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Men Think These Body Types Are IDEAL [PHOTOS]

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The "Perceptions of Perfection" project was created by pharmacists to reflect the different beauty standards around the world. They hired photoshopped a stock image of one woman into the 18 different body types, adjusting everything from her waistline to her hair color. What physical feature do you get complimented on the most? Comment in the section below! Like this video? Don't forget to COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! Click to subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvb-DqrtgHRX-hPypnjfkdw?sub_confirmation=1 Host: Ana Kasparian https://twitter.com/AnaKasparian Guests: Hannah Cranston https://twitter.com/HannahCranston_?lang=en Sandra Daugherty https://twitter.com/SexNerdSandra?lang=en The Point with Ana Kasparian is a smart and fast-paced panel show giving you a weekly round up of the hottest stories of the week. Each week Ana sits down with some of your favorite hosts from The Young Turks and other interesting personalities that each bring their unique perspectives on everything from news to pop culture. Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Text Comments (1289)
Average Voter Smith (27 days ago)
Its cultural, the Chinese ideal may  not be attractive in Egypt, etc.
CC Paul (28 days ago)
I hate when people act like they don't know wtf a damn thigh gap is
blue neptunes (1 month ago)
ya know what i’m 155 lbs and 5” 1’ and i’m still gonna love myself. but lol no one would think that i’ve gained 10 pounds because i work out and it’s muscle. y’all are just reading this youtube comment and you can’t tell me the first thought that came into your mind wasn’t 155 pounds of fat.
Kimberly Bee (1 month ago)
"Everyone has a thigh gap when they spread their legs apart." ;););)
Giselle TDC (2 months ago)
Curves all the way 😍
jewleetube (2 months ago)
I would fuck the shit out of Ana
zuzi . (3 months ago)
my legs look like the usa edit and my waist China and chest flat-- i wanna kms after this
Taylor Gretzinger (3 months ago)
Great I'm the original picture 😕
Touchsky (3 months ago)
Men would bang anything, living or non living including potatoes. I don't think they give a crap about thigh gaps.
Mingso l (3 months ago)
That fucking woman on the left is a fucking loud mouthed bitch she needs to stfu
Liyah Covington (3 months ago)
Who cares what men think! It’s not like I’m going to go begging for some boys attention!
Ilovesimsfreeplay16 (4 months ago)
Italy is my body type.
ㅤ ㅤ (4 months ago)
Ana, and her plastic surgery nose, telling the world what they should and should not like. It's no wonder Hillary lost with morons like this supporting her!!
Bre Chalfant (5 months ago)
these comments make me feel insecure when i probably shouldn’t be. and this video does too. because i don’t look like the images. and it kinda makes me sad. this is what’s wrong with society today. men want someone like kylie fucking jenner like yeah she has a good ass body but not everyone had millions of dollars to make themselves that way. men and women body shame on other women. me being a girl doesn’t like skinny. i think chubby girls are cute. and guys too. skinny guys are not cute. thicker guys that are chubby are cute. i don’t really like abs. i like muscles on the arms. but i don’t like it too buff that’s not cute to me.
Shanu Vk (5 months ago)
Why that fat lady is original.u needbto workout..
Clint McAllister (6 months ago)
Egypt got it right
Rizwan Ahmed (6 months ago)
This video is bullshit how is it unrealistic girls have more expectations like being 6”3
Mitten (6 months ago)
Why is the original of an overweight woman ? Why couldn't it be an actual normal size woman lol unless you are going by Americans average sized
Lovely Cat (6 months ago)
smogmoth (7 months ago)
lmao why can’t people just not overfeed themselves? I barely get any exercise at all, I eat all the time but I don’t OVER eat and I’m the “ideal France body type”. Just don’t eat as a hobby or overeat and you’re fine.
Channing Thompson (7 months ago)
Thigh Gap? lmao men dgaf
D V (7 months ago)
I love that they can recognize complements about themselves. So many times women are reluctant to accept a compliment about themselves and recognize their beauty. ❤
Min Yoongi (8 months ago)
Egypttttt ayee
McKenna Melder (8 months ago)
guess I'm going to Italy or China lol
MikusLove Soul (8 months ago)
I like a girl who's thick not overweight but thick. Fat in the right places I don't care about thigh gap not even attractive.
Smiling Manta (10 months ago)
who the fuck cares what we consider attractive?
