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Girls VS Boys - Who Is The Strongest

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Text Comments (129)
Mehdi Bouarfa (5 days ago)
I don't know why I watched it if I knew knew who would win lol
Vitaly Bolotsky (14 days ago)
I despise weak women
Ghost Laser (16 days ago)
The stronger is the man because if u see record of something not like chalistenichs the men's are way stronger
Jean van den Berg (23 days ago)
This is only a video to show how strong women can be and that they can have a lot of endurance but the men had to lift more wieght and they have to take a weight both can easy handle and then find out who is the strongest but it had to do a lot with endurance. And did they showed it sometimes with faster images here. the girls looked well trained with sexy muscualr abs.
its absurd that women are physically strong. what sense does it make
syafrizal ali (28 days ago)
Shame on me..
Ly Long (29 days ago)
Look. If both undergo the same training and diet, the man will always win... It’s a fact that men have the ability to store more muscle. Not sexism.
Shrunken Boy (1 month ago)
@1:30 i saw that on instagram, the guy won the first one and the girl won the second one. Why won't you show the other one? Well obviously because this is a girls channel i guess...
Just saying that men are heavier than women so this dude was lifting twice her size. Yet again an another feminist video fuck feminists.
GAMINGBOI 17 (1 month ago)
Boys are stronger
Gabe That beast (1 month ago)
Men are stronger faster mabye smarter. Than girls. Mabye this channels os made by a girl
Robert J Culbertson (8 days ago)
KimJake Beeseemee they say “grow some balls” because your testicals are where your testosterone is created, which is what makes boys better, stronger, and faster than girls. Yes, there are rare exceptions, however if a boy trains the same amount of time a girl does, there is no doubt that the boy will be much stronger. Boys are like this so they can sufficiently protect their female mate.
KimJake Beeseemee (1 month ago)
Hmm? Are u sure? How did u assume that men were smarter and stronger when u didn't even tried to be a girl. Am a guy and a treat people equally. As I seen, even your spelling has mistakes. And u have ton's of mistakes. Men are much muscular. But a girl's body isn't weak either. So why did u have too much pride in you? Why do people say "grow some balls"? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding. I learn that from my sister.
especially fan (1 month ago)
The girl is stronger because she has to deal with painful cramps from your period that boys dont have
especially fan (13 days ago)
+andrew and learn how to take jokes ugly ass bicth so shut the hell up when u cant take a joke
andrew (13 days ago)
+especially fan .. go see your psychologist crazy woman. Lol. And learn how to spell dumb ass. Lol.
especially fan (13 days ago)
+andrew but your the one who criticize me first saying that im a sexiest woman so how u gonna get mad when i say something your the dumb so how am i dumb next time shut your mouth when u stated first
andrew (14 days ago)
+especially fan .... And also, it's you're not your. I normally don't care much about grammar as I have a life, but if you're going to criticize someone else's grammar at least get your own grammar correct. Lol. Dumb ass.
andrew (14 days ago)
+especially fan ... Sounds like you're on your rags right now lol. Wanna have a widdle cwy about it, or make an appointment with your shrink?. Lol.
Mahesh Shiva (1 month ago)
Look at the weight first. Boys are stronger than girls. 💪
GAMINGBOI 17 (1 month ago)
Yes you are right
Gabriel Marchbank (1 month ago)
fuck women men can easily kill a girl with their fist in 1 shot to the chin
Theheretic (2 months ago)
Shrek is a male. Just sayin
Sia Solanki (2 months ago)
Kevin Lee (2 months ago)
Woman are more strong,even in sex too,woman always win 😊😊
Craig (1 day ago)
+Kevin Lee Giving birth does not mean you're strong, man you are stupid, idk why I'm even arguing with you... I shouldn't waste my time doing this with a retarded feminist who thinks women are stronger. Go kys kid
Kevin Lee (1 day ago)
+Craig im chinese so that why..but i know u understand..u dont need to pretend that u are too or more stupid then kid..ok..😉😉 One more things..can man feel woman hurt when they "give birth"..haha..its just 2 minutes boys..😂😉
Craig (1 day ago)
+Kevin Lee I don't understand a word you're saying. Your grammar is disgusting... Go back to school kid
Kevin Lee (1 day ago)
+Craig yeah i know..so we need thanks gods right,but..what im going to tell u guys here is..that woman "dont have" a man "have" but they can be more "wow" then all man have..so woman dont need to be strong like man to take a part of fight to man..even they lose..but yeah. actually they win.. How about in sex..that a truth biologically😉😉
Craig (1 day ago)
+Kevin Lee men are biologically stronger, it's science, just deal with it. You can't deny it, it's proven by FACTS.
