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Radoslaw Sikorski talks to DW's Zhanna Nemtsova | DW English

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Radoslaw Sikorski, the former foreign minister of Poland shares his views on the relationship between Poland and Russia.
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Quantumese Boy (3 days ago)
Ukraine is an artificial country?? Ukraine is Kievan Rus! If it wasn't for Mongols, Kiev would have ruled Moscow and the rest of Moscovian shitland.
Sikorski ? HELICOPTERS...?
777 Lukasz (4 days ago)
Great interview!
DW English (4 days ago)
777 Lukasz, thank you for your feedback! - ws
Vikram Nandakumaran (4 days ago)
nice interview ..but the interviever could have asked him more tough questions like ..why america is there in syria without legal syriann govts invitation
Quantumese Boy (3 days ago)
Not at all. You are Russian troll Vikram, I've seen your profile around.
Vikram Nandakumaran (4 days ago)
you dont get it ...do you ??majority in syria support al assad ....
manatee2500 (4 days ago)
Vikram Nandakumaran secret police, torture, divide and rule...how has Algeria done it?
Vikram Nandakumaran (4 days ago)
+manatee2500 wow ...then how dis they live peacefully till 2010 then with assad in power

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