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Womens Abs and Arms Gym Workout!

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Female Fitness Model Vicky Justiz shows you some of her favorite gym exercises for abs, arms, and back. She's doing hip raises on the decline bench, roman chair side bends for her oblique's, ball crunches, DB rows, and rowing machines for her back and arms.
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Elías Moo (5 months ago)
Buen ejercicio
Ritesh Dubey (10 months ago)
C us looking energyless
Orlando Soto (10 months ago)
Vamos mi amor
Kick Blow (10 months ago)
Is this a video about "how to do the exercices the worst way" or what tha fack ? She isnt focusing her abs while doing those crunches ... ohmygad
huriye kantar (11 months ago)
I don’t understand why women try to look sexy when working out? It’s really annoying and looks pathetically desperate. You’re going there for yourself, not other people. Or ru actually going there to show off 😒
Anshumali Singh (1 year ago)
Back excercise with dumbell u r doing it wrong. And u look kinda unhappy and stressed.. gymming makes u happier and lighter. Not effective
TopReviews (1 year ago)
Hey, I like your video it really explains what/how women need to train to get more shapely. Don’t forget to include all of the different expertise machines you could use also. I’ve made a top 5 list https://youtu.be/RDQP5j74Vso hope you like it 😁
B Bunny (1 year ago)
maybe its just where i live but i seriously can't believe woman go to the gym like this. She would get some seriously weird looks if she showed up in any south texas gyms half naked 😕
Clara Oporto (10 months ago)
I live in south tx and I am also shocked to see ladies dress like this at the gym. Idk if its new people moving in from other places but, wow!
i would recommend to tie your hair during the work out... and also there are a lot of position mistakes during the work out...
C T Abraham (1 year ago)
Why all people look with form of the body instead of the way she do the exercise.Good demonstration and a nice lady
nice warm up girl keep itup
loveification (1 year ago)
im sure this is what i look like at the gym...sloppyass form and all😣
carmen argueta (11 months ago)
loveification 😂😂 same me
Dime Diva (1 year ago)
wtf did i just watch...... horrible....
unknown Madriaga (1 year ago)
i think she's hi as hell. lol
Ann Campbell (1 year ago)
Marilou Ferrer (1 year ago)
if you all guys check her channel now. She really have a killer body..she looks so gorgeous after many years of workout 😍😂
fusspot57 (1 year ago)
Lame, half-assed execution and terrible form. Fail.
TheLittle OneSana (2 years ago)
I love how everyone in the comments are fitness experts all of a sudden It clearly works her body looks amazing haha 😛
Susy Jj (2 years ago)
tiara willis (2 years ago)
im a beginner so idk anything about form. I thought the video was helpful
Yoshiko Roseboro (2 years ago)
Hi. If you want to be prepared for this check Unflexal workouts. I know you'll find good solutions for your workouts.
Maletsatsi Moloi (2 years ago)
can I also do the last exercise at the gym? I had a c section in 2015
Gill shinda (2 years ago)
Nice looking Our size
Lexi Rowan (2 years ago)
I can't get over her ribs 😂 goals tho goals
Silvia Sherman (2 years ago)
Her leg raises look a little sloppy
mad d (2 years ago)
I do not see a 6 pack
Gatuko (2 years ago)
why is she so bored and unhappy?
AG FITNESS (2 years ago)
workout videos on my channel!
Sarah Valentine (2 years ago)
I fear she is going to injure her back....
Ahdree23 (2 years ago)
What the fuck? This bitch is struggling ugh....delete
yeehw (2 years ago)
so many haters....not everyone is perfect. I bet every hater on here would take her body any day if given the chance!
Riko Aida (9 months ago)
It's not a problem if I just see this girl in the gym doing these exercises. I'm not judging or hating, since all of us start as beginners but maybe you shouldn't make a video about ab workouts showing the "proper form" because that's clearly NOT what she was doing in the video.
nooooooooooooo wayyyyyyy
first name last name (1 year ago)
Elise Jackson why not
Elise Jackson (1 year ago)
yeehw not really no.
SupaCinnamonNatalie (2 years ago)
everyone hating on her but obviously what she is doing is working because her body os perfect
Princessamy (1 year ago)
Body Builder if you saw her rn u wouldn’t be saying that, she looks way better now js
BuDuck NetWork (1 year ago)
No ass, not firm not focus. Where the fuck the body is perfect
Bam Bam (2 years ago)
sony lizard no.
CPU X1x3xxF (2 years ago)
Not really it looks like she is starving her self. How helping her body dummy
Chau Nguyen (2 years ago)
ewww so skinny.
lindseymagz (2 years ago)
uh... her form is horrible! and she's working her back rather than Arma. I think they just made this video so guys can get off...
/cam2 for more (1 year ago)
Mission succsed
OsmXbal (2 years ago)
masturbation facial expressions
BKK BABE (2 years ago)
i want to remove her head+face and look only just her body
i am wonderstruck (2 years ago)
she look sick..
CPU X1x3xxF (2 years ago)
I agree
Irene Bento (2 years ago)
Was it just me or did anybody else cringe when her rib cage kept popping up on the medicine ball?
Gaurav Sharma (1 year ago)
hiii this my 9582972599
Stefan Mitrovic (1 year ago)
This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about "effective abs workout for women" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Melubras Physique Patenier - (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my m8 got excellent results with it.