Anshuman Bajpai (2 months ago)
How the hell girls able to do pullups?😕😲😰😱
The Way (3 months ago)
I believe I read somewhere that women have potential higher biological natural muscular endurance but men have higher natural explosive strength. I forgot where I read that. I can't source.
Infinite Time (4 months ago)
Nice and strong girls
Vetri (4 months ago)
Men r stronger...
Stu Simon (4 months ago)
Girls and women are catching up to guy faster then ever. Surpassing them as well. However most of the guys had a more weight strapped to them.
Mocha Doggo (3 months ago)
They never have, or will catch up. It's just science, we men are stronger in every way. Just acknowledge it, don't make a big deal of it though.
SpartanGirls (4 months ago)
yes I know haha :P
Arminius 1312 (4 months ago)
Oh man...now we have to deal with those jerks again thinking girls can be stronger over all. Folks, no they dont. Just no. My personal best benchpress is 10 kg more than the raw world record of women. And im natural and not pretty strong when it comes to bench pressing...
Nila Kall (4 months ago)
Arminius 1312 youre probably also taller and heavier. I know the record for deadlifts for example. By calculating the record holding woman desdlifts 2.77 kg per kg of bodyweigt. While the record desdlift for the men is 2.69 kg per kg bodyweight. Now if depends on what you define as strenght. The woman lifts more per kg bodyweigt. But lifts waaaaaaay less than the guy.
Patrick A (4 months ago)
Why tf is there so many feminists in here.
CARLOS ALEXANDRE (4 months ago)
Iria amar ter uma pessoa para treinar comigo assim.😁😁 amei 👏👏👏.
Music Queen Sehar (4 months ago)
Girls are the stongest beings on this planet
No of course not men are always heavier than women so he was lifting twice her size you fucking prick go and die bitch.
GAMINGBOI 17 (1 month ago)
RealityWarper Luffy (3 months ago)
No they aren't, kill yourself.
Patrick A (4 months ago)
Music Queen Sehar ok seriously just stfu
Steve Mclean (4 months ago)
Women are mentally stronger than men without a doubt carrying a child going through labour no chance of a man doing that,but like I said before women are born to make babies and have sex
SpartanGirls (4 months ago)
Fortnite Viewer (4 months ago)
The girls are the strongest on the world
jordean gomes (5 months ago)
Muito Bom esse vídeo ☆ Girls 🤘🏽
Steve Mclean (5 months ago)
Nothing to do with strength it's too do with lactic acid build up in muscles men will fail before women pure strength comes down to testosterone and women havnt got it of course men are stronger it's genetics all women are really bred for is making babies and generally are good for a quick fuck that's about it.
SpartanGirls (4 months ago)
Steve Mclean (4 months ago)
I know my reply may seem very shocking to you,but this is a fact of life women are in fact made for breeding and sex this maybe very shallow but it's the production of life,women are born to make babies the man only provides the link if this offends and I know it will because people do not see the true deeper facts to it,without intercourse with a woman a man would never form a partnership with a female and saying that no children would be produced,human life is built from sex,females are made for fucking and carrying children sounds harsh but it's true.
SpartanGirls (5 months ago)
okay, that's everything I have to say to your comment
Chris Brown (5 months ago)
Love it! Incredible core work at 1:30 and it's all fun stuff.
