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How To Spot Fake Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers / Trainers Authentic vs Replica Comparison

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A Video Showing You How To Easily Spot Fake Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers/Trainers By Comparing The Differences They Have To An Authentic Pair.
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Text Comments (155)
Cuccitini (18 hours ago)
No there's 2 AF-1 versions, the 82 (1982) and 07 (2007) version..... The 1982 version has a "AF-1 '82" medallion. The 2007 version has a "AF-1" medallion. For the 25th anniversary of the AF-1 in 2007, nike made a newly designed AF-1 and removed the '82 from the medallion.
Stephanie L (1 day ago)
I have air forces that are black and white but in the side instead of saying “Air” it says “Nike” Are they fake?
Khandi Lopez (13 days ago)
wht if the box is black...
tj krank (20 days ago)
I got mine for 75 bucks at foot locker
I bought these from nike shop why do i even watch this lmao
Carlos Tovar (1 month ago)
Af1 are trash
D1N0 (1 month ago)
Nike airforces are cheap. Y would someone buy a fake one
Kim Adams (16 days ago)
Idk why you people on the comment section have to be so inconsiderate of others. They’re many people who can’t even afford to buy name brand shoes at all. And some who can’t even afford any shoes at all. Everyone is not as fortunate as you smh 🤦🏾‍♀️
Mizo Ziz (2 months ago)
I have the fake one for 15 $
Error1078667 (2 months ago)
I don’t understand why anyone would get a fake Af1, like just go to the real anime website and buy it there for 90-96 bucks.
Keily Avril (2 months ago)
Is wrong the real is actually the fake and the fake that you say is the real one that does not lie to them!
Fransisco H (2 months ago)
Fake air forces are a thing? Damn
Joe Barnes (2 months ago)
I found a pair of all white high cut af-1's they had all the authentic signs in the vid but the two holes under the swoosh are missing. Should i get them?
V 6 (2 months ago)
i bought a black pair on amazon. turns out theyre very very legit surprisingly
rose ten (2 months ago)
Whats the name of the song
#Guggs Draws (2 months ago)
I have real ones but if someone is reading this who doesn't have real ones dw shoes are shoes
Sravan Raina (3 months ago)
Where from u buyed
liljoshi x (3 months ago)
Af 1 82 are real is just that they redesign it to Af 1
Comaz HD (2 months ago)
Thank you I was trippin
-Traxps- YT (3 months ago)
Joshua Lopez they are
Diaby Scott (3 months ago)
Hooray mines real😁😎
#Guggs Draws (3 months ago)
I have real ones..... there white too and the box was grey and the paper said af1-82 anyway I knew they were real cuz they were from JD and JD don't sell fakes so yh this video gave me no use
Q-BLACKMAMBA37 ps4 (3 months ago)
Why don't my laces have af1 on the are some of the real ones like that or not IN PANICKING
Rosez (1 month ago)
XxsavagedinoxX (4 months ago)
My aunt gave me a pair and I just found out they were fake. (It was the stitching part
XxsavagedinoxX (3 months ago)
+I Hate French Class It's cool. I have another pair and im getting another for Christmas. Plus no one actually noticed so
I Hate French Class (3 months ago)
XxsavagedinoxX rip your aunt tried
Athina Fetekeki (4 months ago)
I try this and mine nike air force 1 is original
Gee! thanks (4 months ago)
It look's like my school shoes
kuchi victor (4 months ago)
Who else took one glance at the fake shoe and already knew it was fake
William Phillips (4 months ago)
You don't even need one of these vids to tell if you kicks fake as hell
Bilal Mansuri (5 months ago)
i got nike Air force replica for 9$ 😂😂
Rosez (1 month ago)
Raul Emilian (2 months ago)
Wtf where?😂😂
Mubrix (5 months ago)
do people even make fakes there only 100 bucks wow people are broke 😂
Lily De Lira (5 months ago)
Towby_ damn this comment makes you seem ignorant as fuck lmao “wow people are broke” not everyone has money 💀💀 please don’t tell me you’re white
Melo / (6 months ago)
How your broke ass must be if you're buying fake af1 lol
1k with no videos? Plz? (6 months ago)
Idk What mine is. Every time I go to school I have different air forces than everyone else. It has a different material and does not have the metal tag in the front. It also has no holes
XXX TENTACLES (1 month ago)
Dude I think their Ebernons If their hightop
CoRe_RaZe (3 months ago)
There from sports direct haha
Zen Media (4 months ago)
Fake Nike's smells very bad...
