in Greece. :) Thanks for your time and recommendations. Xx
Not vegan :( work with bee wax
Berta Rovira Picó (1 year ago)
you're probably one of the most interesting youtubers... i love your consciousness and your motivation for de eco-changes! Go for it!
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
+Berta Rovira Picó 😃😃😃 you're so sweet! Thank you so much!!!
Chiara rot (1 year ago)
What's weird with using a bidet??? Here in Italy it's mandatory and I can't believe people find it weird to wash their butt after they poop or use a towel afterwards... like, you'll wash that towel, and you're using it to wipe a clean butt, it won't be dirty!!!
lovesawesome (1 year ago)
how is that laundry detergent zero waste? o.o it comes in plastic.
Charo Perlacia (1 year ago)
when it comes to the cup you might have some accidents at first but nothing to be superworried about, I mean if the cup is not placed properly you will feel it, after 2 or 3 months at most ou will be a pro at put it in but if you need to have some protecion for your peace of mind you can make your own pantiliner with toilet paper and tape haha yes, you just change it everytime you go to the bathroom and you will feel good and secure
Gabrielle Hamel (1 year ago)
I love that you are on this journey and doing your part to be more environmentally friendly! That being said, please contemplate switching your laundry detergent once again. The pods you are using are wrapped in plastic, which will break down and lead to micro plastic particles being let into our water supplies. Please contemplate looking into using the totally plastic free & toxic free laundry detergent from Simply Co. It works so well and is even more environmentally friendly!! Cheers!
Charles Cayton (1 year ago)
iam new ashley hi I like video cool lol
OhYeaLindseyYea (1 year ago)
Was anyone else disturbed by her comment about females being genetically modified to not have PERIODS??? Yeah it's inconvenient, but it's human nature. We can't bear children without menstruating. I watched this video because I respect her lifestyle and I'm trying to learn more but to me that comment takes away from her credibility a bit.
desiree2086 (1 year ago)
I don't think it's ment to be taken so seriously. The idea of living without periods is just great for many women, but we know that will never happen.
Hex Light (1 year ago)
You are so adorably awkward
S W (1 year ago)
I started using Dr. Watkins laundry detergent recently and it's great! Works on my stinky workout clothes and heavy towels too! I also add a couple drops of peppermint oil to the load ;) The soap comes in a cardboard box, yay! https://www.jrwatkins.com/home-care.aspx?facet=%7B656D7585-E83B-41E5-AE45-2A844CC59BE1%7D
Lucy Landsteiner (1 year ago)
Hey Kristen I Love Love Love your Channel !!! Since 6 months I am only purchasing thrifted clothing and I will never go back to fast fashion but I am on a rlly low budget and I need New underwear and socks,I think thrifting is not the best idea here 😂😂 I looked up some fair brands but the stuff is just tooo expensive . Would be nice if you had some tips Love from Germany 🌻🌻❤️❤️
Tamar Komla (1 year ago)
Fabric pads are awesome. Used them for decades while i was young. Now I'm old and nature has kicked in to support my eco lifestyle😊 Mother nature is good that way.
Sukkari Life (1 year ago)
"now this is on my channel forever" Aaaaaah hahahahaha love youu
Solarpunk Artist (1 year ago)
Absolutely love you and your channel! (: Try buying more eco unbleached toilet paper with recycled packaging if you can't swap to cloth. Check out Lauren Singer and Bea Johnson if you haven't already. Some other easy swaps for anyone & some that can save you money in the long run: silicone cooking sheets instead of parchment paper, stainless steel/bamboo straws, tea towels/'shower cap' cloth food covers/vegan wrappa reusable replacement for plastic wrap and ziplocs (you can also make you're own out of cotton fabric & wax), a tea infuser instead of tea bags, french press, (if you already own a keurig they have reusable keurig cups), a pre-owned water flosser or metal dental pick (possibly vegan silk floss, not sure about it), a bamboo toothbrush, cotton rounds for makeup removal, etc. And as always try to make at home or buy secondhand! (:
Jamie Kate Adoc (1 year ago)
I've been wanting to switch to bidet! Thanks for the recommendation!
holisticmaya (1 year ago)
You inspire me to become a better human!
