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What Male Body Type Do Girls Like? - Special Edition

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Text Comments (11031)
Tj Hoo (57 minutes ago)
Too bad they didn't find a female with a brain in her head...
Nicholas Moore (8 hours ago)
The cringeee, it burnsss
TheSteelmushroom (20 hours ago)
Being serious here that I was surprise that D got first place. It goes to show that real life is sometimes a lot more different then what you would stereotypically or generally think it would turn out.
Jason Loera (1 day ago)
2:40 😂
Fucking President (1 day ago)
Regardless of body type, all girls want the “D”.
C. Le (1 day ago)
It's so awkward to watch C's face after he takes off his shirt. Like he's expecting that the girls say "wow, Omg what a great body " but they never do. Hahaha
Praneet Kakani (1 day ago)
WTF is this? A, B and C are on steroids if not close (sub 10% body fat) and the others are 20% body fat or above. What happened to everything in between? Also Conor Murphy is on steroids, its obvious. Bitch should come out and admit it.
Justin De Souza (1 day ago)
Man I use to think aesthetics and bodybuilding was attractive, but it’s so damn vein looking
joseph daniel (2 days ago)
omg they picked D what galaxy are they from
yoann birrien (2 days ago)
D why no abs....
DJ Studio (2 days ago)
Good luck bro cause I’ll rock your world worster than you could me am a 6th degree black belt.
DJ Studio (2 days ago)
Don’t treat me.
Rodney Meeks (2 days ago)
Wow.... that guy’s a fucking loser... his dick must be microscopic! 😂
Dorge XL (2 days ago)
Keep your shirt on you beg
Neska Berry (2 days ago)
annnnnnddd...its connor...
IAmMe (2 days ago)
E is fouseytube before he went to the gym lol
Kevin Shreds (3 days ago)
When that guy took his shirt off I started dying that was mad cringe nigga really took his shirt off tryna impress a bittie lmao sus mans
Joseph Leon (3 days ago)
Criiiiinge...what a douche bag 4 real
Michele Kurlan (3 days ago)
B happy medium. Hard work,devotion,genetics.C okay too but B first choice.
Benjamin Yerkes (3 days ago)
That 🍕 shape tho
Michael Fombotioh Chi (4 days ago)
The most stupide dude i have ever seen
Meyco2112 (4 days ago)
where is the skinny bods
r0b690 (4 days ago)
I think some girls prob love that ripped douche type. I mean its cool and all he must have worked hard for it. But just seems over the top. Like these girls that try so hard to be 'hot', when they look better natural.
Hassan Fayazi (4 days ago)
Lol. Who else noticed E is a picture of FouseyTube (2:26)
broly instinct (4 days ago)
Hes just a fuckin show off,,,
Timi Kärkkäinen (4 days ago)
C is like starving training wrong bodybuilder. And about being big: D IS bigger than C
Light Blitz (5 days ago)
What the hell is the difference between a b and c
David Jerome (5 days ago)
Interesting. I picked C as first and D second. Thing is there is a big difference between those two. My body would fit between C and D. And I think more women would pick my type than D. Maybe more than C too in fact.
KonicavaBR (5 days ago)
D. Just like a healthy animal, strong enough to carry heavy things, with a little fat reserve to not get sick in the first winter. Woman dont care for bodybuilders, they care for safety and confort. If you can protect yourself and her, and have enough money to buy her nice things, and provide her confort. Being nice to her is a plus.
l34052 (5 days ago)
I laugh at every 6 pack poser because it's only gym strength not real world practical strength. I have more of a belly but it's real strength, the 6 pack posers would die if you asked them to deadlift something actually heavy.
Peril (5 days ago)
D is perfect
Mohamed Mekhelfi (5 days ago)
Girls just talking shit about big and ripped etc but when they see the big guy in front of them they don't resist and Lose the control.trust me I'm a big guy and I know
Maurice Busch (5 days ago)
Isn’t it awkward for girls to date a guy that has bigger pecs than she has tits?
Duskplains (5 days ago)
I bet the guy who took his shirt off, smells insecure.
ishnookie (5 days ago)
What a fucking douche.
99 KING (5 days ago)
Why haha
Joshua Minke (5 days ago)
im a proud owner of the dad bod, better than the obese bod i used to have
Ben Harrison (6 days ago)
There didn’t seem to be a good cross section of women - they all looked like and sounded like they’ve never been to a gym. Bearing this in mind of course the more muscular and low body fat would seem extreme. Those women who train would likely be used to seeing leaner and more muscular men and would probably be more likely to go for the more muscular physiques. I also think some were acting up for the camera in order to not come across as superficial or shallow.
Jaqen H'ghar (6 days ago)
This why people who workout alot end up marrying the person who is a fitness freak too...because both of them are into fitness and they cannot vibe with someone who isn't that much into fitness
ThatOneGuy (6 days ago)
This man definitely screams his name during sex
Naomi Pilat (6 days ago)
he's a little to full of himself
CiNo (6 days ago)
this is pretty cringe
dutch silver (6 days ago)
Im the fat guy.
Luka Stojanovic (6 days ago)
Even if i was obese i would take my shirt of cause i dont give a single fuck what people have to say to me .
