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Radoslaw Sikorski talks to DW's Zhanna Nemtsova | DW English

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Radoslaw Sikorski, the former foreign minister of Poland shares his views on the relationship between Poland and Russia.
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RADO-S (1 month ago)
Ty huju Sikorski powinni cię za jaja powiesić ty zdrajco Polaków!!!! Nie zapomniane słowa które wypowiadałeś do zagranicznych przedsiębiorców " PRZYJEŻDŻAJCIE DO POLSKI BO TU TANIA SIŁA ROBOCZA JEST" KURWO JEBANA-ZDRAJCO POLSKI!!!
tompaj10 (1 month ago)
You are absolutely right: people got tired of you too..
tompaj10 (1 month ago)
Nice description of Sikorski is available on Witold Gadowski channel in his recent commentary ...
tompaj10 (1 month ago)
I am so happy that anti Polish Sikorski propaganda is confined nowadays to his living room only...
Tomek Pik (3 months ago)
Radek dobrze godosz. Jakby nie te Ośmiorniczki i picie w knajpie (brak kontrwywiadu) i kampania Komorowskiego który już myślał że wygrał, to byście wygrali wybory poprzednie.
Dearly Diane (3 days ago)
Tomek says that Sikorski was right. Weren't it for the "fancy seafood", "blowjobs" and supporting a stooge for President of Poland, Sikorski and his buddies would continue leeching the Polish taxpayer for nothing.
DW News (3 months ago)
Tomek Pik, please, comment in English here. Thank you! /ml
Quantumese Boy (4 months ago)
Ukraine is an artificial country?? Ukraine is Kievan Rus! If it wasn't for Mongols, Kiev would have ruled Moscow and the rest of Moscovian shitland.
Dearly Diane (17 days ago)
Forgive the guy and his delusions. Poles don't share his at all.
Sikorski ? HELICOPTERS...?
Dearly Diane (17 days ago)
More like hyenas.
777 Lukasz (4 months ago)
Great interview!
DW News (4 months ago)
777 Lukasz, thank you for your feedback! - ws
Vikram Nandakumaran (4 months ago)
nice interview ..but the interviever could have asked him more tough questions like ..why america is there in syria without legal syriann govts invitation
Dearly Diane (16 days ago)
He can't say that. It would compromise his buddies in Washington.
Quantumese Boy (4 months ago)
Not at all. You are Russian troll Vikram, I've seen your profile around.
Vikram Nandakumaran (4 months ago)
you dont get it ...do you ??majority in syria support al assad ....
manatee2500 (4 months ago)
Vikram Nandakumaran secret police, torture, divide and rule...how has Algeria done it?

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