Juan BrushedChutoy (5 months ago)
These aren’t tests of strength, they’re tests of endurance witch girls usually have more of, of course a girl can be stronger than a guy but if their both doing the same things then the guy is going to be stronger unless one of them has desease that affects hormone levels or one was born with different levels of hormones
Celestial flyer (5 months ago)
Me encantó!!! Gracias por tus videos, son geniales!
jurisprudens (5 months ago)
So, the conclusion seems to be: girls are as strong as boys in respect of abs-strength-to-bodyweight and lat-strength-to-bodyweight.
DMBoyCloud (5 months ago)
We are stronger because our biology demands us to be, but not bad for this girls since they are doing better than me.
sam dark (5 months ago)
Great video!
Sport . Woman. (5 months ago)
Yes))))))😃😃✌✌ let's go 😛😛❤💙💙💙💪💀💛💚💚
Sachin panday (5 months ago)
Oliwier Gaming (5 months ago)
Best norwaygirl👍👍💪💪
Donnie Ray Phipps (5 months ago)
Theheretic (2 months ago)
OMG you are so sexist!!
Reem Eyd (5 months ago)
Both are amazing and also when seeing couples or friends working out together is a super cute thing they motivate each other <3
Ke Pete (5 months ago)
The women are so hot. They're so toned n cut n it looks really good
come on GILS! you are very strong!
W (5 months ago)
Of course men are stronger, faster better. Seems like this Chanel is run by a feminist day dreaming.
Robert J Culbertson (8 days ago)
Music Queen Sehar testosterone causes muscle induced hypertrophy you fucking imbecile. Every part of males and females is made so the male is stronger, faster, and better so that they male may protect the female who is on average weaker in every way. You can’t argue with facts you moron. Learn about a topic before you blurt shit out.
Gonçalo Teixeira (9 days ago)
+Madison Bracken VERY GOOD
Nicole Pratt (1 month ago)
Lashaun Beazer does it look like it they mean prutty much samething you cant roast its why you say bitch does it look like I give a flying flopper to you
andrew (1 month ago)
+Nicole Pratt ... Cringey child birth comment.
forisnakiu (1 month ago)
in your dreams sucker
Rainbow (5 months ago)
Nice video!
andrew (5 months ago)
I love strong fit women but i think power lifting would give a better indication of real strength more than calasthenics. Who ever is the lightest has a big advantage in calasthenics. Which isn't necessarily strength...
Tung Hong (1 month ago)
One chin up is a uppercut
andrew (5 months ago)
Jokapaka ... Have to disagree. You might get a guy that is really light and do a set of 30 chin ups and only be able to deadlift 100kg. Then you might get a much heavier guy that can barely do one chin up and deadlift 250 kg. I would say the guy that can barely do a chin up but can deadlift 250 kg is way stronger...
Jokapaka (5 months ago)
Calisthenics is a fair way to measure strength, as you are lifting your bodyweight it's proportional, because if you are lighter you also have less muscle mass which also makes it harder, bigger people have more weight to lift but more muscle to do so.
Ivan WorkOut (5 months ago)
Всем привет оцените мое 1-ое видео изволь)
Chiara S. (5 months ago)
Wow, as you can see: Girls can be even stronger than boys 💪💗
Alexander_Dahlgren (2 days ago)
yes they can, im a boy, but i think that men often is stronger but still girls can be stronger
Craig (1 month ago)
Chiara S. But did you not see the video? The men had to put on heavier or more weights than the women so obviously men are way stronger.
X_Bomber_HD (1 month ago)
no boys are way better and stronger Vazquez believe that
ROGER Atukorale (1 month ago)
if u put a really strong body building man men will win
Darko Grand (4 months ago)
no they cant
Alfredo Jiménez (5 months ago)
What a good video, I like your page. Greetings. 🤗🤗❤
Lucifer Morningstar (5 months ago)
Strong & beautifful girls 💪😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💪👍
Acro (5 months ago)
LePorteur 2Lumiere (5 months ago)
Awesome :-) I just hope no boy was hurt during this video Hahahaha Have a nice day/night Spartan People
Subin Magar (5 months ago)
I m the 1st well wisher hehehe spartangirl u r superp Love from Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

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