CREEPS _ (6 months ago)
1k with no videos? Plz? Bitch them fake 😂
fuhjrvr (6 months ago)
Where do I even find the fakes lol
What do you want (6 months ago)
My metal lace tab is white does that mean its fake
Nike4Life (4 months ago)
If you go to a children store there won't be a metal lace tab it will habe a nike sign in the middle so its real or if you have Nike air force ones lv8 they don't have the AF1 Tag they are still real
Has uno de las air force 1 mid
andrew gerstner (6 months ago)
If you buy fake af1 you struggling lol
SovietPixel (5 days ago)
+Hung Nguyen no
Anthony Nikoloski (6 days ago)
+Hung Nguyen yeah im pretty sure
Hung Nguyen (6 days ago)
metal tag af1 '82 all fake???
Anthony Nikoloski (1 month ago)
20 bucks. Nice deal
Blu Bird (2 months ago)
ItsCharlene ik but to some people like myself and others who dont got lots of money can't afford 120 dollar shoes, it be like that sometimes
868_ Sahara (6 months ago)
My one has af1 82 on it but every real one that u show in the video has every thing like that
Comment Warrior (6 months ago)
Then thats the old one before 07 ur shoes is real.
Instant Shot (7 months ago)
What if it doesn't have the metal lace is it still fake? And there from a good shoe store?
Nike4Life (4 months ago)
Depends if you go to a children shoe store there won't be any metal tag and it's gonna have a nike sign in the middle of the bottom laces also there are air forces called Nike Air force 1s 07 lv8 which have no AF1 tag in the middle I just copped the wheat ones at foot lockers and it came out like that
B4P3beats5upr3m3 (7 months ago)
My metal tab says AF1 but the inside says 82 and the size tag is on the side of the shoe inside not on the tongue of the shoe so are mine fake? :(
Z (5 months ago)
B4P3beats5upr3m3 they real boi
Ronaldo 310 (7 months ago)
Finally a nice video lol well my shit real
Zada Mullins (7 months ago)
I have the real ones
Deetheking GSG 2 (7 months ago)
They’re $90😂😂😂
Kermit the frog (6 months ago)
An who cares?
I have the real air force one 😃😃
Cody Newell (7 months ago)
it really don't matter shoes are shoes
Houston Rockets (2 months ago)
Nah, the fakes ain't made of good material and will beat your feets up
rhiann n (2 months ago)
Valeria BITCHHH trusss 😂
Valeria & Alexa (3 months ago)
Cody Newell middle school is middle school bitch I ain’t trynna get bullied 😂
HunterA (3 months ago)
+Cody Newell or when you outgrow them, you sell em to more money for more shoes. Simple
Firthy boy (4 months ago)
+Cody Newell your foot doesn't grow forever retard
Just go into a foot locker, finish line, or a Nike store.
fb bandz (13 days ago)
+Andrew Corser Hillcrest Jr High video games fun tf u talm bout😂
SBCK_Proboy55 (14 days ago)
Why not JD sports
I Hate French Class (3 months ago)
Andrew Corser Hillcrest Jr High the fucks that supposed to mean
+JACKAL THE NOOB What Would U Kno Bout J's U Play Vid Games Goofy 😬😬💀
JACKAL THE NOOB (6 months ago)
「 闇 TRVPD 」 went to finish line with my friend and spot some fake J’s and got kicked out because we made someone not buy anything because they couldn’t tell if they were fake lol 😂
Donna Maria (8 months ago)
I would never wear fake sneakers mine say Nike in the tounge of the shoe in white .
Aiko Narvaez (8 months ago)
some nike shoes comes with dog tag saying AF-1 '82. 1982 when these are made, manufactured and sold. They redesign it on 2007 that's why they called it Nike Air Force '07. Just because it has 82 doesn't mean all the time they're fake it can be the old version but be sure its made from vietnam. F*CKTHEPOLICE (18 days ago)
Are they rare? Cuz i have one from my older brother how much would the prize be? And i did research the old af 1 before 2007 are made in china i guess.