Gaby Ward (6 days ago)
if this was the other way round it wouldn’t be accepted
ASHWANTH Nv (6 days ago)
So what am i 💪💪. I would pick c but i am ' b '
Elin Figueroa (6 days ago)
Manish LEe Manish LeE (6 days ago)
super your shows
Sherlock Holmes (6 days ago)
The c guy is just a show-off
Jasmine Mattappillil (7 days ago)
I’m going to pick A Because he has nice big muscular , A is the body type I would prefer , go for
Sttg Teh (7 days ago)
“It’s more nicer”
Sttg Teh (7 days ago)
Girls at 3:31 are like 13
ALMIGHTY_DONTAY (8 days ago)
Im in between c and d soo
0532MOET (8 days ago)
What the hell does that mean, not impossible to have??? What is she on about?
ford nut (8 days ago)
Where's the rest of the alphabet I'm not included.😂
Mat TUBE (8 days ago)
Just stop flexing
Jaden Salmonte (8 days ago)
This dudes shorts is lower then his IQ
Tou Xiong (9 days ago)
Lol he's asking the wrong questions until the end.
Rico Groth (9 days ago)
BelleVillle (9 days ago)
What about skinny guys
Sir Lion (9 days ago)
11k jealous male 'Ds and Es' downvoted this vid, damn u jelly haters. I upvoted it twice out of pity since I'm an A chest with a huge super human massive chest like the green Hulk. Hulk Smash ur trolling comments!
Sir Lion (5 days ago)
+Mr Muldoon yes im joking. obviously the green hulk thing is trademarked so if i were to transform I would have to pick another color to turn when i get angry.
Mr Muldoon (9 days ago)
Sir Lion my guy are you joking?
calvin powell (9 days ago)
Narcissist mf its disgraceful
Ty Jeter (10 days ago)
that’s kinda cringy
TonyYT (10 days ago)
If I got punched every time this man took off his shirt, I’d be dead.
awds yuio (10 days ago)
May be i should workout to get in shape like D
Mr Muldoon (9 days ago)
awds yuio heck ya dude sick packs are overrated
Nouva Shenron (10 days ago)
1:45 looked like doofy from scary movie.
WikiTool (10 days ago)
My body is c half way transforming into a
Godrick Noir (10 days ago)
You asked a bunch of basic teeny boppers. Of course they aren't going to choose the toned big guys their not confident enough....
jonathan bandjar (10 days ago)
DSRReacts (10 days ago)
So basically a Bulker is better than a Cutter
Shadan Khan (10 days ago)
This is way too cringy
Mr Muldoon (9 days ago)
Shadan Khan (9 days ago)
+T G actually your right 🤔
T G (10 days ago)
which means your a shy person.
Super 1 (11 days ago)
I will rather be B.
Dr. astral form (11 days ago)
OK... I had never seen this chanel before, but as soon as I saw the thumbnail, I was like "c, ugh that looks just like Connor Murphy"
Hydroxoid (11 days ago)
Lol those last two girls were like "ahh yeah....uh okay....how nice..."
Shanu Vk (11 days ago)
He have muscle tissues but no brain cell.
OceanTube (11 days ago)
yooo girl at 2:15 got some mad beautiful eyes
Eden Hazard (11 days ago)
I’m D
I Am Not A Robot (11 days ago)
This douche is such a poser
Trench 444 (12 days ago)
C-connor murphy
Matt Poulter (12 days ago)
Fuckin fag. Let me awkwardly pose after taking off my overly stretched nerd shirt. Reason the shit cuts right after he does his "great reveal" is cause they've yet to meet a woman who gave a shit, or wasn't clearly just confused about why this extremely insecure man can't start a regular conversation with her.
Dragon Boy (12 days ago)
man don't take off ur shirt plz , i know u toooooo sexy , but just don't , show off , lolz
Ridhwan Kazi (12 days ago)
all this proves is that girls all have a variety of tastes lmao
AlphaJoselu (12 days ago)
I’m glad he chose to pick C. Because he’s C for a Cunt
Unix (12 days ago)
Y is Conner like 9 feet tall in this vid
muhmad aidil (12 days ago)
Many this dude ytube video Always about he take shirt off and talk about he musle,,,but many guy out there have musle to but not showoff like this dude
douche alert
Abeid Said (12 days ago)
I swear E was fouseytube before he worked out in his motivational video
Mind Hacker (12 days ago)
The moment he takes his shirt of and pose is cringey and awkward (no hate)
nikolay zlatanov (12 days ago)
When you train so much that your body becomes like the one of greek god and she left you because of some fat boy. I just wanna hang myself
Aman Dubey (12 days ago)
I'm a , F, type body guy do i need to workout? M afraid
blumken ? (12 days ago)
Old buds a wank
MidnightPikachu (12 days ago)
Now do which female body type men like
bumss pops (13 days ago)
Fouseytube is E lol
Shillip DeFraudo (13 days ago)
You heard them. THEY WANT THE D!
GrassHopper (13 days ago)
female expectations got low in the past 20 years(i can't become better so i will choose worse)
Adrian Turkalj (13 days ago)
Name of intro song pls
dario202f (13 days ago)
Everyone sounds negative in the comments. But hey 50% of the U.S. population is obese or overweight so what do I expect. Connor Murphy basically does social experiments in regards to how people are treated due to physical appearance. If he comes wearing glasses or a so called nerd they act repulsed. If he takes his shirt off they are interested all of a sudden. Does he get joy from positive reaction to his physical appearance? Sure! But it's a social experiment to show how shallow people really are particularly women. The man is actually doing other men a service but most are to jealous to see that.
HARILAL Phoenix (13 days ago)
Second place body is no 1
Creg Smith (13 days ago)
And women say they aren't perverts.. https://youtu.be/wxOZ2LftOT4?t=242
Pablo 76SF (13 days ago)
C the type of guy who beat his meat looking at his dick
Barakudaa (13 days ago)
None of them. They all look too massive and heavy. I wanna fucking breath thankyouverymuch

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