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Why you should not learn to code. ("Just stop already, it's too hard.")

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Ex-Google TechLead THE TECHLEAD explains why you should not learn to code. The machines are coming for our jobs, and there just isn't time to learn anymore. http://instagram.com/patrickshyu/ http://twitter.com/patrickshyu/ ‣ TechLead: Season 1 Complete HD available for purchase. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wbKUHBPkh4
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Text Comments (1575)
Kemar Walker (11 hours ago)
This was so funny!
I tell you what, you become pretty normal real quick as soon as you stop drinking loads of coffee ☕️
Janos Marta (1 day ago)
After working years as a programmer you have been burned out, isolated and depressed but you collected enough money to start gardening in your own zen garden with casscades, casscades absolutely needed!
Mister First (1 day ago)
would be fun if he wasn't right, unfortunately pretty much all if it is a sad truth (though may seem like a joke at first)
Trending YouTube (1 day ago)
Iam learning cod because I want to be a hacker 😂😂
Virat Kamble (1 day ago)
LOL Is this a joke video?
TheGothGaming (2 days ago)
this video is pure gold!
Are you stupid ? No coding ? If no coding how can you upload this stupid video ?
Geekymedy (2 days ago)
Learn to think with programming.
Haji Me (2 days ago)
I just hate the words " Give up " "too hard" "no" "enough" and discouragements ~ your video title sucks yo. "Just do it " is the way to go say " YES " to everything. People make their own choices and live with them and its devil's deal to whisper it's cheaper thoughts to people.
Tomasz Czechowski (2 days ago)
the argument with salary was great :D
Steven Griffiths (2 days ago)
Top tier trollin'
Jacob Robertson (3 days ago)
You might be my favorite
Roger Smith (3 days ago)
OMG! I want what you're smoking. IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD ! ! ! Shoot - RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN - Shoot more, run faster
Gabriel Castaneda (3 days ago)
wtf haha
Footage (3 days ago)
I have asperger's and I can't even code.
Justin Young (3 days ago)
I want to hear more about protecting ourselves from the machines.
Steve Bergman (3 days ago)
My favorite humor is dry.
Steve Bergman (3 days ago)
YouTube's AI recommended this to me after I watched "Terminator" earlier this morning.
Alexandr Naumenko (3 days ago)
Thx was laughing out loud
Roger Monteiro (3 days ago)
I prefer learn how to code than sympathize with people lol
Qibby (3 days ago)
thanks god, I'll kill myself
About your last point, I was born with Aspergers, so even if I didn't code, I've been a rational being my whole life. I mean, I used to do math problems for fun. By the way, in case anyone thinks I believe the whole thing, I can tell most of this video was sarcastic, so I'm not taking all of it literally. I do have trouble discerning factual/fictional context at times, but I've improved over time a bit.
Ultra Maxx (4 days ago)
A S (3 days ago)
*"Asserting my dominance and just being in meetings all day" fucking lost it at that one
Calvin Feng (4 days ago)
This is The Onion for software engineering.
Sebastián Cáceres (5 days ago)
as a programming student, you scared the shit out of me
Abdullah Abu Samra (5 days ago)
dude , your reasons doesn't make sense at all , you have a lot of mixture feeling PLZ FIX YOUR THOUGHTS , none of your reasons are rational at all MR.RATIONAL and simply the harder you work the more you gain in any aspect of life , DONE ...
Elaine McCarty (5 days ago)
I got a great laugh when he said a lot of programmers spend the day being a shoulder to cry on. Funny guy! Btw, I am ready for that position now.
Brendan H (6 days ago)
your'e a funny man
Mike Malone (6 days ago)
The point he's making is, don't get into Software Engineering if you plan on half-assing your job. When you do that it means people like me have to get called in to fix your bad code. Don't just become an engineer because you want a six figure salary or higher. Do it because you are passionate about technology. There's nothing worse than performing a job that you hate, even if the money is good.
Michael Thomas (1 day ago)
Accurate summary
Symha Syn (6 days ago)
This just turned out to be another one of those; "The Singularity is Imminent" videos! pllleeeease..... Nahhh he's trolling hahaha
ODUSINA, OLan. (7 days ago)
Learn Trucking, gain one year experience, and buy your own, and be O/O for Amazon!
real work is wearing a suit and shaking hands ? GTFOH
Lucas media (7 days ago)
He had me for the first 2 minutes, HAHAHA!!
Scripter (7 days ago)
You have autism lol
TechLead (7 days ago)
No I don't.
Scripter (7 days ago)
AI is a threat. Thats why we have nuralink.
Scripter (7 days ago)
Lmao coding is easy dont listen to this guy.