Natalia Patrakova (1 year ago)
Hi Kristen! I just discovered your channel and I love what you are doing here. You are a beautiful woman and it is incredible that you make these great statements and rise important issues spreading awareness instead of doing another cliche beauty channel. Keep it up, girl! Greetings from Russia! p.s. (been to Greece, loved it!)
lilly bunny (1 year ago)
Hey, don't sweat it, but Meluna tests their silicone on animals. In the furture, cruelty free menstrual cups include the ruby cup, the diva cup, the juju cup, the lunette cup, the femmecup, the mooncup, and the organicup! Also, I highly reccomend cloth pads! Some of my favorite Etsy makers are HomeSewnDelights, Lingonvecka cloth pads, county cloth creations, and mimi's dreams, and yurtcraft. Novel Red has their own site, and although they're a bit pricier, the quality is definitely there.
Abby Faery (1 year ago)
I know it was sponsored but you should try to make your own laundry soap, its super simple with just a couple ingredients that you can buy in bulk that lasts for a long time, but it might not be so natural, just a thought :) loved the video
Rachel (1 year ago)
Hey Kristen, you should try soap nuts as laundry detergent! I have never tried them myself but that's what most "zero wasters" use to wash their clothes! They're completely natural, compostable, etc. check them out :)
Lilly (6 months ago)
Soap nuts come from India, and people there have been using them for generations. The issue is that there's now a higher demand for them in western countries, so people in India can't afford them anymore and resort to using harmful detergents instead. When they wash their clothes in rivers and natural bodies of water, the chemicals from these detergents enter the ecosystem directly and cause a lot of harm :(
Lauren Fry (8 months ago)
Rachel Yes they're brilliant. Apparently horse chestnuts can be used too. (There are tutorials on this). I use only cold water and turn off the machine before the rinse cycle (and skip to spin) so that I use half the amount of water.
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
+Rachel Haven't heard great reviews about them 😅 most of my laundry is workout clothes and I don't think the soap nuts would cut it 😜
Marie Bach (1 year ago)
Butt... (hehe) don't you dry your underparts with a towel when you get out of the shower? Wouldn't that be the same? Also, NOT ordering stuff online is even better than stuff being shipped in eco friendly packaging. Of course, sometimes it cant ve avoided but I honestly rather go to the store and pay more than order stuff on Amazon.
Marie Bach (1 year ago)
Kristen Leo that's true and it's what I meant by "can't be avoided" :) what's your opinion on vegetable saving boxes? In Germany there is this new start up company that "saves" vegetables that aren't sold in shops because they are a bit wonky etc. You can order a box full of stuff and it's delivered to your house. So far, I don't do it because they and the cooperating farms are situated in the south while I live in the west. I'm skeptical whether I would be doing any good by ordering things from 700km away instead of buying my veggies on the farmers market.
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
+Marie Bach I don't live in an area where I have access to natural and vegan cleaning products, makeup etc. and whatever options exist are largely imported and I know a looot of other people watching my videos are in the same situation, so ordering online I think is better than supporting toxic or unethical brands 😉
alwaysneed2learn (1 year ago)
LOVE your ideas (and enthusiasm)! We go through socks like CRAZY here so old ones are soaked, washed in hot water and used as rags. We no longer throw away socks and we don't have to buy rags :)
Minimal Mechelle (1 year ago)
Love the video :) Your hair is getting so long <3
Hyyacinthus A (1 year ago)
I also changed detergent in home and cleaning products for some nature friendly products and my daughter is coughing less , I guess those allergies were from chemicals they were giving her a cough. Also I like your washing strategy , I also use it I gather alot of clothes and then wash them. I use vinegar mixed with water for floors and soda for sinks n bath tub it really cleans n does not leave ugly smelly chemical behind.
alissa patterson (1 year ago)
love your channel. you are beautiful. the laundry detergent is not zero waste. the bag that contains the laundry detergent is plastic and non-recyclable.