Da'Von Miles (11 months ago)
Curves are my favorite thing to work on in math(radios) and my favorite thing in a woman
Melodie Chartier (11 months ago)
why the fuck is everyone picking on the first women they show the original model? she is far from obese, she is actually pretty average, of course man are saying what they think looks better and as usual their expectations are extremely irrealistic ... no wonder why girls everywhere have eating disorder, anorexia and bulimia. It’s because we let men dictate how we should look. ait is earlier to be a big overweight then a bit underweight and it’s also more attractive, too skinny people tends to look gaunt, sick tired and older then what they really are. again notice how i said a BIT overweight, not obese but a bit overweight with some meat. men are the big problem here, and the first one to downgrade and criticize women when, in fact they should take care of their own little not so sexy body malfunctions ,such as erectile distinction, early baldness, bear guts , nose and ears hair and leave women be...
TheFirstTime (11 months ago)
That first girl is nor an average woman
Cory Kingley (11 months ago)
Thigh gaps are disgusting
Username Username (11 months ago)
The only person who gets angry about body type preferences are unattractive people to lazy to hit the gym.
Rachel Rose (1 year ago)
I have a thigh gap when I put my feet together and even thought skinny is considered “pretty”, I will tear myself down for being too petite. Especially because I still have to wear the smallest clothing sizes
śï×ÕfŇîņē (1 year ago)
the original pic was disgusting fat woman... all others were okay.
So hot when the suns rays shine through that thigh gap!
Cliff Kitchens (1 year ago)
if I had to choose one it would be Italy
Crøw (1 year ago)
The China one looks like a Barbie doll...I'm a lesbian and I honestly prefer women with a bit of meat on there bones
EnLiGhTeNME (1 year ago)
All women are beautiful in one way or another. 'cept feminists yo.
Body types? Are you Kidding? It's the lady "inside" that makes the good partner! The outside parts are just a bonus,people. Sure,the body type is what attracts you at first impression! I'm the SAME way. I'm a boob guy,but in the end, it's the person(inside) that I want to spend my time with. The inside of the person is WAY more important the the outside appearance,here. Thanks for the post.
Saikat Chakraborty (1 year ago)
YouTube Troll (1 year ago)
What do bricks and fat girls have in common?They mostly get laid by black guys and Mexicans. I didn't mean to offend bricks, sorry bricks
kgp (1 year ago)
okay, clearly most of you in the comments are mentally retarded. Bitching about people "shaming thigh gaps" but here y'all are, shaming the base model pic, calling her obese. Really? As I said, y'all are stupid. That girl was not obese. A little fluffy, yeah. but she doesn't look bad at all. All you dudes like to judge women based on their appearance but have you looked in the mirror? most of you guys are always looking like a jabba the hut fat fuck.
your face (1 year ago)
Deaf dumb blind lame or lazy black white or green I likes them all.
whats good (1 year ago)
the only reason ppl would like a thigh gap like me is because of chub rub which will cause rashes but other then that idk why it would be a beauty concern
Ciara Watkins (1 year ago)
Tip: Fit & healthy looks good on anyone. I mean really....who can talk shit about someone with abs? 😂🤷🏽‍♀️
Twisted Prism (1 year ago)
I get compliments on my liver spots...don't hate😅
tigress (1 year ago)
Maybe men should stop thinking that women are bodies to please them
elias .tata (1 year ago)
In USA is the ORIGINAL the type.
Maya A (1 year ago)
"everyone has a thigh gap when they spread their legs apart" no shit sherlock.
Curly Cutie (1 year ago)
OMG, she's armênian 🇦🇲
bloatedman (1 year ago)
Rachel Mcleash
Selena Russo (1 year ago)
I really don't like the brunette on the left ughhh annoying
Jacob Henry (1 year ago)
woman with "meat"? More like fat
SoCal Dep (1 year ago)
Ana Kasparian says looks don't matter but I'll be damned if she's not slim and trim and got herself a nose job. She used to have, well, let's say a Mediterranean schnoz. Now it's a little European looking even though ironically she hates white people.
Calamity Snack (1 year ago)
listening to these women is really horrible! they are very unprofessional and they have no idea what they are talking about! they are a good example for who fucked up feminazis, SJWs and PC are!
Terry Hickey (1 year ago)
why do peopel npt like women who aren't realy skinny? the chubeyer the more to cuddel anyway!
Lezlie (1 year ago)
I get compliments on my eyebrows often.