Angus Dorbie (7 days ago)
UNGETABLE7 (7 days ago)
dullahan LC. (8 days ago)
Lesson learned: Workout and learn how to set up electro-shields instead of learning how to code. Got it my dude, thank you
Doug Sam (8 days ago)
I wish i can quite my $26k job and be a full time student for software engineering.
gabe quezada (8 days ago)
so glad I bumped into this man.... Like, im serious
Uriel Ramirez (8 days ago)
I robot. Hehe
Michael Hill (9 days ago)
Older wiser...started with BASIC...now with an IDE and ideas for Arduino...so, whatever dude..oh, and I'm in my 60's... just for fun. I don't code...I find problems to solve...better. For myself. Also to fix crapola software done with too many lines..of code. Ugh! Elegant and small is far more efficient. And you don't get sued either...LOL Social skills acquired before this internet...and live in Compton...go figure? Python is interesting and rather useful for some things now. Useless advice...but dry sarcasm isn't your forte, try again...click
UngovernedReason (9 days ago)
Amazing! ha
Quinefan (9 days ago)
Mast3r Razz (9 days ago)
You are an asshol LOL
Bryan L (10 days ago)
Autistic mf someone break his nose in
SnakeEngine (10 days ago)
The last argument was very convincing, shit.
Patrick Cassady (10 days ago)
I knew this had to be bullshit the moment he said AI will write all the algorithms lol
agnel amodia (10 days ago)
5:02 nailed it.
Crypto Nerd (10 days ago)
god 10 minuts of sarcasm without any smile , hope people got it when you said "softwares engeneers get paid a lot"
Luigi Brito (11 days ago)
Judy Brassard (11 days ago)
Bond James (11 days ago)
So encouraging , I like it, for thos fellow assignment group with me
Marcio (12 days ago)
Renee Tate (12 days ago)
WTF! He says you should go do something else so his salary would be higher. Then he said that having a high salary is not good thing!
Limelight Makers (12 days ago)
Electromagnetic shields,battle plan and shit Unsubbed just to sub back.
Abdullah Obaid (12 days ago)
Mark Peter (13 days ago)
Yeah,you're rigth,programming is just like game for me
Webb Geographer (13 days ago)
Rowland O'Connor (13 days ago)
Very funny. Thank you😂
fujisan0388 (13 days ago)
This guy is hilarious! Love his sense of humour.
Ghost - 47 (14 days ago)
Fuck you, i will code and take your cookies.
radiospank (14 days ago)
I love the cynicism and trolling conversation.
Jazeil Xu (14 days ago)
ha ha ha ha ha
gmshadowtraders (14 days ago)
If you ain't a chinaman or indianman yeah just fuck off getmeblad
Lawrence Amo (14 days ago)
you waist our time. this is sh*t
Weihe Wang (14 days ago)
Best from the tech lead
TheStenius (14 days ago)
Microsoft Excel is a softskill for programmers? :D
Vic G (14 days ago)
you are so right. I don't code anymore. I just make sure that other engineers continue to do so. Hopefully I will make it to retirement before the singularity. That's when I will be off GRID.
Leon (14 days ago)
wow... I could just be a battery for the machines after all
Matthew Schreiber (15 days ago)
I clicked so innocently....now my face hurts lol
Katlum None (15 days ago)
Best. Troll. Ever.
Zoltán Boros (15 days ago)
It is escalated very quickly :)) https://youtu.be/wrij5uTtDxE?t=97
shariqtariq (15 days ago)
Lol - this is hilariously true :)
LapuLapu (16 days ago)
Aidan Coleman (16 days ago)
This hyped up my anxiety
Chris Dare (16 days ago)
Don't learn how to code. Learn how to fight against future AI😂😂😂😂
referral madness (16 days ago)
Bruh I can't tell if this guy is serious on not :( I hope AI doesn't take over from human programmers
HW J (16 days ago)
This must divide the community. Those, who are in the middle of this process and define themselves about it, will not love such thoughts. Those, who know how the hare is really running, will agree with him because they know that he is 100% right.
Kairanya Paul (16 days ago)
"Go play your little stupid games" Hahaha...i love the video you are funny man...just for the record am a programmer and i love it ...i now understand why you hate it ....well...we are all different and thanks for sharing.
LangrisserWWE (16 days ago)
I was wondering.... then I get mutual confirmation that he is just trolling by reading the chat below. I now feel really dumb...
Snack eater (17 days ago)
You need to be a fucking comedian lol
Bruce Lee (17 days ago)
I call bullshit.
shad hasan (18 days ago)
No doubt funny...
Abaho Katabarwa (18 days ago)
@TechLead. This is hilarious!
Deewas Tamang (18 days ago)
I want to be a youtuber but AI is taking over
Salmaan Abdullaah (19 days ago)
Am i weird for laughing at his joke when he said "if you learn coding you become a rational being, and you're not able to communicate with the rest of the population anymore", oh and yeah only introverts understand his sense of humor.
eric garcia (20 days ago)
Dude you're a little insane but I like that
Shailendra Yadav (20 days ago)
This guy is all into movies
yao ming (20 days ago)
No joke computers will take over coding jobs they are much smarter and efficient
randompuppet (20 days ago)
You are a beautiful, passionate man.
Jess Jackson (20 days ago)
TechLead  Yes, he is.
TechLead (20 days ago)
Yes, I am.
l pac (21 days ago)
And he just slammed software sales reps. Who make $200k+ to shake hands and buy lunch and dress in a suit.
l pac (21 days ago)
LOL, software engineers that don't code anymore. Those are any job titles with the word "architect" in their title.
TheBlackSmithMakers (22 days ago)
Yeah what the fuck was this video?
Kevin Li (22 days ago)
I don't think the machine war can ever happen during time I am living on this earth
Truth Written (22 days ago)
Tech - how many bottles did you break before you got it right?
Kenneth Martinez (22 days ago)

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