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
+alissa patterson it says it's recyclable right on the package 😉
S (1 year ago)
Great video! But why do you not want to use a towel to wipe your butt after it has already been sprayed clean? Don't you do that when you get out of the shower?
bhavsplate (1 year ago)
Ahaha sometimes I feel guilty for not being a minimalist when it comes to fashion but I also justify having a lot of clothes by thinking I'm #environmentallyfriendly by only doing laundry in giant loads and being able to do it bc I have enough clothes to last a while without laundry 😂😂
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
+bhavsplate hahah clever us muahahah 😜
Simone Ezendam (1 year ago)
The meluna didn't work for me at all, but luckily theres tons of brands for menstrual cups
Meg Harte (1 year ago)
So this is just "zero waste" products you got sponsored to promote? Say upfront its sponsored if you're getting a kickback. In some countries you have to legally declare it. If you're in a large city then water from your washing machine or toilet goes to municipal water treatment before anything ends up in the environment. Engineers and scientists, together with planners ensure that the water that exits your house doesn't harm the environment. So long as you aren't on a septic system or depositing directly to the environment, you waste water is not harming the environment.
Meg Harte (1 year ago)
Hi Kirsten. I didn't realise you lived in a small town. Apologies. I still do feel that getting things for free is sponsorship. They are providing products to you in exchange for promotion and the links in your description. I appreciate that they are products you believe in, but i still feel it should be said upfront. It doesn't feel nice to get halfway through a video and realise is a kind of advertisement. I really like your channel content though, just a bit more transparency would enhance the viewer experience even more.
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
+Meg Harte I received some of these products for free but this isn't a sponsored video. When any of my videos are sponsored I always say it in the video and description box. Every product that I promote on my channel (sponsored or not) is because I genuinely support the brand and the product. 💖 But the only way for youtubers to make a living is either through sponsorships or crowdfunding like patreon. I don't feel comfortable taking money from my audience or making videos for a select few so I work hard to be able to collaborate with conscious brands with ethics I align with. Without sponsorships my videos would not be possible. 😉 Also I do not live in a large city and there is no municipal water treatment in my area and same applies for almost every city other than Athens here in Greece unfortunately. So keeping water clean is very important here.
Artemis (1 year ago)
Πολύ ωραίο βίντεο, σε παρακολουθώ από καιρό και έχουν πολύ ενδιαφέρον τα βίντεο σου. Θα ήθελα να σε ρωτήσω, σχετικά με το depop, με τι τρόπο στέλνεις τις παραγγελίες που σου κάνουν; Ξεκίνησα πρόσφατα να το χρησιμοποιώ και δεν ξέρω τι τιμές μεταφορικών να βάλω σε ο,τι πουλάω. Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ προκαταβολικά :)
Υφασματινες σερβιετες και σερβιετακια μπορεις να βρεις απο το sapontina(.gr), που ειναι ελληνικο μαγαζι κ εχει αρκετη ποικιλια πιστευω!
Gen Searcaigh (1 year ago)
You can make your own laundry detergent as well! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AW75w_FWVUVS6GSsl8K_QCuusOeQyP9QYerjFzoXTbf_GZLTmMBcqjs/ Also washing soda is just dried baking soda.
jess watts (1 year ago)
Question: is the plastic packaging that the laundry detergent comes in recyclable? It looks like material that wouldn't recycle. Just wondering is all. I live in England and recently discovered Ecover and the great thing is that I also found a local whole food shop which I can refill the bottles and it's cheaper to do that as well, win win. Also love the tushy thing, I was in A small village in Nepal for 2 months and never used loo paper and just a bucket of water and jug, you just get used to it! Love you video btw :)
earthling kay (1 year ago)
I LOVE your whale tattoo. So cute. Ugh.
madison.smiles (1 year ago)
you're such an inspiration 💕
Meow Glab (1 year ago)
I don't think I could use a menstrual cup............... I just don't want any blood or nasty shit in my sink. That's where my clean hands and my mouth cleaning stuff goes. And once in a while, everyone drops their toothbrush in there. I don't want to ever drop my toothbrush and then know "now there's PERIOD BLOOD GERMS ON THIS". Maybe that's just me, I'm kind of a germaphobe.