Jade Rayven (1 year ago)
I have a thigh gap when I put my feet together and I think it's fucking rude that she said it looks weird
I draw love me (1 year ago)
I think it's great that men like curves because it's full hips and full breasts that signal fertility and good health in a woman. They can push out a baby without a C Section (without complications) and full breasts signal to a man that a women can feed their offspring with healthy breast milk. Of course and size breast can do that, I'm just talking about the human psychology behind it.
Jason Hirtle (1 year ago)
mom usa
Jazmin Hernandez (1 year ago)
I think the thigh gap is weird, but, then again, I don't have one so...
TomiSlav (1 year ago)
lol what a load of BS
720p (1 year ago)
I like women with Meat on the Bones.
Ally Reed (1 year ago)
I'm 17 and a thigh gap is a gap between your thought when your feet are touching on the ground standing straight up
Jela SlavicPrincess (1 year ago)
This is not what men think its ideal body type, it was what women think you dumb feminist bitch. Do a better reaserch before you make something public!
Jayla quiller (1 year ago)
Italy even Changed the arms
Mint Green (1 year ago)
1:11 "when you put your feet together and have a gap, that looks freaking strange doesn't it?" Oh fuck you, plenty of women including me have thigh gaps. Don't put down one group to raise another.
KaeOntheCouch (1 year ago)
F**k what men want, women don't live to accomplish their desires http://www.newyorker.com/cartoons/a20444
XxphenominanxX (1 year ago)
lol these women literally don't even know what a thigh gap is
The Walking Dead (1 year ago)
In the beginning she said the original photo represents the average woman. No it doesn't that woman is overweight for her height. It's so sad how obesity is more commonly seen nowadays as to where it is considered normal and people in an actual normal weight range are considered too thin. Smh
Melodie Chartier (11 months ago)
Ruby H why they feature women like that? cause the world of fashion is dictate by men, gay men, and what do gay men want and like? a boys body, they like shapeless body like they would on a partner so they tend to prefer skinny girls, doesn’t mean that they are healthier because they are on the pages of magazibe
Melodie Chartier (11 months ago)
Mandi C what i actually find sad is that the world of fashion has shove in women throat for so long that the skinnier the better that, as soon as someone as a bit of meat they are called fat, that women was NOT obese at all, if anything she is slightly overweight and look pretty healthy to me, tho i don’t know her underlying issues, china looks more in need of health care of you ask me and it’s not really sexy when you are built like a 12 years old boy...
The Walking Dead (1 year ago)
You misunderstood what I was saying. I am saying obesity is so common nowadays alot of people look at is an average weight. Like how they did in this video. I didn't say an average weight range is too thin, I'm saying what is really considered average alot of other people think it is "too thin" when it really is a healthy weight range because they are use to seeing overweight people. I know this from experience because I weigh 130 and I'm 5'7 I have been told I look too thin when I really am in a normal weight range for my height and including my body fat percentage.
Ruby H (1 year ago)
people in the 'normal' weight range you are mentioning are not considered too thin. if they were too thin then why are magazines covered in pictures of women like that?? furthermore, average isn't a subjective thing that means what you think is okay, it is a mathematical middle point.
L. Gyger (1 year ago)
Ideal body type... Is there such thing? I don't think so. Big hips can look good, a petite physique can look pretty, a tall slender woman can look great as well, a sixpack can look nice as well as a little belly fat (f.ex. belly dancers). Women think way too much about the "ideal" body type.
Lucenda Jacobs (1 year ago)
I read once that it was the hip to waist ratio that was universally found attractive by men. I think it's 1:7 or something like that. So men want a curve from the waist to the hips. It's like the symmetry in the face that is found universally attractive.
kata gyori (1 year ago)
When you don't know what a tight cap is but still talking 3 people
Marieta Lepoeva (1 year ago)
I have a thigh gap when I close my legs. It's called naturally skinny, idiotic cow.
Melodie Chartier (11 months ago)
Marieta Lepoeva you need to eat a little idiotic stick
pablo londoño (1 year ago)
some girls don't starve for thigh gaps because they are naturally skinny... and feel bad when you say it's weird
Mack Miller (1 year ago)
I love that Italy had a slight hip dip. I have one and I'm so insecure about it.
Inyee Karibi (1 year ago)
LMFAOO This comment is goals! :D
Sandra King (1 year ago)
what the hell is a hip dip? what have you people come up with now?
Cat Kitty (1 year ago)
Everyone has different body types, and there's nothing wrong with that. There shouldn't be one body type that everyone has to have, because people are meant to be unique.
