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Calculus: Chain Rule 3

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We combine the chain rule with the product rule and the quotient rule.
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Don Hancock (1 year ago)
He lost me in the factoring.
Always Learnin' (3 years ago)
I've been watching these videos lately and realized that your voice sounds like J.K. Simmons.
hellrockermihir (4 years ago)
You're awesome!! Way better than my maths teacher!! You just made it all easy to understand! Which video should be watched after this one?
hellrockermihir (4 years ago)
You're awesome!! Way better than my maths teacher!! You just made it all easy to understand! Which video should be watched after this one?
tiban7007 (4 years ago)
Please do a video on trigonometry, analytic geometry and solid geometry also thank you. these videos helped me a lot :)
DidIHearThat (5 years ago)
You sir, a fucking legend.
Mojoman1 (5 years ago)
As I get further into calc, I realize my problems have really been algebra related -___-....derivatives are sort of easy compared to simplifying long polynomials, in my opinion.
SandMan (5 years ago)
You should have a chain rule 4 video, where you do some problems of multiple chains.
Hal von Luebbert (6 years ago)
This is the best calculus instruction I've ever had (every time I come back to calculus, it's to learn that the chain rule has already slipped my @#$%&! mind)
SingingMagnolia (6 years ago)
Is there a button so I can like all of your videos at once? :)
EveSecret (6 years ago)
It wasn't clear in 2:54
rahil savani (6 years ago)
7 people failed calculus
frisbeedude1121 (6 years ago)
the main point is that he factors in his head
frisbeedude1121 (6 years ago)
What he did is at 2:01 he factors out an (x^3 + 5x)^9 because you get it in two of the expressions. he also factors out a 2 from the 10 in the beginning and the 2x in the end. he ALSO factors out an x from the x^2 in the very beginning and an x from the 2x in the end. so all of this is done mentally. so after all that he has an 2x(x^3 + 5x)^9 (which are what he factored out), time the rest, which is x5(3x^2 + 5) + (x^3 + 5x). sorry, a confusing and possibly impossible to understand answer, but
xMikeyy17x (6 years ago)
at 2:20 , how did he get a 5x?
margie berdin (6 years ago)
yeah right...i fall inlove in math because of him...lol
JOHNNY AYE (6 years ago)
im in honors algebra 2 and im learning calculus. that proves that this guy is good at teaching, this guy should get teacher of the U.S award!
nigletiousginger2 (6 years ago)
this guy lowers my blood pressure when it comes to math...and his jimmy buffet attire
ekoi1995 (6 years ago)
how can he know that the things he writes is going out of the camera?
chewyyvaj (6 years ago)
I want to hug you...
LAnonHubbard (6 years ago)
Thanks you.
BurpTheKitten (6 years ago)
Where, oh where, was this man when I was struggling with calc?
asiya mukhtar (6 years ago)
i like this man! hes among d best teachers..thank god for havin u here
Lectures on Life (6 years ago)
He not only teach mathematics but also teach "how to teach"..
DanceMikkiDance (7 years ago)
Yesssssss! :'D
Boxerek (7 years ago)
now i feel fuckin smart.
oxblood abernathy (8 years ago)
what is the derivative of youtube?
BodieSkate (8 years ago)
I have literally been doing these for 12 hours straight and this is by far the clearest I have seen it presented. Thanks.
Laura Campbell (8 years ago)
Come to Australia and lecture maths at UQ? Thanks man, you are amazing. Thankyou for being so patient and saving my mathematical ass. :)
pughyflyhalf (8 years ago)
your helping me so much with my a levels maths, i love the way maths is the same in all countries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pughyflyhalf (8 years ago)
Ricardo Prieto (8 years ago)
Lo mejor q me pudo pasar, son estos videos!!
popedarren (8 years ago)
I wish I had youtube in college. This is wicked. Great examples, a well spoken professor and not a million questions from people who have no business being in the class. It's rejuvenated my love for math... much to the dismay of my wife. lol
alecpark89 (8 years ago)
DR. Youtube is awesome lol
onetimeuse12 (8 years ago)
thanks... my book hasn't done E and cos and tan.. but otherwise, pretty solid stuff...
Woad_Brah (8 years ago)
A+ vid man
Keith Lin Junyong (9 years ago)
he keep changing shirt during his video? LOL
Justin (9 years ago)
no he didn't... the 5x is in the brackets. He just took the 2x out completely
Tim Saunders (9 years ago)
I bet they're rocket surgeons!
omogaju (9 years ago)
I bet his children are rocket scientist
Mitch Harrison (9 years ago)
André Pereira (9 years ago)
its the derivitave of the frist x(square) = 2x
YoManila (9 years ago)
Awesome Videos, Explains things very well. I use his videos to supplement what i learn in my class, very helpful...
Zekian (9 years ago)
Because product rule states d/dx(UV) = V(du/dx) + U(dv/dx) or written better as VU' + UV'
thedarkisonfire (9 years ago)
omg thanks your pretty good, this ones were the only ones that i couldnt understand!
johnpeter murekezi (9 years ago)
you the bomb men, have my quiz 2moro & i wasn't getting it fully. Thanks and God Bless.
Cihan S (9 years ago)
you are jesus. I got my test tomorrow, and my book was not at all helpful. you were. bless you
Eric Gao (9 years ago)
Thank you so much! My teacher at school cannot teach at all! I finally understand how to do questions similar to the first example now.
ziolp (9 years ago)
he loves that yellow shirt XD
Elias O (10 years ago)
u r da king
kyle ksmooth (10 years ago)
can anybody get this one? i've been stuck on it for at least 45 minutes x(2-x^2)^1/2 the answer in my book is (2-2x^2)/(2-x^2)^1/2 and I havn't been able to get it yet
Rosanella di-Costanzo (10 years ago)
Thank you for your excellent lecture. The Chain Rule has been driving me bonkers, but I think I'm beginning to see where the 'outside' and the 'inside' functions are to calculate the lot. I'm still struggling a bit with functions that have e or ln involved. I guess I'll get there in the end. Rosanella :-)
MathTV (10 years ago)
If you leave (x+3) in the denominator, the exponent will be 3/2. It all depends on whether you want positive exponents only, or not.
Stephani Alves (10 years ago)
You are the best. thank you
Alya Rami (10 years ago)
redricola (10 years ago)
i didn't catch how you get 5x in 2:23
LTF85199 (10 years ago)
This guy is the best tutor ever!
WitherDark (10 years ago)
Thanks a million! This stuff seemed so impossible just minutes ago! I get it now. Thank you thank you thank you!
RySnow (11 years ago)
amazing teaching, you've made my life soooo much easier
CalculoTV (11 years ago)
Excelente video. Muchas gracias. Puedes colocar ejercicios de límites con forma indeterminada (0/0). Gracias.

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