Meow Glab (1 year ago)
Camila De la Hoz I guess so. Still just grosses me out a bit.
Camila De la Hoz (1 year ago)
Meow Glab don't worry, blood is not nasty at all. You have worst bacteria in your mouth than in your blood. You should be more worried about your cup touching your sink...
Diana Nguyen (1 year ago)
new goal in adult life: get a bidet
K C (1 year ago)
What about the bag the pods come in?
Hannah Trilling (1 year ago)
Hey!! I love your channel! Anyways, I just wanted to let you know about @eco_dreams on Instagram! I've been following them for awhile, and they are an eco-friendly and zero-waste company that specializes in reusable period products. I really think you should check them out! So yeah, I just wanted to let you know! 🤗
Helene (1 year ago)
Cleancult only ships to the US tho? But you live in Greece? I'm confused...
Aurora Wolf (1 year ago)
I was looking for a bidet for so long!!!Yaaaass !!!Love your video as always 😘😘😘
you're going an awesome job! Just wondering though; the laundry detergent comes in plastic??, i'm confused is it recycled plastic or recyclable?
Sofia Rosas (1 year ago)
you have the same menstrual cup as me!!
Steph P. (1 year ago)
does cleancult ship internationally (Germany)?
As a 0 waste beginner, the first thing I did was get reusable straws for this big 30 oz cup I have. I carry it around with me or bring the straws when I go out to eat so I'm not wasting a random straw or constantly throwing cups away. Also, I get my facial moisturiser in these small tubs, and when I finish the product I clean the tub and put coconut oil mixed with shea butter in it for my haircare, because my jar of coconut oil is running low and my gross man hands don't fit in the jar.
C Stefan (1 year ago)
Being a coastal resident straws were one of the first things to go for me...I see them in the water and at the beach all the time...super not cool for our manatees, porpoise or whales. If you want to see a great doc on how our waste is actually showing up in our environment almost unnoticeably "Inside the Garbage of the World" explains very well without great bias.
ILoveYou (1 year ago)
yo periods are extremely sacred... its a necessary part of being the childbearing sex :P thanks for the tip <3
Cathrin B (1 year ago)
Hey Kristen, you really inspired me to shop at thrift stores instead of fast fashion stores! It's so much more fun and makes me feel really good. Also in general your channel is really inspiring. I followed you for videos on veganism, but I love the path you have taken.
Greisy H (1 year ago)
How do you make the little animations (intro) ? I loved this video and I suggest you try composting if it's possible
delaney (1 year ago)
I have been watching your channel for a long time and I'm still in love with your videos and passion for everything you believe in. I too have long, thick, wavy/curly hair and was hoping for updates on your hair care and maybe more tutorials? Thanks !
Celimene (1 year ago)
You deserve so much more subscribers and views! I always learn so much things when I watch your videos Kristen, I love it!!! 😍. Thanks for all the tips and links. Love youuuuuu
Four Hemispheres (1 year ago)
Your hair looks magical! And good on you for sharing this :) 💟
PumpkinSpiceAllYear (1 year ago)
I need to tell my husband about that bidet! He's Italian and he thinks it's disgusting that North America as a whole doesn't use them! :-P
Beatrice Valentini (1 year ago)
Melissa Loves Thrifting thank you for this comment!! i was worrying to be the only Italian complaining for the "we want bidets to be used everywhere" thing 😂😂😂
Maria Halonen (1 year ago)
I switched to a plant based diet this month and I feel SO good. My skin is pretty clear (I do have some spots because I'm 14 so my hormones are acting crazy) and I have so much more energy. You inspire me a lot ❤️ Could you do a video on vegan snacks and vegan food that would be easy to bring to school? Love from Finland 🇫🇮 ❤️
Machka0 (1 year ago)
I have been using my mooncup for over half a year now and I like it, I'm glad I reduced the amount of trash that I make with this, and I'm saving money. There are even no leaks anymore, after a few in the begining when I was still learning to use it. Every woman should switch to this :)
Roxie Whitmire (1 year ago)
I'm genuinely confused and curious.... What about deforestation vs wasting clean water? Using tp isn't great for the environment, but isn't it a waste of water for it to be used in a bidet? Trying to reduce waste can be so confusing.