ASMR Ladybug (1 year ago)
Trying to hard
Joana Laguna (2 years ago)
yes it was nasty
shelby thompson (2 years ago)
I did I had to skip lol
Noble (2 years ago)
I have never wanted to be a bench so bad in my life.
Megan Perez (3 years ago)
Not sure who she's trying to impress behind the camera: but her form sucks and she needs to concentrate on core strength to fix it besides making her ass fatter.
Saladin Ali (3 years ago)
seems more like abs and back workout....not quite arms.
kaitlyn kinner (3 years ago)
Her body is goals
Makaveli (3 years ago)
Damn !! That ass.
YOUNG MILLZ (4 years ago)
Question while working on the ab machine do u suppose to cramp up to tell if it's working ?
weaponpadawan (4 years ago)
i guess she is just conscious in front of the camera... anyways she won't have a fit body if she does not know how to work out...thanks for the video.
Princessamy (1 year ago)
weaponpadawan she has a body now js
Gymnastik Videos (3 years ago)
trust me """ she didn't know to workout..(my body was same before ,my gym time)...that is a simple young women body...
Mina Hanna (4 years ago)
she thought that she knew what she was doing. THAT WAS SO HORRIBLE.
Princessamy (1 year ago)
Mina Hanna she was a beginner at the time so
Gymnastik Videos (3 years ago)
I agree..it was horrible to watch her workouts ..no body control... no divinations on her body
LovestoLaughahaha (3 years ago)
Ummm check her out now! She's hands down one of the best fitness models! That was 2 years ago and now she's teaching other women how to get from THAT to where she is now
Undisclosed Bihhh (4 years ago)
Form is horrible not controlled
thegreenestthings (4 years ago)
these are good workouts but her form is all over the place
Cuddiecat1 (4 years ago)
lol u ppl r dumb this is vicky justiz lmao
LovestoLaughahaha (3 years ago)
Thank you! I'm like, do these fools know the before and after of her body lol
hmong-Vaj (4 years ago)
Bad form
4realrenee (4 years ago)
Gurl are doing the most and I'm not even gay, it's all good though, inspiration :))
Chantal Elzinga (4 years ago)
First excersize: GET YOUR LEGS DOWN girl!..  this isn't really an effective way to do this.. Only thing your doing is your back.
Lupe Angulo (1 year ago)
nvmffs (2 years ago)
Actually it's the most effective one, watch Extreme lower Abs Workout (Rob Riches). Granted, she doesn't execute it exactly the way he does, but she's not a steroid monster either.
Chellsey Covarrubias (4 years ago)
Sloppy As Fuck. The Rest Of The Girls Have Good Posture .
Sauda Damisi Daniel (4 years ago)
What tha hell is this?! Girl nooooo check IG gymvideos before you post next time...girl noooo lol
Alekhya Kammadanam (5 years ago)
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Bassam Abdul (5 years ago)
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Umar Shrestha (5 years ago)
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Umar Shrestha (5 years ago)
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warhol1992 (5 years ago)
Tighten your form!! You could injure your back
Carolina A.C. (5 years ago)
Does the second exercise help reduce love handles? Please respond. Thank you :)
z power (5 years ago)
That's such a neat seated row machine (where the feet move)
zuu88 (5 years ago)
Dj Spacekid - Blue Waves :)
paris siouville (5 years ago)
DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS SONG IS??!! ... i hear it everywhere, and i really like it.. i want to put it on my iPod. xx
DarkSagan (5 years ago)
Read all the labels of everything you purchase. You want to look out for fat even in healthy products like yogurt. All that fat goes straight to the tummy area.At least, it works for me. Good luck.
TheLU83 (5 years ago)
What's her name?
Marla Salazar (5 years ago)
Uhhh.... that's for the back
Silent Storm (5 years ago)
I wish she were my girlfriend.
Ram4TA (5 years ago)
exelente video pero cambien la música de fondo da sueño
relier (5 years ago)
my type of woman!
Laura laura (5 years ago)
I really like ur videos.. so helpful for me :-D thanks! !
Shirley Fiorella (5 years ago)
@womensworkoutchannel ...thank u so much
Brian Takkenberg (5 years ago)
lol mostly working ur back there
SimplyMyselfication (5 years ago)
Thats called making an effort. You can't be all smiley if you're working out for real. Also, she tries and look better than most women I see regularly at the gym.
RikkyCZ (5 years ago)
lol, true.
shopshopbop (5 years ago)
looks like she about to faint while doing these workouts
shopshopbop (5 years ago)
with her black hair and tan she looks like a cast member of jersey shore
Kiyi Moii (5 years ago)
Even tho this is p*rnish i Still use it motivation. Bodies be smokin
Maria Guerra (5 years ago)
That be rough workout. I will do. Like it.
womensworkoutchannel (5 years ago)
Eat healthy and workout with weights. Avoid soda and processed junk food.
Shirley Fiorella (5 years ago)
To get toned abs like your do I have to do some sort of diet? what are things to eat and things to avoid? ThanksU
Juan Jesus (5 years ago)
Estas hermosa.
JayMeister22 (5 years ago)
I love Viktoryia Justiz, so hot. :)

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