NoLimitRobbo (2 months ago)
Im 15
trollKnights (3 months ago)
Peter Joaquin Liban not all
Read my description (3 months ago)
Aiko Narvaez damn thanks bro.
payton ;ockamy (3 months ago)
Bro thank you so much for sharing that I thought my pair I just bought were fake until I read this.
Main Villain Drip (9 months ago)
I was following with YOUR guide as i checked to see if this shit was fake I just copped me some authentics! 😈 Good thing you doing
Idris (9 months ago)
https://bit.ly/2ynL5dw Nike Air Force 1 '07 Low Camo (disc 23%)
TOPRAK EYYUPOĞLU (9 months ago)
İngilizcem bu kadar
TOPRAK EYYUPOĞLU (9 months ago)
Bro ıt shoe vry fake Im from Turkey in Turkey more quality fake
Chloe Arneaud (9 months ago)
I hate my life because I have the fake one 🙄🙄🙄 i mean I go to school with that 😥
Sarah Sailo (17 days ago)
I have the fake ones n I get compliments ALL the time,it’s bout the whole fit bro😁
FelOFinO (2 months ago)
Aiko Narvaez I just bought one and got a “82” on it 💀
jamelttv (6 months ago)
Chloe Wilson Arneaud u played yourself
Aiko Narvaez (8 months ago)
go to thrift store my dude, they might have legit AF-1.
Fresh Xan (8 months ago)
Chloe Wilson Arneaud its okey i have too the fake one.
YoungBrayden (9 months ago)
Why is there even fakes, you can get AF1s for really cheap
IcedLimes (2 months ago)
What where
Ashley Elizabeth (10 months ago)
Mines doesn't have AF1-82 on the tissue paper only AF1
Million Dollar Ace (1 month ago)
pc taliban (1 month ago)
Jessica Whatford (2 months ago)
Nah don’t worry bout it it’s a re print
Marc (7 months ago)
Ashley Elizabeth same
Trần Minh (10 months ago)
AF1-82 is fake? readly?? OMG I were hear it is year this AF1 born @@
Trần Minh (7 months ago)
Lissam thank u!!
Lissam (7 months ago)
Trần Minh its not fake its just the old versiob of the shoe that came out before 2007
crate dog (10 months ago)
the fuck? metal tab with af1 82 is real
Art sketch (10 months ago)
My classmates are saying thar they are fake but they are real😂
Shadow Nazgul (11 months ago)
Who can't afford real ones
pankaj das (4 days ago)
+Sarah Sailo not any more .you can get them at rs 5837 + rs 750 for shipping .https://www.nike.com/in/t/air-force-1-07-shoe-PATZxx4V/315122-001
Sarah Sailo (17 days ago)
Meee they’re so fucking expensive in India smh
grangers spells (1 month ago)
+Anthony Nikoloski Oh, I didn't know that.
Anthony Nikoloski (1 month ago)
+grangers spells okay it depends where you live
grangers spells (1 month ago)
They’re really not that expensive... I got mine at foot locker for only $75.00
Justinas (11 months ago)
there is also good quality fakes, and who cares about box and paper :D
XXX TENTACLES (1 month ago)
This comment was sponsored by someone with fake AIRFORCES
FBI (11 months ago)
I bought some today and im panicking.
andrew gerstner (6 months ago)
FBI I bought real ones
3rlin samee😂
Natan Sebens (7 months ago)
3rlin me to
Lingeesh18 Lingeesh18 (10 months ago)
3rlin me too
Top 10 (11 months ago)
Yes got the real one
ASSASSIN BOY (11 months ago)
Yess i got the real one
ITzYourCreator (1 year ago)
Does this apple to all AF1'S? Mids, Lows, Etc.
DEL Sneakers (1 year ago)
Counts Yes the parts that are the same on the high version would still apply.
Got the real one
The Walking Dead (8 months ago)
Kiritotamang Eagle same
ggtampon 0fficial (1 year ago)
MorGan Play Theme хуй сосет
J.Eliud Luna Gonzalez (1 year ago)
TheDimoon DBC tripalowki

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