44 magicpanda (1 year ago)
She said her butt is nice well dude I want proof
Kayley Cho (1 year ago)
I talked to many men about thigh gaps and i found out ONLY WOMEN want thigh gaps.. guys dont even notice that crap. These Women are crazy..
Frances Ediagbonya (1 year ago)
Kayley Cho I'm a girl and I don't even find the sense of wanting a thigh gap
derezzedzombie (1 year ago)
Kayley Cho as a dude I have no fucking clue what that means
Azajen (1 year ago)
I have a thigh gap and have hated it all my life.
Chihaya Furu (1 year ago)
Kayley Cho they are sexist piggy sluts
They might be experts in the subject matter but clearly NOT in photoshop xD
Aiya Gertland (1 year ago)
I only want a thigh gap because I hate how I kill my jeans in a ridiculously short amount of time. I once had it, but I lost it and now I'm working to get it back. But it's so difficult because my body is obssessed with gathering fat right there.... like WTF, can't you put that in my butt?
Nikai (1 year ago)
It's your body type, where you gain the weight is all depending on your body type. I would look up some videos. On a side note I have a thigh gap and my jeans still wear out. I would suggest looking for 78% or more cotton pants.
Jessica Postopoly (1 year ago)
Haha I have the opposite issue where I have full hips but thin thighs. So jeans that fit my hip and butt area are baggy on my thighs. I have to tailor all my jeans, which gets expensive.
Shxron rl (1 year ago)
here's an indian w/ an italian bod, wtf
Amazing Artist123 (2 years ago)
The girl on the far left is a BITCH. don't u think?
Lovely Cat (6 months ago)
+*um* *what?* yes
*um* *what?* (1 year ago)
Amazing Artist123 no
Oskar winters (2 years ago)
it was a terribly in accurate research project, people need to ignore it. it's like asking one random person in each country what they think women like in a body.... doesn't tell you anything. if you ask 2 people in the same household to edit this image you will get different results.
Aimee B (2 years ago)
This isn't what society wants necessarily. If one man from each country altered the picture it's just their opinion lol
Jela SlavicPrincess (1 year ago)
This wasnt about what men like at all, it was what women think its ideal body!
Inyee Karibi (1 year ago)
ALSO,, hate to be that person, but one random girl/guy doesn`t have the ¨ideal¨ features that would make them stereotypically attractive in those respective countries so.... :)
FORGE (2 years ago)
I think the most attractive body type is.......F what I think, and what OTHERS think for that matter. Be you and love yourself.
jose morfin (2 years ago)
fuck nah the first original picture is fine fuck the photoshop one😂
Antonio lewis84 (2 years ago)
I like bbw women. don't care for the whole thigh gap
Mizuki Moe (2 years ago)
i have the same body shape as china and i hate when people say im anorexic, or they tell me to eat meat and to be honest i dont like meat all that much but i do eat alot of junk food and drink lots of water. ill gain a couple of pounds then drop down and i hate it, i look like a skeleton and i cant control it.
Mizuki Moe (1 year ago)
+Simmekakibackup2 Koujo that most likely won't help I did and it didn't work
kakibackup2 Koujo (1 year ago)
Mizuki Moe work out
Harlem Sista soul (2 years ago)
the hell what men think or want women come in all shapes and sizes smfh
iFone Fan (2 years ago)
The thigh gap (desirable) feature is if a girl is at normal stance while standing their thighs do not touch. Not saying it's a fair standard for women just what I understand from other men.
Sal Amander (2 years ago)
The woman is obese and ugly and no amount of photoshop will get her to even a 7 from the 2 she is.
Melodie Chartier (11 months ago)
Sal Amander she isn’t obese at all she is probably healthier then the china one
Quenton Millstid (2 years ago)
Hoping a picture of Ana
Little Aussie (2 years ago)
Hey look! Its Hannah the feminist from Think Tank!
li kellyn (2 years ago)
Alkhp lapppqpq Zin
Coco Ward (2 years ago)
average? no!
Adrian (2 years ago)
Get off the stage you fat fuck!
i like girls with their legs open
the-magic -fimp (2 years ago)
Kayla McKeon (2 years ago)
okay so since I naturally have a thigh gap I'm gross and strange. nice to know
Hajer Najlaoui (2 years ago)
I have a thigh gap. I'm naturally thin because of my high metabolism, and when I put my legs together there's a gap. I don't see why it's "weird" or "gross", and I actually like my body the way it is. so why should YOU have a say in what's okay for my body to look like?

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