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The Rose Captain - Sea Wolf

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One of the songs off Sea Wolf's album Leaves in the River. Enjoy :)
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This part's for my love of old  How the rose in your heart you hold  Still all the water in your wells won't make it grow  Oh the call of the nightingale  How I love beneath the ghostly sails  We move like gypsies 'neath the mist and beneath the gloom Oh how the river flows  Under the ice and snow  The keeper of the flame  The rose captain knows my name  This perfume breath I breathed  For you my dear, my love will never leave This part's for my love of new  How the bulbs in my heart are true  They send the shoots through my fingers into your bones Oh the call of the collared dove  How I long to be your one true love  We'll move like gypsies 'neath the stars and beneath the moon Oh how the river flows  Under the ice and snow  The keeper of the flame  The rose captain knows our names  This perfume breath we breathed  For you my dear, my love will never leave  Oh the rose captain knows, knows our names  Oh the rose captain knows, he knows our names
Miked F5 (3 months ago)
Rahna Jacob (1 year ago)
This song always reminds me of my girlfriend. She and I are in a practically LDR, and I see her once every few months. This song is soft and beautiful and contains hidden strength, just like her.
ruth razo friddle (2 years ago)
what a beautiful song. :)
Ciaran Kindrick (3 years ago)
I'm happy I found this at my age, whew. Would have been so disappointed to discover this after 15.
I know this comment is old but same! I'm glad I found this at 15
Kyle Lyons (3 years ago)
Every drive home after a shitty day at work for 2 weeks now I have played this song.
striker 890 trewq (2 years ago)
You should quit.
Brittany Kayseass (4 years ago)
all the water in your wells won't make it grow.
Kishya Rani (4 years ago)
LoveloveloveLOVE this.
mevikoyunlu (4 years ago)
+zephyr1237 You're sixteen and you listen to that kind of songs? At this age go listen to Justin Bieber! lol Happy to know that there is precocious persons listen Sea Wolf and not crappy things that we heard everyday on the radio.
Lavender Crow (1 year ago)
im 12 lol i hate radio music
Milk Tea (1 year ago)
I'm only twelve and?? my god I love sea wolf.
Wolves Anonymous (2 years ago)
Me too! Sea Wolf's music is so beautiful, calming and yet somehow chilling at the same time. I love it
Heartwave (2 years ago)
I am 14 and i really love Sea Wolf too! :)
zephyr1237 (5 years ago)
im sixteen and i already know what song i want to play at my wedding, this is truly beautiful.
Crystal J Kinney (5 years ago)
"...This parts for my love of new, How the bulbs in my heart are true, They send the shoots through my fingers...into your bones..." 3
Juliana Khoo (5 years ago)
Hazal W. (5 years ago)
How a restful song you are...
Ilse ten Have (5 years ago)
Fuck that bells, they ruïn the song.
John DeVito (5 years ago)
One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.
staley tarnava (5 years ago)
Two gallants. They're great
Erika Seitz (5 years ago)
You could try Bon Iver or Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, they both have that folk-type sound. Grizzly Bear, Real Estate, Craft Spells, Wild Nothing, Youth Lagoon, and Diiv are also some good alternative/indie bands that you may like.
Andrea3604 (5 years ago)
Check out Local Natives, Blind Pilot, Lighthouse and the Whaler, Matt Costa (especially his new album), Atlas Genius, Leagues...
Himanana Rageblade (6 years ago)
Go to pandora
Heather Lloyd (6 years ago)
Wow, this is beautiful. Does anyone have any suggestions for music like this? (:
Miked F5 (3 months ago)
Heather Lloyd dolphins sounds
Penny Lane (6 years ago)
My husband and I picked this song to dance to at our wedding, nearly every guest came up to us afterward and asked "what song was that?! It was perfect!" it's a great song. Thanks for posting
beingfunisfun (6 years ago)
I love the album cover. i love the name of the band. i love the name of this album. i love the name of this song. i love this song. i love this band.
Miked F5 (3 months ago)
beingfunisfun I love lamp
Ximena Nossar (6 years ago)
I love this song...actually I love the entire album <3
hey friend (6 years ago)
I bought this cd on the word of a dear friend, from a garage sale. such a lucid and beautiful album. I only wish she were alive to share in this.
Lola (6 years ago)
Skorrn (6 years ago)
Originally my ex-girlfriend showed me this song. I'm still glad that she did.
Martin Barajas (6 years ago)
i think i found a new Favorite band D: <3 :D
TheProphetEliza (6 years ago)
I love this song!
emsiKcin (6 years ago)
@maddyfriend222 but, there are some good pop bands out there....just gotta know where to find em!
emsiKcin (6 years ago)
@maddyfriend222 welp.....more real music for us!!! :)
Maddy Friend (6 years ago)
Just....... Beautiful! Bad thing is that no one I know likes real music ;c (Indie, Folk, Indie Folk, Alternative, etc) Just everyone seems to like pop..
Rodia Driftwood (6 years ago)
@chill13j Haha. That "word of the day" calendar is really paying off. =P
no name (7 years ago)
I wanna learn how to play this on guitar<3
RunNiggaEdits (7 years ago)
i noticed something while listening here, youtube made the replay button different, sure as hell wouldnt have caught that on anything else... damn that was perfect set up for thumbs up
Mariana Peña-Alfaro (7 years ago)
realroxxane (7 years ago)
an echo is the only sound i can recall from you.. lend me my voice so i can call back to you love..
Kayla Davenport (7 years ago)
this song makes me want to cry... its so beautiful. i always get teary... man i'm a wimp >.>
Count Orlok (7 years ago)
The Rose Captain didn't know the name of 3 people.
Marissa Hidde (7 years ago)
This song makes me so...gah :) In love.. :]
roxane hamerlynck (7 years ago)
I could listen to this forever.
Lena Nguyen (7 years ago)
one of my favorites!
Cheyanne Atwood (7 years ago)
AMAZING...... until i listen to the lyrics.... then i just get confused. i still like it though. :P
TheRovingWolfy (7 years ago)
Sea Wolf is weird. I like a few of their songs, (Like this) but not very many other ones. :/ Maybe I'm too music picky?
TheRovingWolfy (7 years ago)
Sea Wolf is weird. I like a few of their songs, (Like this) but not very many other ones. :/ Maybe I'm too music picky?
Lexi Hylton (7 years ago)
great song to play by a campfire with a parka, tent, and the beautiful Alaskan mountains in the background
Christine (8 years ago)
@sabellaanne If you mean the song she sang at the Talent show, its called: Band of Horses - The Funeral :) <3
Mildred Hamplanet (8 years ago)
its nice to see all these people who listen to good music:)
PinkFIoyd (8 years ago)
@sabellaanne Band Of Horses - The Funeral
Aldana P (8 years ago)
listen and close your eyes! ..its perfect
run2me (8 years ago)
what a lovely song this is!!! I love it when he sings "but you my dear, my love, will never leave" XD
JackofSpades 707 (8 years ago)
This made me cry happy tears when my girlfriend sent this to me :') I Love you Alyssa <3
Nana T (8 years ago)
simply euphonic
navrix (8 years ago)
really like this ban:D d
Olivia Campagna (8 years ago)
@Candeeta4u I heard it from my life is liz too and I was like YES instant love :)
Brittany Kayseass (8 years ago)
Yay. :)
jesse moseman (8 years ago)
absolutely beautious
Samariaeyes7 (8 years ago)
very beautiful song
Chatise Smith (9 years ago)
Anna Sokulska (9 years ago)
I like this song very much... Sea Wolf is one of the best group in XXI century. I hope that they will make such good music all the time.

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