Roxie Whitmire (1 year ago)
Kristen Leo Thanks for spreading the good word
Roxie Whitmire (1 year ago)
Kristen Leo oh I had no idea. I definitely want to research on how tp is manufactured now. Thanks girl
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
+Roxie Whitmire hahah I understand. ☺️ Tp uses a lot more water in order to be produced, using plain old water actually wastes less water! ✨
Maiara Caroline (1 year ago)
Hi, would you mind making a video recommending Depop sellers with a style similar to yours? Thanks.
living unjaded (1 year ago)
Lol that bidet though! Props for trying that out--still haven't gotten that far, even though Tushy makes it seem cool. If you're still wiping, an easy ZW-ish swap is to use TP wrapped in recyclable/compostable paper :)
lackofcorporate (1 year ago)
I have always been so into wet wipes then I realized how wasteful they are, and how they are just more effective because water is the best way to get clean!! Bidets ftw
lackofcorporate (1 year ago)
I love my Meluna cup! I hope you like yours. I wear pantyliners everyday I got them from an Etsy shop called CarolinesCreations they've lasted me years, I believe they do ship internationally as well (:
C Stefan (1 year ago)
I had accidentally stumbled upon your video and wanted to say congratulations....good sensible living lessons presented in an captivating and thoughtful manner. This is a great next step and there are many more aspects of ones daily routines that could be returned to clean honest living such as our dish soap, bathing oils and shampoos that not only effect our bodies yet our environment as you have wonderfully explained. Please continue to search out products and share as you are a natural at embracing an audience's attention. I am confident you will keep making an impact by changing the world for the better one little change at a time that's all we as a human could ever hope for. Thank you...you are appreciated
Emma Glinny (1 year ago)
A little off topic but can anyone recommend where to buy ethically made underwear for a reasonable price? Thank you (:
Christina Montgomery (9 months ago)
Check out Naja! They're a US based company. It's not the cheapest underwear but it's super high quality and the company has amazing ethics
vivaLucci (1 year ago)
Thanks for the link Krishna!
Marie Bach (1 year ago)
Emma Glinny try Under Protection. They are organic yet sexy and have incredible sets!
Emma Glinny (1 year ago)
Krishna Shah really great recommendation, thanks a ton!!
Krishna Shah (1 year ago)
Check out the YT channel My Green Closet, she's a eco friendly fashion designer who talks a lot of about ethical fashion. She's Canadian but currently lives in Germany I believe. She has master directory to find ethical fashion brand. http://verenaerin.ca/brand-directory/
Brittany Thompson (1 year ago)
Trying to go zero waste is really difficult so thank you for your advice! Also I love your videos, thank you so much for taking the time to make them and spread such a powerful message ❤️
Fernanda Michel (1 year ago)
I just started to watch your channel and you are already my #lifegoals
Talya Lapid (1 year ago)
!Love what you do, please never stop sharing the message
endthechase (1 year ago)
Your promo code isn't working :'0
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
Oh no! I'll contact them to get this sorted asap!
Shelbizleee (1 year ago)
I tried zero waste and plastic free for July and it was pretty difficult. I made a series of videos about it as well. Love that you're taking the steps to zero waste :D ALSO, can't believe you switched to a bidet... I just feel like I can't do it haha
Brook Fasano Music (1 year ago)
Go Kristen! I'm working on moving closer to zero waste as well ☺ I didn't know you were portuguese. I'm a little over half portuguese as well. So cool.
Deuterium X (1 year ago)
Kristen, a woman without the period is become in a man👴. We don't need more men in this world. We want women like you with the period and change moods.😍😍😍💘💘💘
Bethany Bell (1 year ago)
What on earth relevence is this ?
Flowered Sentiments (1 year ago)
Joe iluminado what hahah
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure women in menopause definitely do not turn into men hahah
Gracie Arnn (1 year ago)
a couple of things: a.) your hair is just BEYOND INCREDIBLE!! you have the definition of mermaid hair. oh my goodness. you're so beautiful!! b.) your videos are so aesthetically pleasing. the effort and time you put into your vids really shows!! they're so nice to watch! c.) thank you for providing so much rad info on eco living!! you rock!!
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
omigosh thank you Gracie!!! You're so sweet! <3 <3 <3
KC Johnston (1 year ago)
For those who make coffee at home: replace your paper coffee filters with a reusable metal one
Adding on, if you have a Keurig, get normal coffee with a small reusable K cup (at Bed Bath & Beyond I think). They're plastic but it's a one-time buy and no more paper filters if you prefer bagged coffee! And some brands that make K-cup coffee have recyclable pods
Julia Bailey (1 year ago)
I missed your videos!! Its only been a week but still lol
Puck S (1 year ago)
So excited for this video!
Kaenicole (1 year ago)
Your videos are so informative
Lydia McKane (1 year ago)
We need more channels like yours!! anyone have more eco-lifestyle channel recommendations?
Mie Vinther (6 months ago)
Sedona Christina is also really good in my opinion :)
Bella Ecologik (1 year ago)
In spanish Ecologik Barbie :)
Rachel (1 year ago)
Trash is for Tossers, Rogue Gone Vogue, Earth Angel, Sustainably Vegan, the Girl Gone Green. I follow tonnes more on Instagram too
Niecie North (1 year ago)
Girl gone green
Ari Barley (1 year ago)
Sustainably Vegan!
Denise Fellmeth (1 year ago)
Why does laundry detergent has to be gluten free?? xD however, gave it a like ^^ But one question: how can a BD be more ecofriendly than e.g. recycled toilet paper? I know the whole recycling process is very energy-intensive but if your toilet isn't running with rain water you are wasting so much tap water.... or is it still more efficient compared to the water used during toilet paper production? (to lazy to calulate ^^)
Marie Bach (1 year ago)
Denise Fellmeth the problem is mainly in the cleaning of the water. Toilet paper dissolves very finely into the water and it's the same water that you drink from the tap so it has to be very clear. I once did an internship at my local provider of water etc and there I learned that cleaning the water of toiletpaper is just as difficult as getting out the particles of excrements.
Denise Fellmeth (1 year ago)
Okay I did a little reasearch on the celiac diseases... their really is a rare form of dermatitis that is caused by gluten If anyone's as curios as me ^^ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4360499/
Denise Fellmeth (1 year ago)
I love how these websites do not back up their claims with direct references to the originl sources where they take their data from :( not sure how to feel about this. Also I always heard that celiac disease is shows its symptoms only by consumption of gluten containing foods. Never heard about symptoms caused by dermal exposure...
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
Oh and for the gluten free question I think people with celiac disease and extreme sensitivity or allergy to gluten always need to check before purchasing a product if it's gf or not, having it on the label saves them from the hassle of having to contact the brand and ask.
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
the Tushy website has all the info on that ;) Also this article has some helpful numbers on how much water is saved from using a BD instead of toilet paper https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/earth-talks-bidets/
Laurie Hartranft (1 year ago)
Great video, Kristen! Just wanted to let you know that the laundry discount code doesn't work. 😞
Laurie Hartranft (1 year ago)
Kristen Leo by the way--it works now! Thank you!!
Laurie Hartranft (1 year ago)
Kristen Leo ..no problem! Just wanted you to know. 😘
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
Getting it sorted asap! So sorry!
yolo yolo (1 year ago)
I was just thinking about your videos and voila here it is !A brand new !!!😊Great Job for once again !🙋💙you !!
Patricia F (1 year ago)
Will you do a video about anxiety? If you do, when will you film that?
Patricia F (1 year ago)
Kristen Leo great video by the way ;)
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
Only if I ever overcome it completely, not sure when that will happen :P
maya Engel (1 year ago)
Your videos changed my perspective on a lot of thing. Thank you .
maya Engel (1 year ago)
Wow thanks for replying I talk about your channel a lot so it means so much !!
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
That makes me so happy!!! <3

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